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Boot Camp SA specialises in offering quality events and exciting team building activities, children's parties, school excursions and paintball that build and motivate teams, entertain friends and guarantee an uplifting and unique experience that everyone and anyone can enjoy.



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Boot Camp SA will be hosting your event. Our Team Building objectives are to engage staff members in an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Activities are loads of fun, build team spirit, improve teamwork, and bring staff members closer together.

Our event management team consists of Event Coordinator(s), Lead Instructor(s) and Seconding Instructors and when required on-site Paramedic(s).

At Boot Camp SA we have a team of unique, mature, instructors and facilitators who facilitate and host ALL our Team Building Events and Corporate Functions. A dedicated team that is focused on making a success of every event will take care of your activities, Conferencing Facilities, Audio Visual Effects, Eating Requirements and Accommodation as required by you as our client.

Boot Camp SA in Durban has hosting, facilitating, managing, organising and arranging Corporate Team Building & Corporate Development Programs, Conferencing, Accommodation and Entertainment since 2005 with combined staff experience within the industry amounting to more than 15 years.

We take care of all your needs:
Team Breakaway Activities
Team Development Programmes
Meals and Beverages
Conferencing Needs
Accommodation Needs
Arranging of Transport
Co-ordinating of Outsourced Entertainment
Audio-Visual needs

Organisational Development Interventions (ODIs):
Boot Camp SA also offers 1 year long (or longer as needed) ODI’s focusing on:
Customer Service
Inter and Intra Department Service

Our team building interventions follow well-established structured programs that have been developed and deployed with success for more than 10 years. Boot Camp Venue:
Boot Camp SA Durban is an outdoor adventure park with obstacle courses, team work stations, a paintball field, and Archery Range located in Giba Valley, Westmead, Durban.

Mobile Team Building:
We have a number of conferencing and overnight venues from which we deploy our operations, but we also travel to your venue and set up our team building at your location.
We offer corporate team building for adults and for children we offer school life orientation programs, birthday parties, and holiday activities.

Team Building:
Our Team Building objectives are to engage staff members in an enjoyable and meaningful experience.  Activities are loads of fun, build team spirit, improve teamwork, and bring staff members closer together.

At Boot Camp SA, work colleagues get to grow their working relationships, develop their teamwork potential and build team spirit.

A variety of tasks are scheduled offering a rich and fun experience during which team members utilise team strengths, share responsibilities, and integrate ideas and solutions to achieve common goals.


Reconnaissance Team Building – 4hrs
Structured & Formal – Highly Recommended
The Reconnaissance Mission is our primary team building option and is guaranteed to give your staff members a great team building experience.

Team Breakaway – 2 1/2 hrs
Non-Physical, Fun & Informal
An interactive social and fun activity with excellent tasks for building relations amongst team members and practicing teamwork.

Commando Team Building – 3hrs
Fun and Energising
An interactive, dynamic and constructive activity with excellent tasks for building the team spirit of the group through engaging them in a common, fun & unique experience. The commando obstacle course makes up the basis of the activities during this option.

Fear Factor – 3-4hrs
Entertaining & Adventurous
A number of different challenges to choose from which get progressively more fearsome. Participants may opt out at any time and leave the challenge to the more adventurous members. Each member of the team faces one of the following outcomes at each challenge:

Completing the challenge (Yeah!)
Not being able to finish (but you tried)
Not willing to even attempt the challenge (sissies)!!

Intelligence Team Building – 6hrs
Formal, Outcomes Based
Similar to the reconnaissance team building, with more focus on teamwork in terms of feedback sessions, focus groups, and open discussions.
This option is perfect for the pro-active group that would like to improve their teamwork skills or groups with unaddressed issues hampering their teamwork ability.

Written Report:  This intervention includes a report which summarises the aspects of the teamwork that were highlighted and discussed by the team.

Team Building for Sports Teams
The Sports Boot Camp is an action-packed team-building activity. The challenges target different aspects of teamwork such as communication, trust, problem-solving, physical and emotional support, in a fun and interactive way. The team building has a physical aspect as well as teamwork dynamics and discussions well suited to sports teams.

Sport boot camp starts with an introduction involving the whole group and then moves onto the team tasks which are followed by team debriefings.

Archery Tournament – 1 1/2 hrs
A Really Fun Social Activity
Archery is a fun and relaxed activity that anyone can enjoy (and hit the target with some practice). We start with an instruction on how to use the equipment and practice a round or two for the group to get used to using the bow and arrow.

Paintball – 2hrs
Adrenalin Pumping
The “Paintball” social consists of a round-robin with teams of max 7 a side: winning teams stay on to challenge the next team. This is full contact paintball in the bush range.

Our Team Building objectives are to engage staff members in an enjoyable and meaningful experience that is loads of fun, builds team spirit, and practices team work skills that are then related back to the work environment.

Participants can expect to take part in interactive team tasks that require team input, member interaction and team strategising. Our lively Boot Camp SA theme is designed to be fun and entertaining and also encourages maximum participation of everyone present.

Boot Camp SA’s Team Building Interventions follow well established structured programs that have been developed and deployed with success for more than 10 years.

The team building mission and its associated activities are facilitated to suit the physical capabilities of each specific group. The activities consist of a combination of both moderately physical and non-physical tasks that require team input, team cooperation and team strategising.

Our venue is set in the scenic Giba Valley in the vicinity of the Marianhill Tollgate, Westmead/Pinetown, accessible from the N3. Our mobile ops are available throughout South Africa.

We offer informal conferencing at Boot Camp (seats 35) as well as formal conferencing. We have a number of preferred venues in CT, Durban and Gauteng.

The Boot Camp Menu consists of a variety of meals such as Breakfast Platters, Savoury Platters, Bush Braais and Spit Braais, or you can bring your own food and drinks.

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