Big Rush

Feel the adrenalin-fueled rush of flying through the air as you view the gorgeous Durban scenery all around you!


Mind Blowing

Disabled Friendly




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Family Friendly


On arrival at the Big Rush Stadium Shop, you will first be asked to sign an indemnity waiver form. You will then be fitted with a full body harness, and taken to the practice area, for a demonstration of the correct technique. Thereafter you will be accompanied to the base of the stadium arch, where you will be attached to a safety line for the ascent.

At “”ladder rung 4″”, a member of the Jump Crew will assist you to descend a ladder to the jump platform, and introduce you to the Jump Master, who will confirm that you have clearly understood jump procedure, and make sure you are ready for the leap of a lifetime!

He will attach you to the main jump line and count you down “”3-2-1, Big Step””. After a 60 meter free-fall, accelerating to a speed of over 120kph, you will swing in a huge arc over the football pitch.

When the swinging finally stops a recovery winch will bring you smoothly back to the jump platform, where you will be re-attached to the safety line, and guided back down the arch. All jumps are relayed live to the Base Café in the Big Rush Stadium Shop, and you will be able to watch your jump on video within a few minutes of your return. Videos are available for purchase. “

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