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Do you dream about experiencing the underwater world? Drifting free, weightless and in a silence you can’t experience on land? Book a dive with us and we’ll open a whole new world for you!


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“Do you dream about experiencing the underwater world? Drifting free, weightless and in a silence, you can’t experience on land? We’ll open a whole new world for you!

We are one of the top ten dive destinations in the world! A visit to Aliwal Shoal pretty much guarantees spectacular diving and sights all year around. We have 2 wrecks that we can explore and are teaming with all types of sea life. Manta-Rays and Turtles visit during the Summer as well as variety of other sea flora and fauna.

If it’s sharks you’re after, then you should know that Aliwal Shoal has year-round shark activity. Aliwal Shoal is the winter resting place of the Ragged Tooth Shark and in the summer, months convert the Shoal into a juvenile fish crèche, with visits from an abundance of Hammerhead Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Bull Sharks and year round Black Tip Sharks. So, you are guaranteed to see sharks no matter what time of the year you come visit us! PADI

The PADI Open Water course allows someone with no dive experience to gain the relevant skills to begin exploring the ocean underworld. From basic theory behind diving and critical safety measures to practical skills and finally actually getting down and seeing what’s beneath the waves.

We are lucky enough to offer ALL your 4 qualifying dives out in the big blue and not in inland quarries. With our newly appointed classroom and friendly staff we also offer learning facilities which allow you as the student to work at your own pace and for even more flexibility, you can choose PADI e-learning. Do the theory section in your own time on the internet and come to Blue Vision Dive Centre for the practical sections of the course!

PADI Advanced Open Water

Unlike PADI Open Water theory is very much the smaller part of the course.

To qualify for the Advanced Open Water qualification you have to undertake one practical skills dive in the form of Navigation and one new environment dive by undertaking a Deep Dive to 30m. The other 3 dives are up to you and here we can teach:

* AWARE – Fish Identification

* Boat Diving

* Drift Diving

* Multilevel/Computer Diving

* Peak Performance Buoyancy

* Search and Recovery

* Underwater Nature Study

* Underwater Photography

* Wreck Diving

Master Scuba Diver

Do you want the highest recreational qualification that PADI has to offer? We can help you achieve this. Whether you need to get your dive numbers up or want to increase the number of PADI Specialties you have to your name we can offer you the support, knowledge and assistance required to get the MASTER SCUBA DIVER.

To become a Master Scuba Diver you need:

* A minimum of 50 logged dives;

* Be a PADI Rescue Diver or PADI Junior Rescue Diver;

* Be 12 years or older; and

* Have 5 PADI Specialty Diver Certifications.

The Bubble Maker

When families begin to dive it is sometimes trying when there are children under the age of 10 who cannot join in. The Bubble Maker experience offers 8 year olds and above the opportunity to experience SCUBA in the safety of a confined underwater environment, and with a limited depth of 2m even a n inexperienced swimmer can begin to understand what diving has to offer.

Kids Diving

From the age of 10 children can begin dive training in line with the normal PADI progression; however they will be qualified as juniors until they reach the age of 15. This conforms to industry standards. However for those under the age of 10 there is still an opportunity to start the exploration into the world of diving, below we have outlined how this can be done.

We like to speak directly to those booking children for dive course to ascertain the requirements of the child, what will be expected of the child to complete the course and how we can best plan the course to suit everyone.

This course takes around 1 hour and includes:

* A theory session on the basics of dive safety;

* A pool session to learn simple skills and play games;

* Full dive equipment.

PADI Seal Team

This is a series of adventure dives which are undertaken in confined water and children of 8 years and older can learn more about SCUBA as a sport, skills that are relevant to diving and develop a wider understanding of the underwater world.

This experience takes about 2 hours and includes:

* A series of 5 AquaMissions;

* The opportunity to extend training by 10 Specialty AquaMissions;

* Full dive equipment.

Enjoy a superb diving experience through our expertise and experience, based on the knowledge of our crew. Our ground crew will make sure that all your equipment is loaded and ready to enable you to enjoy this adventure. Our dive masters dive the reef with passion and will accompany you on a unique exploration of Aliwal Shoal. Our skippers will take you to your diving destination safely onboard our 8 meter semi-rigid super ducks, Nicola and Mia.

We are a conscientious and professional diver training facility and we enjoy teaching the courses as much as you will take them!

Don’t settle for just getting certified. Instead, set your sights on becoming an experienced scuba diver. Learn at our shop. Dive from our boat. Then, when you are certified you will already be a “”regular”” at our shop and on our boat.

Learning to dive is not as difficult as you think!

PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre

Dives generally takes place in the mornings to take advantage of the best sea conditions. Coffee and breakfast is served in our restaurant.

We use rubber ducks (zodiacs/ribs) with a maximum of 10 divers, a dive master and skipper on the boat to access the Aliwal Shoal Dive Sites. The ride out to sea is around 7km from the Mkomazi River mouth which takes about 10-15mins.

Aliwal Shoal forms the crown of a Marine Protected Area, meaning that no form of fishing is allowed on the dive sites. Divers are not allowed to touch the reef, any of the animals or take anything other than shark teeth from the sand.

Our modern and spacious dive centre offers the following:

Gear rental

Gear sales

Reef and wreck dives

Baited shark dives or snorkels with qualified shark guides

Tiger shark dives – December to March

Ragged tooth shark dives – late May to November

A variety of PADI diving courses

Reef snorkels

Rebreather facilities and dives

Tech facilities and dives


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