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Malagas Hotel is a family friendly country hotel situated on the banks of the Breede River.



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“Welcome to House Boat Hire:

The Breede River (also known as Breë River) is one of the largest, most navigable rivers in South Africa. You are able to cruise for about 30 km towards the river mouth and about 10 km upstream with the Houseboats. The river is tidal for 55 km upstream from the mouth and there are a few sandbanks to keep in consideration when navigating the boats.

The first catchment area of the river is in the Skurweberg mountain range near Ceres, the water then runs through the Mitchell’s pass through the Breede River Valley for 337km. The river mouth is between Witsand and Infanta in the Indian Ocean.

The Breede River is also famous throughout South Africa for its old man-powered ferry in Malagas, known as the Pont. Vehicles and pedestrians are manually hauled across the river, with special rates for livestock. This service operates between 6 am and 6 pm only. At low tide and at slow speed, you are able to maneuver your boat under the ferry cables – to take course down-stream towards the river mouth.

If you are without a Skippers Licence you can do a practical exam on arrival and we can Issue you with a Restricted Interim Certificate of Competence (Temporary Licence for the Houseboats). The Boat:

Your home for the next few days can be a 7.8m, sturdy, safe, easy to drive craft to spend a holiday on the water. At your disposal will be a small kitchenette with a camp fridge, small gas stove with oven and a scullery.

A sliding door separates the fore cabin from the main area, providing privacy in the bedroom cabin. In the bedroom cabin is a double bed, as well as a bench that can be used as a child’s bed and storage underneath. The table arrangement in the main cabin folds down to form the second double bed. Please note that the beds are not standard sizes (see diagram below for measurements).

A small separate compartment houses a hot water shower, wash hand-basin and Porta Potty (see diagram below for measurements).

A sliding door opens onto an outdoor cockpit area, which is ideal for fishing or just relaxing in the sun. The rooftop deck is ideal for tanning or bird watching.

Hirers may sleep anywhere they choose within the designated overnight limits of the river – simply lower the anchor and make sure it is secured. The Breede River remains one of the most unspoiled holiday getaways in our country and is a must for anyone who enjoys the Outdoors.

The Houseboats can accommodate up to a family of 4 but is most comfortable for 2 persons.

The best way to describe the Houseboats is Caravanning on water. Persons that enjoy fishing, bird watching or simply the outdoors love the boats.  This cannot be compared to Canal boats in the UK or France where you can stop at shops and restaurants along the way. Malgas is a very remote destination – this is what attracts most people to this part of the Breede River.


The Breede is renowned as the best estuary fishing location in the country. Tidal action reaches 55km upstream and kabeljou, grunter, leervis, steenbra, and many other sought-after sea fish are caught here.

Please note that this area is part of the Lower Breede River Conservancy (LBRC). Rangers regularly patrol the river to ensure people keep to the regulations. Please ensure that you obtain a Permit if fishing is part of your Holiday activities. This can be purchased from you nearest Post Office.

Common names, Fish sizes, Bag limits and additional information:

Galjoen: minimum size: 35cm and bag limit: 2.
Closed season for Galjoen: 15 Oct – last day of February (next year)
Garrick (Leervis): minimum size: 70cm and bag limit: 2.
Grunter: minimum size: 40cm and bag limit: 5.
Kob: (in estuaries and from shore) minimum size: 60cm and bag limit: 1. (East of Agulhas)
Kob: (from boat at sea) minimum size: 50cm and bag limit: 5, but only 1 Kob per person, exceeding 110cm per day.
White Mussel Cracker: minimum size: 60cm and bag limit: 2.
Poenskop: minimum size: 50cm and bag limit: 1.
Santer: minimum size: 30cm and bag limit: 5.
Red Stumpnose (Miss Lucy): minimum size: 30cm and bag limit: 1.
Cape Stumpnose: minimum size: 20cm and bag limit: 5.
Red Roman: minimum size: 30cm and bag limit: 2.
Shad (Elf): minimum size: 30cm and bag limit: 4.

Closed season for Shad (Elf): 1 October – 30 November.
White Steenbras: minimum size: 60cm and bag limit: 1.
Black Tale (Dassie): minimum size: 20cm and bag limit: 5.

PLEASE NOTE this is just a guideline and may change; please ensure that you do have the right regulations before you go fishing.

Bird Watching:

It is also known as a bird-watching paradise and over 200 species have been recorded. The river naturally attracts fish-eating birds like the majestic fish eagle, osprey, fishing owl, and kingfisher. The whole area is home to an amazing wealth of birdlife.”

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