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SKYDIVE PARYS - Free State: Northern Free State, Parys

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Parys Airfield R59, Parys, 9585
Tel: 0723039140
Cell: 082 810 1821

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South: 26° 53" 8'
East: 27° 30" 20'
Fear Factor
Value for money

how do I get there?
Find us at the Parys Airfield on the R59 Road, Parys. From Johannesburg take the N1 to Bloemfontein. Pass through the Grassmere Toll Plaza . After crossing the Vaal River you will be in "The Free State". Take the Parys / Sasolburg off ramp and turn right at the top of the bridge. Travel approx 17km km to the Parys Airfield on your left hand side
what should i wear?
Please wear closed comfortable shoes that wont come off during the Skydive and bring a jacket/top with you. We give you a pair of jump pants to wear for the Skydive.
time period
Allow 2-3 hours for the Skydive.
vital information
100kg weight limit. Participants under 18 years of age require parental / legal guardian consent to participate.
Skydiving is weather dependent. Skydive Parys will reschedule for another date if the weather does not permit us to jump on the day.
Skydive Parys operates various different aircraft including an Apollo T (turbine) and a Cessna 206. We take two to three people to altitude per load.
Spectators are welcome
7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset. Pre Booking is essential.
Other Info
A deposit per person is required to secure the booking or a full payment can be made. Each person jumping needs to complete a Tandem Skydive booking form. E-mail skydiveparys at gmail dot com for the booking form.
Skydive Parys - Spectacular Thrills
Skydive Parys is unquestionably the most scenic and historic place to experience a spectacular, exhilarating and thrilling Tandem Skydive. Our team of highly professional and qualified Tandem Masters will take you from 0-200km/h for an unforgettable free-fall experience and then, at a safe altitude, the Tandem Master will deploy the parachute for a 5-7 minute canopy flight to the Drop Zone.

And the best news is that tandem skydiving is the safest way to skydive and you don't need any previous skydiving experience - leave the technical stuff to your Tandem Master and just enjoy the ride!
: <br>Experience the Thrill!
Freefall at Skydive Parys:
Experience the Thrill!
Tandem Skydiving above Parys
Awesome Scenery
Parys falls within the famous Vredefort dome world heritage site. The Vredefort dome was formed 2023 million years ago when an asteroid the size of Table Mountain, travelling at 70,000km/hr hit Vredefort. The impact forced rocks from 20kms below the Earth's crust to the surface, forming the  Vredefort dome mountains which you can clearly see from Skydive Parys's drop zone.

Skydive Parys's drop zone itself is surrounded by granite outcrops and the spectacular Vaal River system - an awesome sight from your vantage point!

Enjoying the moment
: <br>The Vaal River & Vredefort Dome
Awesome Views:
The Vaal River & Vredefort Dome
Enjoy The Experience at Skydive Parys

So ... what do you get when you go skydiving with us?

  • The  Tandem Skydive experience begins with a 15 minute detailed debriefing. This covers all aspects of the Skydive and the parachute system, the aircraft exit, the free-fall body position, the parachute flight and the parachute landing.
  • Each person is fitted with a specifically designed Tandem harness, jump suit and goggles and is assigned to a Tandem Master.
  • You will then board the aircraft.
  • The climb to altitude 11,000 ft takes approx. 15-18 minutes.
  • Attached to a highly experienced Tandem Master, you will exit the aircraft and enter the world of free-fall.
  • At the safe an predetermined altitude the Tandem Master will deploy the Main Parachute. You will now, under the guidance of the Tandem Master, be offered a chance to fly the parachute. The Tandem Master will perform the parachute landing.
  • Each person's entire experience is professionally filmed, photographed, edited and provided on CD/DVD (only applicable to certain packages).
  • Each person receives a prestigious certificate of achievement.

It's exciting, it's thrilling, it's the ultimate adventure - so fill in the contact form below (or phone us) and experience tandem skydiving at its very best!

: <br>Skydive Parys delivers!
Just Cruising:
Skydive Parys delivers!
The Ultimate Thrill


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