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Water Adventures -- Dragon Boat Racing
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Dragon Boat Racing: 2 listings
Gauteng Dragon Boat Association
West Rand, GAU
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Action Dragon Boats
East Rand, GAU
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Dragon Boat: Team building rowing set to begin
Dragon Boat:
Team building rowing set to begin
Dragon Boats are long wooden vessels motored by human paddle power. These water craft are made of wood and come in an array of sizes and designs. First used as racing vessels two thousand years ago in China, Dragon Boats are popular today around the world for use in competitive boat racing.

They were first introduced to South Africa in Cape Town by the Mother City’s twin city in Taiwan during 1992. Two dragon boats were gifted to Cape Town. Since then 5 more fibreglass versions of the racing boat have been built to increase the fleet at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to seven long boats.

Dragon Boat racing is a great team building adventure.


A Dragon boat, life jackets and oars will get your team out on the water and rowing like demons!

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