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isit Crowhurst Spa Today, our highly qualified, passionate therapists will ensure you have a memorable experience. Crowhurst Spa—where the body is pampered and the spirit refreshed.



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Imagine if you could drive just 20mins outside of Durban to a secluded, tranquil Day Spa surrounded by lush gardens and an avenue of trees. Crowhurst Spa is the Ideal destination to enjoy team building, some “me time” or have a pamper party. Visit Crowhurst Spa Today, our highly qualified, passionate therapists will ensure you have a memorable experience. Crowhurstspa—where the body is pampered and the spirit refreshed. Etiquette & Policies
1. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa -conforms to the custom-writing regulations as set out by the new Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and thereby is obliged to advise our clients of our Terms & Conditions of Business.
2. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa operates on a strictly COD basis. All treatments and purchases must be paid immediately on service. If booking for 2 hours or more, or 2 people or more, we shall require either Credit Card Details or a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. We accept the following forms of payment: CASH, CHEQUE (Please make arrangements with management beforehand) and CREDIT CARD.
3. Any appointment not canceled before 24 hours of the scheduled treatment will be charged for in full (except in cases of the client being hospitalized).
4. Treatments/Products are subject to availability
5. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa reserves the right to increase prices without prior notice should our costs of treatments be increased
6. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa only employs qualified therapists who are fully trained in their area of expertise.
7. Cautionary measures that need to be taken concerning treatments will be explained in detail. Should you have any questions or require more information please ask your therapist prior to treatment and she does my homework will be happy to oblige.
8. In the spirit of mutual respect, we kindly request punctuality. Please check-in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals will have their treatments shortened accordingly and full price will be charged for the treatment/s
9. Please call before your appointment should you wish to include extra treatments to avoid disappointment should your therapist have another client scheduled after your appointment.
10. All our treatment rooms are silent zones. On entry, please make sure that your cellular phones are switched off and loud conversations will not be accepted.
11. Sexual harassment will under no circumstances be tolerated. If this should occur, your treatment/s will be terminated immediately and the full price will be charged.
12. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa is a smoke-free zone.
13. While every care is taken to provide a safe environment for you the client and our therapists we cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control:
o Please take care when entering the Salon and/or Centre. If it is raining outside or is wet and your shoes or feet are wet you could slip and injure yourself
o Please inform us should you have any medical condition, metal pins or plates or are taking any medication, failure to do so could have possible adverse effects with regards to treatments and products and Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa cannot be held responsible for any loss/injury suffered as a result of your failure to disclose any medical information.
o Please do not touch equipment or Professional products without the supervision of your therapist as they could pose potential harm in inexperienced hands
o Unstable power can cause inconvenience with scheduled treatments and in rare cases even mild shocks if a power surge occurs during electrical treatments
o We cannot be held responsible for crime-related incidents beyond our control, please ensure that you do not bring large sums of money or jewellery with you for your appointment
o Please wait for assistance from your therapist before sitting on any chairs or massage beds or getting up from them to prevent accidents
Loyalty Programmes & Gift Vouchers
1. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 (three years) from date of purchase
2. Gift Vouchers will be for a monetary value only. This may then be redeemed off any treatment only and CANNOT be redeemed for products
3. Loyalty Programmes Terms: are restricted to an individual and may not be shared amongst more than one individual; only valid for 12 (twelve) months from date of inception and when the reward must be redeemed
Retail Terms
1. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa relies exclusively on the information provided by the manufacturers of the Retail products sold. Information provided is from the product testing done and in some cases clinical trials by the ingredient manufacturers.
2. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa does not warrant that any products will give the same results for different people, everybody’s skin and physiology is different.
3. Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa will refund any goods (except that which was ordered specifically for the client), which are returned in unopened, undamaged packaging, in a merchandisable (sellable) condition, provided the goods are returned to the Salon within 5 days of original purchase date.
4. If a refund is provided it will be in the same form of payment tender as originally made by the customer
5. Any product that has fault, as determined by the manufacturers, will be replaced or refunded
6. Allergic reactions to ingredients in the product cannot be considered a product fault and will not be replaced or refunded. (Please advise your therapist beforehand if you have any ingredient allergy so she does not prescribe a product containing that allergen)
7. Retail products have an unopened shelf life and an opened shelf-life, please check with your therapist
8. Products should always be kept in a cool place away from direct or indirect sunlight.
9. Caution: Some product contains ingredients like Vitamin C or AHA’s which can discolour painted surfaces.
Treatment Cautions
All Salon treatments have a benefit be it physical or psychological, Crowhurst Health & Beauty Spa cannot be held responsible should the effect of the treatment not reach your expectations
Facial Treatments
• Our therapists will be completing a thorough consultation with you on your first visit. Please ensure total honesty with regards to medical conditions, medication, allergies, sensitivities, previous products used and anything else you feel is relevant e.g. claustrophobia. Please inform us should any of this have changed in future appointments.
• If you are having an advanced treatment please avoid the sun (direct or via sunbed), waxing procedures, laser/IPL for the next 2 days
• In the event you are having an Advanced Treatment, please avoid certain products as outlined by your therapist.
• Always wear sunscreen during the day
Manicure & Pedicure
• All the instruments that we use are thoroughly sanitized before use to prevent infections and fungus being transferred from client to client.
• Please note that should your therapist find that you present signs of a fungus/infection or that you have a fungus/infection, we, unfortunately, cannot do the treatment until the infection/fungus has been cleared. Please ask your therapist for recommendations on how to treat the problem & to reschedule your appointment.
• A color Nail Paint is included in your treatment, please inform your therapist prior to treatment should you wish to have a French Paint, at an added cost of R50 (R50 for hands & R50 for feet) & an added time of 15mins. Please note that should your therapist have a client immediately after your scheduled appointment, they may not be able to do a French Paint.
Massage (including heat treatments)
• Please inform us if you have any medical conditions, including any metal pins or plates and recent surgery (6 months for minor surgery & 2 years for major surgery)
• If you have had surgery in less than 6 months or major surgery or cancer, please note that you need your doctor’s note stating it is fine for you to have a massage
• Please note that our therapists are not medical doctors and as such cannot diagnose medical conditions.
Eyelash Tinting
• Eyelash tint can cause allergic reactions, should you be concerned to ask us to do a 24hr patch test prior to treatment(a band-aid containing the products used will be applied to the inside crease of your elbow, and left there for 24hrs)
• Please note that a tingling sensation may occur once procedure has been completed.
• Clients who wear contact lenses MAY NOT have any Eyelash tinting done. Please advise your therapist if you wear contact lenses.
Waxing Procedures
• Waxing procedures can be more sensitive during menstruation, try and plan your treatments accordingly
• Waxing can leave the skin red and sensitive and in some cases, rashes or bruising may occur
• Avoid the sun, heat treatments, facial treatments (after facial waxing), hot showers &baths, tight clothing and deodorant 24 hours after waxing
• Any medication that you are currently taking may cause thinning of the skin that may cause reddening of the skin, bruising and discoloration and in some cases removal of the top skin layer.

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