Cape Town Ostrich Ranch

The official home of the Guinness World Records smallest ostrich!



Disabled Friendly




Team Building Facilities


Family Friendly


Get a New Profile Pic:

You, sitting on an ostrich, with Table Mountain as your backdrop.

One of the best photo ops in Cape Town!

And our guides make it so safe even a baby can do it.

Spot Tom Thumb:
Our small but perfectly formed Tom Thumb is a bit of a big deal…
He holds the official Guinness Book of Record for world’s smallest ostrich!
Ask your guide about him.
Can you spot him?

Fed an Ostrich:
Get up as close as you dare with our native African birds…we’ll supply their snacks!

Balance on an Egg:
Seriously, you can stand on an ostrich egg!
But you have to do the tour to learn why it doesn’t break…

Meet the Babies:
Depending on when you visit, you’ll see tiny hatchlings or strutting teenagers.
Maybe you’ll even see a baby bird hatch!

Gather the Facts:
Not only will our amazing team of guides lead you on an informative journey, we’ve got a museum too.
All the answers to questions you never even knew you had…

Make some Friends:
We’re not just about the big birds.
Check out our crocodiles, tortoises, peacocks cheetahs too.

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