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“Ballito Microlight School cc (CAA0111) was established in 1997 as a Full-Time Training Facility at Ballito.

The School is on the Dolphin Coast less than 20 minutes’ drive north of Durban and only 5 minutes from the golden beaches of Ballito.

King Shaka International Airport is 10 minutes south of our Airfield.

The area is set amongst rolling sugar cane estates and offers excellent weather suitable for flight training all year round. Numerous accommodation options are available nearby.

Ballito Microlight School cc is run professionally by full-time A Grade instructors
(Class 1), who are dedicated to providing safe and fun training in a friendly atmosphere at affordable prices.

Training courses are tailor-made to suit individual needs. You may prefer to train over an extended period or enroll for an intense full-time course (14-21 Days)

The syllabus has been formulated by the Microlight section of the Aero Club of South Africa and approved by the commissioner for Civil Aviation.

Our Training courses run 7 days a week and the most advanced and modern equipment is used to ensure your safety. Our course includes all requirements by CAA, a tour of King Shaka International Air Traffic Control Centre and a visit to the largest trike manufacturer in Africa. Flying School

Ballito Microlight School cc (CAA0111) was established in 1997 as a Full-Time Training Facility.
The school is run by a dedicated team of professionals who have accumulated over
10 000 instructional flying hours and produced over 350 skilled pilots.

Our Training syllabus has been formulated by the Microlight Section of the Aero Club of South African and approved by the Commissioner for Civil Aviation.

We offer training in all categories of Microlights
· Weight Shift Controlled Microlights (WCM) Trikes
· Conventional Controlled Microlights (CCM) 450kgs mauw
· Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) 600kg mauw

We also offer the following supplementary training
· Instructors rating (7-10 Days)
· Advanced flying course (2 Days)
This includes recovery from unusual attitudes
Emergency Situations
Short field, soft field, sloped landings & take offs
Formation flying

We offer a variety of Fun Flights (See our Fun Flight Page)

Our training facility is the only Microlight Flying School situated within the boundary of an International Airport’s Controlled Zone, which allows us the unique opportunity to communicate through a “Control Tower” and gain additional advanced radio skills as part of our syllabus.
Ballito Microlight School has a CAA approved Designated Examiner for the Restricted Radio Licence and is an accredited online exam center.


• Familiarisation with the aircraft.
• Preparation for flight and action after flight.
• Air experience.
• Effects of controls.
• Taxing.
• Straight and level flight.
• Climbing.
• Descending.
• Stalling.
• Medium Turns.
• Gliding and climbing turns.
• Take off into wind.
• Approach and landing into wind.
• First Solo.
• Steep turns.
• Low Flying.
• Take off and landing out of wind.
• Precautionary landing.
• Forced landing.
• Action in the event of fire.
• Restarting engine in flight.
• Pilot navigation (cross-countries)

Ballito Microlight School Team

Dave Jackson CFI
“Full Time” Instructor “A” grade.

Rated on:
Weight shift Controlled Microlight (WCM)
Conventional Controlled Microlight (CCM)
Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

Dave started his interest in Aviation by doing his first parachute jump in 1979. He completed 165 Free Falls and continued skydiving while at 1 Parachute Battalion in Bloemfontein during his compulsory military training.

In 1995 Dave started his Microlight Career on Trikes and in 1997 obtained his instructors’ rating.
During the same year, Ballito Microlight School cc (CAA0111) was accredited as a full-time training facility by the Civil Aviation Authority and has produced over 350 Pilots to date.

Dave has accumulated over 9500 flying hours of which over 5500 are as an instructor.
Dave holds a Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and also a British Microlight Licence.

Dave has gained valuable experience by flying in numerous countries around the World, Australia, USA, Europe, and Kenya to name a few & flying Floatplanes in Mauritius is a highlight.

Rob Allen
Instructor “A” grade

Rated on:
Weight Shift Controlled Microlight (WCM)

Rob started his flying career in 1995 primarily to assist with aerial Whale Shark Research.

In 1997 Rob Qualified as an Instructor and flew Full Time at Ballito Microlight School. Due to business pressure Rob now conducts our Flight Tests and is a Part-Time Instructor.

Rob has accumulated over 4000 hours of which 2200 are as an Instructor.

Rona Jackson
Flight Operations

Currently has an NPL and being flying for 15 Years her responsibilities including working closely together with Dave Jackson taking care of administration, Accounts & Procedures

(You can speak to the Man in Charge or the Lady who knows what’s going on!)
Fun Flights
“Ballito” South Africa’s premier East Coast holiday destination is home to Ballito Microlight School cc. Surrounded by Rolling Sugar Estates with Millionaires mansions overlooking the warm Indian Ocean, there is no better place to take to the skies and experience the beauty, ease & safety of open cockpit flying in a Microlight aircraft.

For as long as people have dreamed, they have been fascinated by the idea of flight. Looking skyward with wonder and amazement, While today’s modern technology takes us from point A to point B “True Flying” remains a powerful force, so why not climb aboard our time Machines and return to a time when life was much simpler.


• 10 Minutes
This is an inland flight over rolling sugar estates with views of the Indian Ocean, feel the sensations of flight flowing through your veins and experience the thrill and emotion of open cockpit flying.
• 20 Minutes
This flights routes from Ballito Airfield and after a few minutes, we join the alluring Indian Ocean. We now route along the coastline past Sheffield Beach to Salt Rock. This coastal experience will allow us to enjoy our regular sighting of Dolphin and a variety of sea life while taking in the spectacular views of the Dolphin Coast.
• 30 Minutes
This is our Premier flight and after take-off from Ballito Airfield, we fly across beautifully manicured sugar estates toward the coastline. Once over the Indian Ocean, we route south past Sheffield Beach, Salt Rock, The famous Chaka’s Rock, Ballito and the Millionaire’s Estate of Zimbali.
This flight almost guarantees viewing of Dolphin & Game fish with chances of sighting Whale Sharks, Giant Mantas, and Turtles, a truly breathtaking experience.
Custom flights can be arranged

The Ballito airfield is based in the tranquil setting of a sugar estate.
Started in 1996 the airfield has been transformed from a patch of grass used as a soccer field with no infrastructure into the magnificent facility we enjoy today.
This facility is enjoyed by our 50+ members, visitors and student pilots alike.

We have 2 wide grass runways:

Main Runway is 500m long with an elevation of 230’ and runs east to west

Cross Runway is 300m long and runs north to south

We have a beautifully manicured entertainment & Braai area which includes a canteen serving cooked breakfast, toasted sandwiches, hot & cold beverages and snacks.

This is an ideal place to enjoy peace & quiet in tranquil settings while exposing yourself to the exhilaration of a Microlight flight over the stunning Ballito coastline

Ballito is a haven for outdoor activities and numerous adventure activities are available in the Area

These include:
Dolphin & Whale watching
Quad biking
Deep sea fishing
Horse riding
Cycle trails

For the less adventurous you can choose from a number of spas and coffee shops in the a”

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