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And just who is the crazy woman behind this website?

Dianne Perrett, based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is owned by Dianne Perrett, an outdoor adventurer who spent 4.5yrs back-packing around the world and rates the Bloukrans Bungee jump as one of the most exciting 5mins of her life!

Dianne is an avid flyer prefering air to water activities but spends most of her time in on-the-ground land activities. Although being born and raised in New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world she loves the diversity of outdoor adventures that the African continent provides.


Close to Dianne's heart is WESSA of which Dianne is a non-exec director and vice-chair of the board.

WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) is a national, environmental, membership-based, non-government organisation (NGO) that works to ensure environmental sustainability for current and future South African generations. We focus on the sustainable and equitable management of our natural resource base by building society’s environmental sensitivity and competence by calling to, and working with, communities and individuals to move from current to more sustainable action.

More specifically WESSA’s mission is to promote public participation in caring for the Earth. This is expressed in the diverse and dynamic collaborative partnerships that WESSA creates to enable its work. Working within the vital sectors of water, biodiversity, energy and waste, WESSA is a preferred project implementer nationally, regionally and internationally.  In particular, WESSA proactively strives to shape policy, ensure compliance and affect social change.  It does this through responsive conservation action, innovative educational intervention and human capacity development that empowers people to make sustainable lifestyle and environmental management choices. 

With a track record of 85 years WESSA is recognised for its strong membership base, professional staff, effective project management and high standards of corporate governance.  WESSA has received both international and national recognition for its contributions to conservation and education as well as recognition for the quality of its management. 

Be part of creating a beautiful and sustainable future.  Join WESSA as a member today and make your voice heard in conservation. WESSA’s motto is “PEOPLE CARING FOR THE EARTH” – join WESSA today, or make a donation to help us to help the environment.  Go to:

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