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Aerosport is a flying school based at Fisantekraal outside Cape Town. We offer flight training and introductory flights.


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Cape Town’s premier flying school. Congratulations! Your interest in flying has led you to Aerosport Flight Training, Cape Town’s premier flying school. Aerosport offers you professional flight training in some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. If you decide to take up the joy of flying, we promise you a richly rewarding experience. There is just nothing like it and words pale into insignificance trying to describe the satisfaction of flying. Come and enjoy the exciting world of flying! Flying as a hobby or a profession is something most people only dream of. There is no better way to explore the world and get a whole new perspective than from the air. We offer the introductory flight experience you’re looking for. Our intro flight options are for any one (or each one if you’d like) of the following: Light Aircraft Fixed wing in a Cessna 172. The Cessna 172 is the most produced aircraft in the world, and has been the benchmark training aircraft for many pilots. It is easy to fly and an excellent training platform. At Aerosport we use the Cessna for the Private License, Night Rating and Commercial License. Specifications: SCE Wing span: 10.92 meters. Total length: 8.21 meters. Height: 2.7 meters. Empty weight: 650 kg. Gross weight: 1043 kg. Seats: 4. Performances. CE-Spring Fuel range: 570nm. Rate of climb: 770 ft/min. Stall speed: 50 Kts. Cruise speed: 122 Kts. Top speed: 125 Kts. Gyrocopter . Gyro1 The excellent Magni M16 Gyro provides a very stable and safe platform to learn to fly gyrocopters and are available for hire to licensed pilots. Specifications. Total length: 4.65 meters. Empty weight: 270 kg. Gross weight: 450 kg. Seats: 2. Fuel capacity: 72 liters. Performance. Take Off distance: 70 meters. Landing distance: 0-30 meters. Rate of climb: 950 ft/min. Cruise speed (75% Power): 90 mph. Never exceed speed: 115 mph. Fuel consumption (75%): 21 liters per hour. Weight shift Microlight. For the adventurous open cockpit experience! Specifications. Wing Span: 10.5 meters. Empty Weight: 160 kg. Maximum Payload: 200 kg. Fuel Capacity: 50 liters. Fuel Rating: 95/97 Octane. Performance. Take Off Roll – Solo: 50 Meters .Take Off Roll – Dual: 80 Meters. Rate of climb – Solo: 5 meters per second. Rate of climb – Dual: 3 Meters per second. Stall Speed – Solo: 40 KPH. Stall Speed – Dual:52 KPH. Cruise Speed: 65-100 KPH. Fuel Consumption – Solo: 8 Liters per hour. Fuel Consumption – Dual: 10 Liters per hour. Design Loads – Positive: +6 G’s. Design Loads – Negative: -3 G’s. If you wish to take advantage of them, these words go some small way towards describing the sheer unparalleled pleasures that flying will bring you. Aerosport offers training on for the following: Fixed Wing Aeroplane: PPL, Type Ratings, Night Rating, CPL, and IF. The aircraft most used for this is the venerable Cessna 172. Light Sport 3-Axis: All aircraft under 700kg and experimental class training for the National Pilot and Light Sport license. The aircraft for this training include the Savannah XL and Bushbaby. Gyrocopter License: We use the Excellent Magni M16 gyrocopter for our training and offer a very highly skilled training program. Weight Shift Microlight: The MPL training is done on the Aquilla trike and offers the freedom of flight at the lowest cost in the market

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