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Why should I advertise on

Adventure-seekers are an interesting bunch

Adventurers tend to be early adopters, thriving on the excitement that goes along with taking chances on things untested. They’re always up for a new experience, and live their whole lives with a try-anything-once attitude.

This makes them an excellent target market in general – unless of course, your product range includes pocket protectors, 5-pack blue ballpoint pens, plain grey flannel suits and adhesive corn-pads, in which case may we suggest that you rather look to one of the finance-related websites for your advertising space?

(On second thoughts, the mountain climbers may well be interested in those corn-pads … so give us a call!)

Reach a targeted audience of adventure-lovers is the leading adventure activity portal in South Africa, featuring exciting, dynamic content, and the most comprehensive list of adventure activities in the country.

This means that visitors will keep on returning, because they know what to expect and like what they get.

Where you choose to advertise has a huge effect on the way your brand is perceived in the market-place. By associating with, you will earn plenty of points in the Cool, Funky and Audacious categories.

(As opposed to those financial sites we alluded to earlier, which will unfortunately give you rather a high balance of points in the Drab, Straight-Laced and Timid categories. It’s your call.)

What we can promise you is that by advertising on our site you'll be reaching people who go out and make things happen. We know for a fact that 55% of our site enquiries are from Men (and for those mathematically challenged that means 45% are Women!) and 80% of our enquiries come from people under 40 years of age with 65% being between the ages of 24 and 40.

Exclusivity gets you more attention

Best of all, for you the advertiser, our site will never be littered with hundreds of banner ads, meaning that the ads that are displayed will get plenty of exclusive eye-time.

It’s almost like having the front page of the newspaper all to yourself – only better, because unlike your average daily paper, no-one will be using your banner ad to line their budgie’s cage tomorrow!

What are the advertising options?

We have two basic banner ad placement options. If you’d like to explore joint marketing opportunities or other marketing ideas, please email us and we'll contact you to chat about these. However the basic options are as follows:

Option A: Home Page Banner Ads (Vertical/Horizontal)

Option B: Air/Land/Water Landing Pages

Banner Specs

We currently run two sizes of banner ads:

  1. 468 x 60
  2. 120 x 240
The format of the banners can be either a jpeg or a gif, with a maximum size of 25kB. You can either send us your own banners, or we can get our team to design one for you. Note we do reserve the right to rotate up to 3 banners per spot.

To sum up:

If you’re keen on marketing your product to a large crew of try-anything, go-anywhere adventurers, and don’t fancy your ad becoming a budgie-blanket by next morning, then email us right away and we will contact you to discuss the best option for your individual brand and your budget.

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