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The golf course is an unsurpassed Peter Matkovich design. Elements Private Golf Reserve has been rated in the Top 30 Golf Courses of South Africa for the last 10 years.



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About Elements
There are many non-residential, second home golf estates in South Africa and very few can match Elements Private Golf Reserve. A stunning, unique golf estate on 495 hectares of property located only one and a half hours drive north of Pretoria in the magnificent Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province. The setting for Elements Private Golf Reserve is one of the biggest factors that count in its favor.
The surrounding bushveld terrain varies between natural hillsides and open plains, with mountain views and perennial streams. The golf course meanders through a fertile valley of indigenous vegetation and artful landscaping.

The Clubhouse is located on a rise overlooking the golf course from which 11 holes can be seen and offers an unsurpassed view of the course and surrounding landscape. The reception, administrative offices, kids playground, bar, restaurant, and main kitchen areas are located on the upper level. The lower floor houses the locker rooms, halfway house, golf shop, spa, conference room, and covered patio. A small portion of the restaurant has been cordoned off to create a kids play area. This has become a popular addition to keep the kids occupied while mom and dad are enjoying drinks in the bar or a meal in the restaurant. It has play tables, ball games and even a full-size pool table for the older kids and young adults.

In addition to golf and excellent practice facilities, the estate offers mountain bike trails, tennis courts, hiking, game viewing, bird watching, swimming, a spa, conferencing, and a comprehensive food and beverage offering in the clubhouse. Limpopo golf at its finest. Golf Course

The golf course is an unsurpassed Peter Matkovich design. Elements Private Golf Reserve has been rated in the Top 30 Golf Courses of South Africa for the last 10 years.

Taking in all the natural surroundings, this is not only a game of golf but a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The golf course is just the excuse needed to get out there and enjoy it.

“Seamless blends of nature’s random beauty and man’s orderly designs are serene reflections of the sensitivity to local environments”, comments Matkovich. With this stunning golf course as a feature Elements, Private Golf Reserve will surely become one of South Africa’s leading luxury member golf clubs.

Elements Hole by Hole

1st HOLE: The opening par 4 which is stroked at 5 requires an accurate tee shot of 220 to 240 meters to land the ball in a position to see and reach the green in two. The tee complexes have a view down over the wild indigenous grasses setting the scene for what is to come. It is a difficult uphill dogleg left design with the second shot played between a forest of bushveld trees and bushes on both sides. The elevated green is protected by two bunkers both left and right. Walk off with a par and feel satisfied that your round had got off to a great start.

2nd HOLE: This is the first of the 4 beautiful par 3 holes on the course. Stroked at 11 and measuring from 118 meters off the Ladies tee to 225 meters off the Championship tee the hole has a total of 7 tee box options. The hole is straightforward uphill with a generous fairway and bailout options all around the green. There is only one bunker back right which does not often come into play. Take one more club than you think and be sure to reach the generous green from the tee.

3rd HOLE: The first of four par 5 holes and the shortest of all of them all at 470 meters off the Club Tee. The hole plays downhill with a dogleg left off the tee and another dogleg right approaching the green over a hazard. This hole definitely offers a two-shot opportunity for the longer hitters with a good drive off the tee drawn over the cluster of trees on the left side of the fairway. Fairway bunkers guard the far side of the fairway at the turn and another midway down the fairway on the right. The real challenge of this stroke 13 holes in the narrow green with a hazard in front and a bunker back right and another on the left of the green.

4th HOLE: This par 4 stroke 7 hole plays straight uphill. It has a wide fairway with only one bunker on the right protecting any wayward shot from reaching the bush. The approach to the green is also wide but one needs to avoid the deep bunker on the left and the large bunker on the right of the green. The hole is relatively short in spite of the uphill at 345 meters off the Club tee and 264 meters off the Ladies Tee. Without a doubt one of the easier holes to make par on.

5th HOLE: Stroke one. This par 4 is deceiving as it is only 367 meters off the Club tee, is relatively straight with a slight dogleg right at 100 meters from the green and has no fairway bunkers to trap any wayward shots. The real challenge of the hole is to keep the tee shot well left in order to avoid the trees blocking entry to the green from the right side and then to avoid the large bunker protecting the left front of the green. The perfect shot off the tee is a long, low draw which takes both the trees on the left near the tee and the trees on the right near the green out of play.

6th HOLE: Many players rate this short drivable par 4 as one of the best holes in the country. There are 7 tee options but the green is only visible from the two Ladies tee options. The approach to the fairway is kept free of the bush to open up as much of the fairway as possible. The hole has a dogleg left and while it measures 320 meters off the Club tee it is actually only 270 meters on a direct line. Without a doubt, this is the perfect risk/reward hole you will find anywhere. Stroked at a fair 17 it offers the perfect opportunity for par if played with caution.

7th HOLE: The second par 5 hole has two options for the Club and Forward tees each measuring 497 meters and 471 meters respectively. The attractive hole sweeps downhill to a hazard that crosses in front of the green which is offset to the left of the fairway. The largest bunker on the course protects any shot played left of the fairway from entering directly into the bush. There are also bunkers in the landing area on the right of the fairway but they present no difficulty for the second layup shot. Apart from the big hitters who may take the green on in two the second shot should be played short of the hazard leaving a third in of between 100 and 140 meters. The green is surrounded by bunkers and a water feature on the right side which all have to be avoided. The large clover leaf green has three ideal positions for pin placement.

8th HOLE: From the tee, the 8th hole appears more intimidating than it really is. The hole has an 80-degree dogleg turn to the left and the green is not visible from the tees. The hole encourages a straight or drawn drive of 220 to 250 meters to land in the perfect position past the turn of the dogleg. A well-positioned drive will leave no more than an 8 iron into the green. Any drive pushed right could leave up to 220 meters down to the green which is set alongside the dam surrounding the 9th/18th greens. There are no bunkers at all on this stroke 3 holes.

9th HOLE: The second par 3 on the first nine holes reminds one of the beauty and the beast. It has four tee complexes at the same elevation of the green ranging from a mere 80 meters from the front Ladies tee to 182 meters from the Championship tee. The carry from all tees is 100% over the hazard which sometimes is filled with water. The only bailout is on the left side of the green which shares a double green with the 18th. To complicate matters further the back of the green is bunkered from left to right. The most outstanding feature of this attractive par 3 is the elevated Club tee 20 meters above the level of the green. This makes the hole one of the outstanding pulpit holes to be found anywhere. The view from the top overlooking the Clubhouse and the opening and closing holes is spectacular. Do not be intimidated by the shot which plays at 157 meters to the center of the green with an effective length of 147 meters and is sure to have your camera ready.

10th HOLE: Like with the first nine the opening hole on the back nine is also a relatively tough one to play after the halfway housebreak. It measures 375 meters off the Club tee, stroke 4, is uphill and has a slight dogleg left at the halfway mark. There are no fairway bunkers but be careful to avoid the forest of Boekenhout trees on the right side of the fairway with your tee shot. A lateral hazard runs the entire length of the fairway up the left side from the tee to green. The approach to the green is wide open with a well-placed bunker on the right side and one at the back of the green which seldom comes into play.

11th HOLE: The par 3, 11th hole is one of the more spectacular holes on the course with views down the valley over the entire golf course. There are 7 tee boxes offering a variety of options for play. The large bunker on the right of the green continues all the way behind as well. The bailout is on the left side of the green where any ball played left feeds off a high bank towards the green. The hole is accentuated with several great specimens of Aloe Marlothii.

12th HOLE: This is the second longest par 4 on the course playing at 394 meters off the Club tee and is worthy of being rated as stroke 6. The hole has a generous landing area off the tees with a slight dogleg right and two bunkers on the left turn. There is a well-cleared area to the right of the fairway which attracts a high percentage of shots played. When in this area there is no option but to play out sideways back to the fairway. The second shot is usually long and has to clear a large bunker protecting the entire left side of the green with another on the right edge. The green is large with some tricky undulations which are not always easy to read.

13th HOLE: This 13th is a forgiving par 4 also with a strong dogleg right and no fairway bunkers. The fairway undulates and feeds down from both left and right to leave a good shot on the level ground. There are some large trees on the right of the fairway but a shot landing in this cleared area often still has a line to the green. The second shot in is usually short and most players are able to clear the front greenside bunker. There is a large bailout area on the right front of the green. The hole is stroked an appropriate 16 and is only 311 and 351 meters from the Ladies and Club tees respectively.

14th HOLE: This challenging par 5 is not stroked at 2 for nothing. It is simply long and tough. The tee shot plays downhill to a wide fairway but the shot has to carry long enough to pass the dogleg turn to the left with a forest of trees protecting the left side. Failing to pass the turn will result in a minimum of four shots to reach the green. The second shot from the perfect fairway position has to be as long as possible down a narrow fairway with bush protecting both sides. The hole measures 531 meters off the Club tees and only the very big hitters can contemplate taking the small green on in two. The third shot for the average handicap golfer is still likely to be anywhere from 120 to 180 meters out. The green is relatively small and is long and narrow with bunkers both left and right. Like on the previous hole there is a generous bailout landing area front right of the green. It is always satisfying to make par on the 14th.

15th HOLE: The last of the fabulous four par 3 holes. This picturesque stroke 18 brings some mental relief with a downhill shot to the largest green on the course measuring a full 50 meters from front to back. It is well bunkered with two pot-like bunkers on the left and three on the right. The tees range in length from 120 to 186 meters. The tee shot is inviting and unless pulled or pushed badly is likely to find the middle of the large green which slopes down to the middle and then up to the back.

16th HOLE: This is the longest par 4 hole on the course at 442 meters off the Club Tee. Originally stroked at 2 and now at 10, the hole is less intimidating than most long holes. It is straight and plays slightly downhill with a wide fairway in the prime landing area which falls off to the left giving any shot played to that part of the fairway additional distance. The fairway bunkers on the right are fair and a good shot from them can still reach the large two-tier green. The fairway bunker on the left, however, needs to be avoided as it is unlikely to leave a shot into the green. There are two more bunkers short of the green both left and right and another behind the green which seldom comes into play. The approach to the green is wide and even if played little short leaves a straightforward chip onto the green. The generous green has two tiers sloping from right to left. The key to playing the 16th hole is to approach the green on the correct level to avoid the possibility of a dreaded three-putt.

17th HOLE: Close to home the uphill 17th hole is a little intimidating with a narrow approach off the tee to a fairway that spreads wider and wider the further up the hill the ball is played. Any shot played long and left will be blocked by trees on the approach to the green. The green is offset to the left and has a bunker both left and right with a narrow approach between the two. The hole is not long at 347 meters off the Club tee and is stroked at 10. A challenging but interesting hole.

18th HOLE: The closing par 5 on Elements has to be one of the finest par 5’s anywhere. It plays downhill all the way and at 489 meters off the Club, tee offers the strong player a reasonable chance to take the green on in two. The ideal line off the tee is left to avoid the bunker complex on the right which is in reach for most players. The best position to layup the second shot is also left down to a large landing area leaving anywhere between 100 and 140 meters into the challenging green which is coupled with the 9th. The entire left side of the green is protected by a water hazard which needs to be avoided at all costs. Stroked at 14 this inspiring hole brings the round to an end with the Clubhouse awaiting on the hill behind.

We hope you enjoy every round played at Elements.

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