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Travel Info -- Getting There

Trains, planes and buses

Get here any way you can

For the purposes of this page, we’ll assume that you’ll be arriving here by plane, ship, boat, train, bus or car. (If you’re wondering what other option there could possibly be, it’s teleporting. But since that skill seems to be in rather limited supply, we aren’t going to cover it here.)

South Africa just successfully hosted the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup and Sepp Blatter has rated our hospitality at 9/10!!!

FIFA have left but we still have the Gautrain and some great stadiums left to drool over. The Gautrain's  Sandton to OR Tambo International Airport link is complete and in operation. The remaining six stations comprising the link between Johannesburg Park Station and Hatfield will be completed towards mid 2011. Our gob smacking stadiums which were built and renovated to hold up to 95000 soccer fans at a time will continue to facilitate exciting sporting events.

AND Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal is in the running for the 2020 Olympics!!!

As in any country (with the possible exception of those laid-back Caribbean nations), don’t make jokes with the customs officials about the drugs or weapons you have in your bag or in the trunk of your car – you’ll quickly discover that “laugh in a jolly manner” is not part of their job description. Unless of course you really DO have drugs or weapons in your bag, in which case you’d better think of a damn good joke really fast.

Taxis are an adventure all on their own

For the cheapest adventure holiday you could imagine, just make use of our famed mini-bus taxis to get from A to B. You’ll experience all the components of a most excellent adventure: electrifying speed, a total adrenaline rush, and absolute disbelief at what you have just accomplished. Fortunately, for the faint-hearted among you there are several other options, all just as much fun, but far less like an episode of Fear Factor.

Buses are fairly inexpensive and safe, and there are some excellent companies operating taxis within the country. It isn’t generally considered safe to travel on trains.

The most popular mode of transport within the country is usually hiring a car and driving yourself – there’s lots to see and the scenery changes quite often (unless you’re in the middle of the Free State in winter!)

And by the way, our roads are really very good; it’s the traffic cops hiding behind the bushes with their speed cameras that you should be afraid of. (“Laugh in a jolly manner” IS in fact part of their job description, but is usually only executed as they hand you a speeding ticket.)

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