Tiffindell Ski & Alpine Resort is the highest resort in South Africa situated on the slopes of Ben MacDhui in the Eastern Cape


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Our mission: To preserve Tiffindell as a Ski and Alpine resort for future generations, so that they may enjoy what has become a South African ‘National Treasure’.

Tiffindell came into existence in 1993, born by avid skiers and run by passionate snow lovers. Since then the resort has grown to become a true Alpine resort for all seasons.

In Winter (June, July, & August) it is all about snow! If Mother Nature doesn’t provide it – we will. Shape it, roll in it, ski on it, ride it, throw it or just enjoy it – given to us for just a few months of the year it is too pure and clean to miss.

As a Ski Resort, it has snow, ski lifts, a restaurant, ski shop, and ski school offering three months of skiing and snowboarding during June, July, and August. Non-aspiring skiers can join in to enjoy a unique experience making snowmen, throwing snowballs or tobogganing, making it the perfect family holiday for young and old.

Worried about the snow? Tiffindell’s state of the art snowmaking equipment allows us to make snow throughout the season. Meaning not even Mother Nature can stop us from skiing. We have the best snowmakers in the country and we do everything possible to ensure our snow lasts throughout the winter season.

We want you to share this experience! Bring your friends, staff, kids or mother-in-law but don’t miss out. Enjoy the ‘MAGIC of Snow’ in the highest Alpine region of South Africa. From the family holiday to corporate incentives, be introduced to the world of snow at Tiffindell.

In Summer, Spring and Autumn, Tiffindell becomes one of the best off-the-beaten-track adventure-lands in South Africa. Activities include high altitude hiking, mountain biking, grass skiing, mountain boarding, photography, rock art, birding, some of SA’s best fly fishing, quad biking, and the famous “8 Passes” route for motorcyclists and 4×4’s. Tiffindell is known internationally for our flowers, as the unique alpine flowers bring flora enthusiasts from the four corners of the world.

As an Alpine Resort, it is about altitude and attitude. Tiffindell has the altitude at 2720m, nestling snugly on the slope of Ben McDhui (3001m), the highest peak in the whole Cape Province. The highest resort in South Africa! The attitude is for adventure. Ready for mountain biking down Kloppershoek? Hiking to Telle Falls? Adventure biking to the top of the Cape? Or a relaxed attitude? Don’t forget your camera for rare birds, dramatic views, the alpine flowers or the trophy pic of the big rainbow, just before you release him. Tiffindell Village

Tiffindell Ski & Alpine Resort is a fully equipped hospitality center with over 150 beds. It is open year-round having secure facilities and is available for skiing & snowboarding, team building, corporate, government functions, and big or unusual promotional events.

In the warmer months, Tiffindell is the hub of the best off-the-beaten-track adventure-lands in South Africa. Tiffindell and Ben McDhui Pass become the focal point for the highest, meanest, gravel passes in the country. 4×4 adventurers, big bikes, MTB, and hikers flock to the area to complete ‘South Africas High 5’ and ‘The Ben 10 Eco-challenge.’

In the winter months of June, July, and August, the resort comes alive to the sport of skiing. Returning skiers, first-time skiers, and non-skiers alike flock to Tiffindell for their, “best holiday ever.” Skiing is a great family sport, inspiring, healthy, social, character building activity for young children, youth and parents alike. Tiffindell exudes the atmosphere of the best European ski resorts at a fraction of the cost.

Community Impact

Tiffindell is community orientated and hosts the local “Ikephu Ski Pups.” From this club, many previously disadvantaged children participated in the South African National Children’s Ski Championships 2016.

The first ever Winter Ski Academy in Africa was opened in winter 2014 and 20 children attend school classes at the resort while ski training during recreational time. Your kids can also join – better skiers and better grades!

Since 2014 winter season Tiffindell has hosted the only International (FIS) Races ever held on the African Continent bringing top skiers to SA. Tiffindell’s top FIS racers have competed and trained all over the world in Youth Olympics and World Cup events.

Tiffindell employs local permanent staff and helps uplift the local communities with training and skills development. Local suppliers are used and people of the area, of all ethnic groups, support Tiffindell wholeheartedly, as an employer for the ongoing future of the region.

The East Coast Development Corporation, East Cape Tourist Association, the Senqu and Joqabi district Municipalities, the Rhodes Community Tourist Office and the Wartrail Community Tourist Organisation are involved with and support Tiffindell initiatives. Tiffindell hosts some high altitude research into wetland species, alpine flowers, geology and our own endearing “Tiffindell chipmunks” or snow rats from the genus Otomys.

A History

Tiffindell Ski & Alpine Resort was purchased by Lew Campbell and Peter Pilz of Tiffindell (Pty) Ltd in 2012.

Peter Pilz has been the President of the South African Snowsports Association for 25 years and devoted thousands of voluntary hours to the sport of skiing.

Lew Campbell has been in the South African ski business for over 30 years running The Ski Deck in Randburg, Johannesburg.

The resort is managed by Mr. Maarten den Heyer and Grant Sephton who have over 38 years of service to Tiffindell since 1997.

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