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Enjoy the wide range of adrenalin-fueled activities that can be found at Bass Lake Adventures. Bass Lake, a 10-hectare body of spring-fed water, is considered one of South Africa’s best scuba training venue, with a maximum depth of 23m.



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“Enjoy the wide range of adrenalin-fueled activities that can be found at Bass Lake Adventures. Bass Lake, a 10-hectare body of spring-fed water, is considered one of South Africa’s best scuba training venue, with a maximum depth of 23m.

Bass Lake Adventures hosts a bunch of activities, so if scuba diving isn’t for you, enjoy the day hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, competing in some archery or even taking part in an enthralling 4×4 adventure. Bass Lake Adventures caters to all, with a little something for every member of the family.

Bass Lake Adventures is also an ideal venue to host corporate events, teambuilding, bachelor/bachelorette parties as well as family get-togethers. There is also a variety of accommodation options on offer for those who want to stay a night or two, and get the most out of the Bass Lake Adventures’ activities that you can.

Spend the day with family and friends partaking in your favorite outdoor activities. Bass Lake consists of a 10-hectare body of spring-fed water. Considered by the top certifying agencies (PADI, NAUI, SSI, CMAS, IANTD) to be the best Scuba Training venue in South Africa. Depths vary from a walk in slope to 23m at the deepest point.

Situated on a 75 hectare estate, 45 minutes south of Sandton, Bass Lake Adventures is an adventure resort catering for Individuals, Team Building, Corporate Days and Family orientated activities.

Scuba Training:

There are training grids at various depths for Scuba Skills training, as well as a number of interesting wrecks for more experienced divers.

The following courses can be taught at Bass Lake:

Scuba Diver

Advanced Diver

Stress and Rescue

Deep Diving – Maximum depth 23m

Night Diving – Minimum conditions apply, refer to Business Hours + Night Diving Requirements

Nitrox Diving

Dry-Suit Diving


Instructor Training

Bass Lake is not only frequented by Scuba Schools with their students, but also by social divers who enjoy diving Bass Lake on a regular basis, or divers who wish to brush up on their diving skills in a safe environment. Non divers are welcome-bring your mountain bike, swimming costume or kayak and enjoy a relaxing day out!

Fills: Air fills

Less than 10 @ R65.00 per air fill

10 or more @ R60.00 per air fill

Fill Station: Due to the size of the storage banks, air fills can be done within a few minutes. The system has the capacity to fill 500 cylinders per day and features 1400 litres of 300 bar storage banks.

The filling station is open on trading days.

Fills for Night Diving: Fills for night dives outside of our trading hours are available only by arrangement. Please visit our business hours section for vital information and regulations on night diving and after-hours access.

Please note that no private compressors may be operated at Bass Lake.

Kit Hire: Kit hire costs depends on the number of items and duration of rental.

Bass Lake Adventures offers full Scuba Kit Hire on an hourly basis. You will need to provide a dive card with a photo on it (if no photo, your ID will be required too). Bass Lake Adventures do not accept a “”visual view only””, on your smart cell phone, of your certification. You will need to have a hard copy, certified print-out, of your certification and your ID if you do not have a dive card, in case of an incident. The staff will retain the dive card/ hard copy + ID for the duration of the hire.

Equipment: Price / 1 hour

Full Set (including BC, DV, Cylinder and Wetsuit, Weightbelt, Mask and Snorkel, Fins, Booties): R290.00; including air fill

BC, DV, Cylinder: R190.00; including air fill

Cylinder: R85.00; including air fill

Wetsuit: R70.00

BC: R55.00

DV: R55.00

Note: Reasonably priced soft gear is available for sale in the dive shop.

Weightbelt: R 30.00, Including weights

Mask and Snorkel: R 30.00

Fins: R 30.00

Booties: R 30.00

Compass (2.5 hr hire): R 50.00

Activities for Day Visitors:

Lower Level: Picnicking, swimming, snorkeling (gear available for hire), kayaking (available for hire) and braaing are all permitted at the Lower level, waterfront area. You may wish to hire a thatch gazebo (you may bring your own, shade limited) / kayak or snorkel gear.

You may also take your mountain bike out on our trail. Enquire at the Outdoor Shop for Trail Map. No permit fees are applicable to mountain bikes. You may also hike this off- road trail. (around 14 kms: remember to take your binoculars along for birding).

Upper Level (Recreation Centre): The facility has a squash court, tennis court, children’s play area and a large swimming pool in a fenced off area.

Adventure Activities available at Bass Lake:

Mountain Biking: The mountain bike track has been laid out with both the casual and the experienced rider in mind.The entire area is security fenced. The mountain bike track utilises the 4 x 4 trail, which has some very technical sections but there are “”escape routes””. The track is set in the 75 hectare estate of natural vegetation and river frontage. The track is demarcated with information pointer boards. Collect a free map from the Coffee Shop at the waterfront before going on your ride. Please ensure you wear all your safety gear. The track length is 9km long but can be extended by backtracking over certain areas.

The track encompasses a wide range of obstacles. Stay and enjoy the facilities for the day. Swimming, snorkelling and kayaking is permitted.

Please note: Own equipment needed (please wear safety equipment)

Please report to outdoor shop for route details.

Rates: Only gate entry fees apply for mountain biking, no track permit fee applicable.

Archery: Learn the fun and skill of basic archery. Equipment provided. Basic Instruction and user-friendly Archery Equipment for hire. Archery can also be arranged for groups of 6 or more. This is a fun activity that can be scheduled between diving, mountain biking etc.

Archery is available for team building and group events.

Hiking: Transfers where applicable (min. 4 people), related hiking fees and picnic lunches included.

One can hike around the Bass Lake property within 2½ hours or extend the walk if you feel you wish to. Please report to the coffee shop, at the waterfront, for a map. Please wear good ankle supporting footwear and ensure you have adequate water and sun protection. This area is home to abundant and varied bird life, and therefore a real drawcard for ornithologists.

Boating: Safe, stable one and two-seater Kayaks and Canoes are available for hire. Oars and Life Jackets provided. Permit required, R100 deposit + hire fee as follows:

1-seater kayak  R30 per boat per hour

2-seater kayak: R50 per boat per hour

2-seater fiberglass/ fishing dingy: R150/day

3-seater fiberglass/ fishing dingy: R250/day

Bird Watching: Bass Lake and the surrounding areas host a wide variety of bird life, thus making it the ideal place for ornithologists and photographers.

Photography: Bass Lake is situated amongst a most scenic and beautiful natural area and is ideal for the photographic enthusiast. Offering beautiful natural landscapes, a wide variety of bird life as well as plant life. One can also do underwater photography within Bass Lake.

Bass Fishing: Bass Lake is home to the Large Mouth Bass and the Blue Kurper. Bass fishing using barbless hooks is permitted in the lake on a “”catch and release basis””.

Rates, rules and regulations: Bass Fishing

May – August: The season closes for spawning, at end of August. Fishing resumes at beginning of November. As it is low season, in this period only, you may arrive at our premises without pre-booking BUT you must read all rules below and be able to comply with all of these rules to be able to use the facility. The spring-fed Bass Lake with its crystal clear drinking quality water is a great bass fishing venue.  Our lake has Large Mouth- & Florida Bass and Blue Kurper.

Catch & Release Bass Fishing ONLY, “fly-fishing” or “lures” only with barbs removed from hooks. No treble hooks, no live bait, no bank fishing. In May there is NO bank fishing permitted but from June to end of August, due to reduced divers and swimmers, using water, you may fish from the bank, on the west bank, away from other day visitors, swimmers and divers.

All payments to be made in cash on arrival

Permits R100 pppd.

On arrival, when collecting your permit an additional refundable R300 is payable per car. This R300 is only refunded if all rules are met.

Please also supply ID book

OTHER COSTS: ADD gate entry fees and trailer fees, where applicable, per trailer/caravan per day apply:

All Rules (please refer further detail below) & permits are obtainable at the Coffee Shop on the lower level waterfront. NO FISHING without having first obtained and signed fishing permit, thus accepting ALL rules.

Other Rules: Swimmers and divers will enjoy right of way

All fishing activities must cease by 16h00 and all vehicle & boat inspections must be completed by our staff by 16h30

No handling of fish without proper competent knowledge. Please ensure you have a net to avoid carrying the weight of the fish on the hook.

No under 16 fishing without adult supervision, by adult who is also fishing

All fishing rods to be hand held. No sharing of rods

ONLY boats using paddles and/or electric motors are allowed. We do have a 1 x 2 seater and a 1 x 3 seater fishing dingy, and we have kayaks available as well, for hire for the day. See boating and rates.

No littering off boat, i.e bottles, cigarette stubs/“stompies”, line thrown overboard, etc.

The season closes for spawning, at end of August. Fishing resumes at beginning of November.

This would include both the introductory (or level 1) & intermediate (or level 2) course consisting of:

Guests would arrive at approximately   08:00 a.m. Tea, coffee, juice, muffins and rusks are served. Indemnities are signed followed by a short talk to illustrate certain off-road principals.

4 x 4: Training is about building driver confidence. The practical exercises then follow. Exercises include ascents and descents of varying angles, side slopes, vehicle control and a rock bed, with discussion on practical issues. The object of the course is to build confidence that comes with knowing your vehicle’s capabilities, knowing your own capabilities and to equip you with enough knowledge to enable you to make safe decisions off road. All drivers participate in each obstacle, unless you have specific requests.

Bass Lake Adventures pride themselves on personalised service and attention to your needs. The emphasis is on training. As a result, they limit our vehicle numbers, on training courses to maximize your practical experience and enjoyment thereof.

4 x 4 Training exercises include ascents and descents of varying angles.

A two course lunch is served with tea or coffee. Soft drinks are provided throughout the day. Vegetarians or diabetics can be catered for.

Exercises continue in the afternoon until approximately 4:30 p.m. when guests return to the pub area for receipt of their certificates.

Family attendance is encouraged as all group members learn a tremendous amount, even if not personally driving.

Guests may stay if they wish and enjoy a drink or two after the day’s events.

Costs, including vat for a full day are as follows:

Rates, effective from 1 May 2017:

Own Vehicle: R1850-00 per driver *

Non Drivers: R450-00 per passenger *

Children under 13 years: R250-00 per child *

* Please note: Costs are fully inclusive of all catering and refreshments up until the end of the practical driving in the afternoon

No 2 x 4’s allowed; 4 x 4 vehicles are available for hire, please refer training registration form

Bookings required.

Half Day 4 x 4 Training or Ride and Drive Days:

Please enquire about the various options (team building activities, such as archery can be added to the balance of the day).

The half day, level 1 course comprises an introductory course.

As less is covered, more vehicles can be accommodated, on this basis, should the need should arise.

Rates: Prices for team events and corporate days are available on request and depend on whether structured as part of other adventure activities.

Private booking rates- half day training / level 1 = Driver: R1,350.00 (includes lunch, soft drinks and welcome tea)

Non driver: R450.00 per person (refer driver catering)

Children under 13 years: R250.00 per person (refer driver catering)

Group Bookings, Team Building, Fun Days & Corporate Days are catered for. Price on application.

Please note: No 2 x 4’s allowed

4 x 4 vehicles are available for hire – please refer training registration form

Self-Drive 4 x 4 Trail: Please note that on the weekend of 10/11 & 12 November (21st Birthday Bash), the trail will be closed for 4 x 4 self drives. However you are welcome to enjoy a courtesy 4 x 4 drive, in one of our 4 x 4 vehicles on the trail over this weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: NO 2 x 4’s are allowed on the Off-road Trail

The 4×4 trail is open for self-driving as per the business hours, except in the case of heavy rain, when the track is closed. A maximum of 6 vehicles permitted in 1 group on the trail. Larger groups may stagger departure time on trail.

The length of this trail is 14 km long and has a number of technical sections. If done in full, the trail will take around 3 hours. This trail is a natural track and includes ascents / descents and water sections. Escape routes are available at the difficult sections. The trail is marked with a number system. Rules apply to the use of the track and are printed on the 4 x 4 permit. Please proceed to the waterfront area on the lowest level and visit our outdoor shop where the permit & map are obtainable.

All Self Drive 4 x 4 activities must cease by 16h15. All 4 x 4 vehicles must report to the waterfront, for deposit refunds, by the staff by 16h30 at the latest.

You are welcome to stay for the balance of the day and enjoy the use of the resort facilities.

Rates: The cost for the 4 x 4 self drive permit is R50 / vehicle/ day. Gate entry fees are payable in ADDITION to permit fees.

A R100 deposit/vehicle is required and refundable at the day’s end, if all rules have been adhered to.

Team Building and Bachelor Parties: Bass Lake Adventures is able to offer a wide range of activities which can be tailored to your requirements. Bookings required.

Full catering available.

Other Services: Geckos Coffee Shop. Sit down & take away meals, braai items and snacks sold

Credit & debit cards are accepted (regrettably we do not accept Diners & Amex).


Casual dining is offered at the fully licensed Coffee Shop “Geckos” on the lower level, overlooking the waterfront. Geckos is open for breakfasts, from resort opening and offers a variety of fresh and tasty menu items, up to resort closing time. In addition by pre-arrangement, for Special Functions, they offer superb 2/3-course lunches/ dinners, either plated or buffet style along our waterfront or at the exclusive waterfront area or at The Lakeside marquee.

The Lakeside is a fully licensed waterfront marquee venue which seats up to 120 people. This venue is set within metres of the water’s edge with a tranquil private garden area. Offer all services, including catering for your special function.

Day Visitors:

The Bass Lake Resort surrounds a lake with a surface area of 10-hectares. This lake is spring-fed and the water is of drinking quality with both Large Mouth Bass & Blue Kurper in it.  The area is home to an abundance of birdlife and sightings of a number of small game species have been recorded.

The emphasis at Bass Lake Adventures is to provide an enjoyable and unique environment where people can enjoy their recreation time, where families and friends can enjoy the peaceful, secure environment with guests showing mutual respect to each other whilst always maintaining high safety standards.

Campers & Overnighters:

Please be advised that payment for camping and trailers is payable in cash at the gate, on the day of arrival.

Please note that the camping facilities are very casual and only have cold showers in the camping area. There are decent toilet facilities available and a coffee shop etc. and beautiful crystal clear water to swim in.

Day Entry:

Adults < 60 years: R150 per person per day

Adults (Pensioners): 60+ years: R90 per person per day

Children under 1.3 meters: R70 per child per day

Children above 1.3 meters: R150 per child per day

Overnight Fees: MINIMUM FEE of 2 days and 1 night is charged (e.g. Adult = R150 + R150 + R50) which excludes trailer and caravan fees.

Applicable to all persons overnighting:

Overnighting: R50 pppn*

*Note: Overnight fees exclude trailer and caravan fees.

Remember to add the Day Fee for each day at Bass to overnight fee.

Then after a minimum 2 day, 1 night stay:

ADD: extra applicable Day rate per person per extra day and add extra applicable Night Rate per night thereafter.

Daily fee of R40 per caravan or trailer etc.

From 3 March 2017 all sites from 3 – 20  will become “”first-come-first-served””  sites, at no extra fee per day, until further notice:

Thatches and Gazebo Layout

Smaller thatches (no power point). These are suitable for up to 4 people and only have parking available for 2 cars. These hut numbers are hut 5, 9 and 11. Parking  ranges from 1 – 2 cars at the small thatch sites.

“”First-come-first-served”” basis thatch sites, at no extra fee per day. This applies to the following Large thatch sites:

Large thatches, numbered  4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19 and 20. Parking ranges from 3 – 5 cars at the large thatch sites. The largest are 18, 19 and 20. All large thatches have a light and a power point and are suitable for groups of 6+.

There is a large private garden area with 4 thatches on the waterfront that is available for hire at R750/day. The facility number is numbered 1, when calling to enquire. This excludes the cemented marquee area and thatch no. 2 within white picket fence. This thatch bookings and payment must be finalised within 24 hours of confirmation of booking to secure the thatch.

You are welcome to erect your own gazebo on the open unfenced areas, at no extra cost. There is a lot of space, so do not be concerned if all the thatches are taken. There is also a treed area, opposite sites 5, 6 + 7, where you can set up your group, if you do not have a gazebo with you.

Night Diving, Late Entry, Late Exit:

Requests for Night diving or late entry / late exit outside of our standard trading hours, must PLEASE BE PRE-ARRANGED and all applicable costs must be PRE-PAID in full. Bass Lake adventures will not be able to assist you if you have neglected to make the necessary arrangements.

Conditions applicable

A R250 Levy fee, per individual and / or per group booking (only when group arrives/ leaves at the same time), applies per late entry/exit (levy payable in addition to gate fees due per person). This fee is payable immediately on receipt of confirmation of arrangement from Bass Lake, and must be made at least 72 hours before arrival.

The latest possible exit time is 21:00.

Night Diving and/or late exit/entry arrangements and prepayments must be made in sufficient time to enable Bass Lake to give confirmation 72 hours prior to day applicable. If no arrangement confirmed and/or no pre-payment received, standard published hours apply.

It is not guaranteed that the staff will be able to accommodate you on your request to night dive or have late entry/ late exit, to/ from Bass Lake, hence pre-booking is imperative to ensure confirmation of arrangement.

The levy does not apply to visitors camping overnight, or staying in the Lodge Camp Accommodation, so long as no other services are required outside of the normal trading hours and that these visitors do not require exit / entry outside of the standard trading hours. However, all divers wishing to night dive must comply with the night diving requirements at Bass Lake. If no confirmation is given by Bass Lake, no night diving may be carried out by anyone.”

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