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Have you ever had the desire to fly? Well then look no further. Attitude4Altitude offers safe and responsible courses on paragliding and similar activities that will get dedicated and motivated clients up in the air in no time.


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“Have you ever had the desire to fly? Well then look no further. Attitude4Altitude offers safe and responsible courses on paragliding and similar activities that will get dedicated and motivated clients up in the air in no time.

This long-running paragliding school offer lectures, well-maintained equipment and the knowledge and experience of two very experienced pilots-turned-instructors to ensure all clients are successful in obtaining their paragliding license, and are competent to soar above the gorgeous South African landscape safely and responsibly.

Come and learn the exciting art of paragliding, and glide through the skies with the help and guidance of Attitude4Altitude paragliding school. Attitude4Altitude firmly believes that under careful instruction, backed by proven theory, the impossible becomes possible for those who have the desire to learn how to fly. With two very experienced pilots – now turned instructors – they know they can guide you safely through the course. The practical flying days are always closely followed by classroom theory lectures. All of the equipment supplied for your early days of training is certified flight training equipment and is regularly tested and checked. Attitude4Altitude pride themselves in being one of the few ‘mountain launch’ schools left in the Gauteng Province. What this means is that they predominantly teach you to fly the way they learnt to fly… off a mountain top. Once you have a solid understanding of canopy control and a good few flights under your belt, you will be introduced to the winch launch techniques with senior instructor Laura Nelson who has been instructing paragliding since 1989.

The instructors have gone above and beyond the norm to accumulate their knowledge of flying. They have a solid foundation in aviation having both held fixed wing PPLs before obtaining their paragliding instructors ratings. Neil has held a CPL as well as been a rotor wing aircraft instructor. Neil is also a licensed Hang Gliding, Microlight and PPG pilot. The lectures are classroom based where you will enjoy purpose built presentations that will keep you interested. By the time you have completed your course, you will have a solid theoretical base from which you can learn to spread your wings and enjoy your flying adventures to come to their full extent and in safety.

Safety is put first. Attitude4Altitude will never compromise on equipment, weather judgement or theory lessons. You are in the hands of pilots that love what they do, do what they love and have been doing so for over 20 years apiece. You will also not be pushed into the air by any of the instructors as they firmly believe that you have to be in control of your wing at all times and the sooner you learn to launch and control your own with the better your flying experience will be.

Attitude4Altitude is a Mountain Flying School. However, mountain flying requires commitment, it is in reality a lifestyle change! To succeed and grow, you have to be 100% committed to making the effort to attend the monthly fly-away in order to remain safe as well as complete your license in the 6 month period allotted to your training. Attitude4Altitude supplement the mountain launch flying with the occasional day at the winch park when the weekend conditions do not look to favour any of the training mountain sites. At the winch park, you are towed into the air by means of a pay-out winch from which you release to enjoy the gentle glide back down.

Your first two days of ground school will involve running up and down (well, walking up then running down!) a small slope in Hartebeespoort, nearby Pecanwood Golf Estate. Here they will teach you how to control your wing and get it flying correctly above your head and ready for launch, while keeping your feet safely on the ground. Unfortunately Gauteng is not surrounded by the Alps or soft safe little grassy hills like in England, and you need to have a convenient and safe place to launch students which means a bit of travelling. The school makes use of a site named Bambi and it’s from this site that you will experience your first true aerial adventure! I

If you are unsure of whether you have the skill to safely fly a paraglider, unsure of your tolerance for heights or if you have any other questions you would like to discuss with Attitude4Altitude face-to-face, then visit them on our Intro Day which is usually the first Saturday of every month (please confirm beforehand).

For a morning of your time you will get in return:

A short presentation on what is involved with learning to paraglide: safety, expectations, opportunities, course options and answers to all your questions

Hands on experience with ground handling a wing

Viewing and discussing various equipment options that would suit you

If weather permits and for a fee – a tandem flight with one of the instructors

The peace of mind that you may just be able to start your dream of flying like an Eagle!

Don’t be fooled – the “Basic” License course includes all the Bells and Whistles! It’s just called that because that’s the official name of the license…

A Basic License allows you to:

Fly without direct supervision at all “Basic” rated flying sites in South Africa (no worries, most are. The most notable exceptions being: Hartebeespoort Dam, Signal Hill, Table Mountain)

Fly gliders rated from “Beginner” to “Intermediate” performance

Compete in competitions in “Beginner” to “Intermediate” categories

Fly cross-country (landing away from where you launched)

Do winch launching

It does not allow you to:

Fly alone

Fly “Advanced” rated sites

Fly “Advanced” and “Competition” performance rated gliders

Fly new sites (note: even if this “new” site is on your own land, it is illegal (and stupid) to fly it with only a basic license grade)

Fly tandem

The Basic License Course offer includes all the notes, theory lessons and practical requirements for your full Basic Paragliding license.

The Go! Cross Country Flying course is for those pilots that feel they have built up their experience to the level where they are safe, controlled and happy with their launches, landings and with ridge-soaring and have started to have fun playing with the odd thermal around the nest and now want to take their flying skills to the next level.

On this course they will introduce you to:

Cross country flight planning

Optimized thermal flying

The art of flying between thermals

…and much, much more!”

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