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Cederberg 4x4 offers professionally guided, self-drive trips/safaris/tours throughout Southern Africa, taylor-made corporate events and 4x4 training.



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Cederberg 4×4

invites you to join us on amazing, guided, self-drive, 4×4 adventure tours/safaris throughout
Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

We also offer 4×4 Driver Training and Tailor-made Corporate Events.

Our family-oriented trips are guided by seasoned guides, ensuring maximum enjoyment for all, with the minimum negative impact on the environment, while still having loads of fun.

Feel the rush of adrenaline while driving exciting 4×4 trails in South Africa or enjoy the tranquility and beauty of amazing overlanding trips to destinations throughout Southern Africa. Most of our
excursions will take you off-the-beaten-track, but it is not a prerequisite for your
vehicle to have low range capabilities on all the overlanding trips.
We will endeavor to ensure maximum safety at all times.

Most of our excursions, locally as well as in neighboring countries, are offered as self-catering and camping, making them affordable compared to the more upmarket options of visiting
destinations where accommodation and meals are included. The History of Cederberg4x4

An interview with Coenie Moll, founder of Cederberg4x4

My first introduction to 4×4 vehicles took place in 1972 when I worked for the Cape Town City Council as a trainee land surveyor. Our main project at the time was the leveling of the sand dunes in the Strandfontein area for the proposed building of Mitchellsplain housing development. We were sent into this wild barren countryside to set out levels for the big earth moving machinery to flatten the dunes.

Here I was fortunate enough to be given a Landcruiser 4×4 pick-up to do my days work.

In those days no official 4×4 training deemed necessary. It was a matter of being thrown into the deep end and having to swim. These processes of learning as you go meant getting stuck more often than not. Recovering a stuck vehicle became part of a days work. Looking back, this was the best teaching school anyone can wish for. I now realize this is where the seeds were planted for greater things much later in my life.

In 1975 I purchased my first 4×4 vehicle. It was a 1948 Willys Jeep. It came complete with the original side-valve motor, canvas top, and doors. It very soon got the nickname “Sonbesie”, because it was painted canary yellow and stood out like a sore thumb.

This is where all the exploration of the surrounding areas began. Areas like the West coast, Namakwaland, the Cederberg and Western Cape were only some of the places we frequented on a regular basis.

Now bear in mind these were the days before the R27 (West coast road) or the Koeberg power station was built. It was one fantastic experience after another, with seemingly no end. Getting away to all those remote areas felt like driving to the end of the world. You very seldom saw other people, as in those days far fewer people owned 4×4 vehicles.

Much later the Willys was replaced with an Izusu Trooper station wagon, which made a place for the Hilux 4×4. In the early nineties, I started visiting various places with a few regular friends who also owned 4×4 vehicles. These excursions became more popular, to a point where the friends would phone and want to know where and when we would be going next before I had even planned the next excursion. As friends told friends of what we do, our group grew every month. We eventually landed up with 48 vehicles at the old Lambert’s Bay Desert Trail, now known as The Dunes. This excursion was a turning point in my life. I realized that word of mouth got 48 vehicles onto this excursion and returned home with an exciting idea, to start my own 4×4 trail.

Many options were considered before finally deciding on the Cederberg and the Cederberg 4×4 Trail was born.

I was still employed full time and were doing excursions every two weeks to the Cederberg 4×4 trail. After about four years, many of our regular visitors asked why I don’t consider doing what I did many years ago, namely, visiting a different trail each month.

Many hours of thought were put into these suggestions and that brought me to where I am today. A decision to leave my full-time employer and put all my energy into Cederberg 4×4 was not done without many hours of careful thought
and planning. Once the final decision was made, there was no turning back.

At present, we visit in excess of 100 different destinations per annum throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, and Lesotho. These excursions vary from day and weekend outings to two-week tours, accommodating the requests and needs of all participants.

For more information, see the Year Planner section of this website.

All Cederberg 4×4 trips/tours/safaris/adventure trip is offered as guided family orientated excursions aimed to satisfy the needs of the whole family. A limited number of vehicles are allowed per excursion ensuring interaction amongst participants where lasting relationships are formed en-route or around the communal campfires.

Advantages of guided excursions are that correct driving techniques as well as many hints and tips are shared with participants prior to and during the excursion. Information regarding environmental friendly habits, getting to know your vehicle better with the peace of mind that there will be an expert on hand guiding you in the right direction, ensuring maximum safety at all times. Another advantage is that you will have access to areas not normally accessible to the public.

Peace of Mind

We are all aware that our vehicles and equipment we use to enjoy our 4×4 outdoor activities come with a fairly big price tag. We at Cederberg4x4 will endeavor, while planning any 4×4 trip/tour/safari, that a guide of Cederberg 4×4 would have visited our planned trip/route/safari, giving feedback ensuring maximum safety for passengers and vehicles through the information we receive.

It is also important to know what impact the seasons have on certain trails and when to use them or when to avoid them.

New Trails and Venues

We are constantly searching and visiting new trail and venues that can be used on our excursions. This is very time consuming and costly, but definitely worthwhile, as this places us in a position to continuously offer new trails to our participants. If you have information regarding new trails or venues we have not visited, please forward this information to us at the following e-mail address: info@cederberg4x4.co.za. Feel free to forward information regarding any 4×4 activities to us via e-mail, irrespective of whether you feel we might already have such information or not.

Corporate 4×4 Activities

Cederberg 4×4 has successfully facilitated corporate 4×4 activities for numerous companies over the past 10 years.

These activities are tailor-made to satisfy the needs and requests of the clients. Many interesting venues have been visited in the past, ensuring maximum enjoyment, whilst still adhering to environmentally friendly behavior. All these activities are presented by a seasoned and experienced 4×4 guides.

Attention all business owners, managers, personal assistants, and corporate event organizers.

Cederberg 4×4 offers a unique opportunity to the corporate world.

• Entertain your VIP clients or suppliers with a unique 4×4 experience in a tailor-made, very different and affordable manner, available throughout the year.
• Cederberg 4×4 requires at least four weeks’ notice of a planned activity/event.
• These activities can vary from one-day events in and around Cape Town to fourteen days throughout Southern Africa.
• This is an ideal opportunity to reward competition winners or target incentive winners in a group scenario either by region or nationally.
• No 4×4 experience required for participants in any of the 4×4 driving activities on offer.
• En-route many hints and tips will be shared with participants ensuring maximum enjoyment while safety to passengers and vehicles are a priority at all times.
All tailor-made activities will take place under the ever-watchful eye of a seasoned guide.

Cederberg 4×4 offers tailor-made corporate events/activities for any company in the corporate world, private business, internal departments, wanting to entertain your VIP clients, competition winners, long & short term incentive winners or any other reason you want to entertain your special clients or staff at your convenience.

These tailor-made corporate events give you the opportunity to offer your clients something completely new in the corporate world of entertainment. These activities will be conducted under the ever-watchful eye of a seasoned guide/instructor where safety for passengers and vehicles are a priority while ensuring maximum enjoyment.

Make use of this unique opportunity, offered by Cederberg 4×4, to entertain your clients on a matchless outdoor lifestyle experience.

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