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Guided horse rides through the gorgeous forests that cover the base of the Outeniqua Mountains, on well-behaved and well-trained horses. Beautiful tranquil scenery and an exciting riding experience.


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“Join Andrea and her son Neo as they guide you through the gorgeous forests that cover the base of the Outeniqua Mountains. Enjoy an unforgettable ride on well-behaved and well-trained horses through the outskirts of Wilderness.

Black Horse Trails offers riding experiences for riders at all levels of experience (beginners, intermediates and experts). The experienced guides and owners of Black Horse Trails take riders through the magical indigenous forests of the Wilderness national parks, where bird and wildlife is abundant.

Black Horse Trails offers a variety of riding activities to suit every customer. Whether it’s a 3 hour ride to the gorgeous rock pools, or a 2 day venture through the mountains, Black Horse Trails caters for all and pride themselves on offering unforgettable experiences to all who take part. Black Horse Trails provide all of the necessary riding equipment required by riders. Their saddles range from western to trail riders, as well as endurance saddles. They are all good quality saddles fitted with sheep skin bumnas to ensure you are as comfortable as cozy as possible on the trail. Their bridles are bit-less bridles made of soft leather, which is a much kinder way to ride for horses. This needn’t worry anyone, as the horses are well-trained, obedient and been riding bit-less on the trails for many years.

There are 17 horses that make up the Black Horse Trails team, all of them living on the premises with the owners, who are constantly working towards rescuing and rehabilitating the horses. Prices are slightly above other trail riding places due to the work being done rehabilitating new rescued horses that have arrived in dire need of love and care. By paying that extra R50 – R100 (in comparison to other trail businesses), you are helping to feed and help these abused/neglected/sick horses. Riders will be paired with a horse depending on you and the horse’s riding experience.

There are many ride options from which one can chose:

The Indigenous Trail (1.5 hour – R400 per person)

This ride ventures into the shimmering indigenous forests, and does a nice circuit with beautiful views onto Hoekwil farm lands before returning home. There are some long straight tracks perfect for a head-clearing, cheek-flushing canter or gallop.

Rock pool ride (3.5 hour – R650 per person) – Not available from 15 Dec to 15 Jan

This is by far the most popular ride, venturing through the cool magical indigenous forests of the Garden route national park, alive with bird calls, hanging roots, toadstools and streams. From there, riders reach the mountain with beautiful open views. Riders stop and rest at the waterfall where you can sit by the rock pools to enjoy your snacks and cool drinks. In summer, the pools are perfect for a refreshing dip.

Special occasion ride (4 hour – R800 per person) – Not available from 15 December to 15 of January

This ride is perfect for the romantics! Honey moon couples, proposing gentlemen, anniversary celebrators, birthday surprises and anyone just wanting to treat their loved one.

This ride follows the same route as the 3 hour ride to the waterfall, but it is only the trail guide and yourselves that venture out, as to create a more intimate experience. You also have more time to enjoy your partner’s company with a picnic of home-made pates, crackers, chocolates and sparkling wine on a blanket at the cool rock pools.

(NB: please book at least 3 days in advance)

Other Advanced riding options

Then we can offer you a variety of different mountain rides ranging from 2.5 to 5 hour rides. Riders need to book three days in advance as to obtain the necessary forestry permits. These rides are only available for intermediate to experienced riders.

Fynbos & Forest Mountain Trail (3 hour – R650 pp)

Trailing steeply up the mountain through the rehabilitating pine lands and indigenous forest, this trail loops in front of the towering Outiniqua peaks.

Whole day Mountain Trail (R1200 pp)

Averaging about 5 hours of time on horseback, this is a great whole day riding escape. Riders stop at the upper waterfall for a nice picnic lunch while the horses drink in the cool pools. The pine forest gives way to indigenous forest then fynbos venturing high into the mountains and winding back down overlooking the farm lands far below. Near the end of the trail, riders cross the waterfall and rock pools where a refreshing swim and fresh water drink can be enjoyed.

Louvaine trip (2 day – R2500 pp) (Expert/experienced riders only)

Day one departs from the ranch at 9:30am. The ride ventures deep into the mountains, up ridges, past a waterfall, over rivers and up into the peaks, where riders sit for a picnic lunch under large old poplar trees. From there, the ride gets tough as you make your way over the old Voortrekker ox-wagon trail and start heading down towards the Klein Karoo on the other side of the Outiniquas, making this scenic ride incredibly diverse. Once at the guest farm, the horses are fed and let loose into the large grassy camp for the night. There is time to relax and settle into your cosy accommodation before dinner is served.

Day 2 starts with a lovely breakfast, then climbing onto your rested horses at about 9:30 again. There is no lunch stop on the way home, but snacks and a drink are packed into your saddle bags to consume as you ride. The ride back follows the ox wagon trail back over the ridge and then branches off into an alternative path home. Near the end of the ride, you pass by the rock pools and have the opportunity for a nice dip after a long 2 day ride. Riders have to be prepared to do a lot of cantering and trotting on this ride so please make sure you are up to the challenge before booking.

(Please note that riders have to sign SANParks and MTO indemnity forms before each ride. Charges are included)”

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