Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek was cut out of dense coastal bush over looking the Tongaat River flood plain in 1983 and is home to 7000 monster crocodiles, alligators, caimen, slender snouted and dwalf crocs. Enjoy an exciting guided tour, never to be forgotten, bush trails, huge pythons and deadly mambas complete the bush experience. The following was penned by a recent Crocodile Creek visitor and is his account of the experience he had with us.



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Nestled in a subtropical coastal bush, overlooking the Utongati River floodplain, midway between Ballito and Tongaat, north of Durban, in Kwazulu Natal (KZN) Crocodile Creek, established by the Watson family in 1983, has built a solid reputation as one of South Africa’s ‘Best Activities’, and for good reason.

With roughly 10000 Nile Crocodiles, West African Dwarf Crocs, Slender-Snouted Crocs, American Alligators, Deadly Mambas and a wide array of Snakes, Tortoises, Rabbits, Wild Monkeys, Banded Mongeese and more, this well-thought-out attraction is a Fascinating, Hands-on, Interactive, Fun and Adventure for All, whether you’re a family, individual, tourist, school tour, group, birthday party, bulls party, you name it. With 100 years combined experience, our passionate guides, Sean, Timan, Daneel, and Peter, will give you a unique insight into the fascinating lives of these Carnivores, which have existed from prehistoric times, in fact, for 240 million years.

The venue covers a large area with all sections cleverly connected with walkways, decks, and paths and with plenty of viewing spots it’s easy to watch these prehistoric reptiles doing their thing.
It also includes several covered Learning and Party areas, with plenty of seating and space, as well as a fully functional Café / Restaurant that serves great, simple, budget-friendly food.
Cut out of the dense, coastal bush overlooking the Tongaat River floodplain, 14 KMs from Ballito, Crocodile Creek was firmly established in 1983 by Peter & Sheila Watson.

Passionate about nature and conservation, the vision for Crocodile Creek was to not only create a Crocodile farm but also to provide a natural theme park attraction where various species of interesting animals would be on display for the public to interact with and be educated about, with particular focus on raising awareness about Nile Crocodiles and their conservation.

Of course, such a venture would also involve the employment of local residents, bringing a positive impact to the area and community.

30 years on and not only is Crocodile Creek one of the KwaZulu Natal North Coast’s best tourist attractions, but it’s also responsible for solid conservation work, international live exports and skin exports.

If you haven’t yet visited Crocodile Creek, please do and enjoy the thrill, education, and excitement.

We provide highly Educational Tours, each tailored to suit the group’s needs and our classes are interactive, exciting and fun, covering not just the Crocodiles, but many of the other animals on site, like the Snakes and Alligators.

Tours are adapted to be age-appropriate and can also accommodate primary, senior primary and high schools, post-school groups, as well as crèche, nursery and pre-school groups.
Whether you’re a family, school, party, couple or individual, all are welcome.

Our tours are available in the following languages: Zulu, Xhosa, English, Afrikaans.

Lunches or evening Braais can be arranged in advance (pre-book) or snacks and refreshments can be purchased from our café / shop.

Bookings are only essential for large groups, so Contact Us now to enquire.

We’re based just south of Ballito, north of Durban, on KwaZulu Natal’s North / Dolphin Coast, KZN.

We look forward to seeing you here.
Crocodile Creek’s ideal location and layout lend itself perfectly to being a great filming location, whether it’s for a feature film, documentary, series or educational program.

KwaZulu Natal, and particularly the North Coast, is one the richest, most biodiverse and geographically diverse areas of South Africa, making it an ideal area for film work.

With hectares of land comprising of many different types of terrain, from the dense bush to rivers and ponds, to heavily wooded and rocky areas, there’s plenty of options offering diverse opportunities for the cameras.

Crocodile Creek, being also a tourist attraction, has good on-site facilities including plenty of car parking space and access points, a café/restaurant for light meals and refreshments, toilets and a large covered area capable of seating a large group of people.
Crocodile Creek sells captive bred, live Crocodiles for both national and international clientele.

Having supplied Nile Crocodiles, African Slender Snouted Crocodiles and Alligators to Zoos and Wildlife parks around the world, we have the experience and logistical know how to safely export these amazing creatures.

If you are a Zoo or Wildlife Park and are looking to import live Reptiles to your country, you have come to the right place.
Our exotic Nile Crocodile skins and hides represent the best in Africa, with all grades offered.

Used for all manner of high-quality fashion accessories, such as shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, boots, phone and tablet holders and much more, our skins are of the highest quality.

Wet, salted skins can be shipped on receipt of specific cutting instructions, quantity and payment.

We supply all the required export documentation and can ship by air via King Shaka Airport, Durban or sea, via Durban.

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