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Our goals encompass the improvement of Knowledge, Skill and Safety Standards in the private flying sector.


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Flight Training College (FTC) offers a broad spectrum of Pilot Training. Whilst we are primarily focused on Professional Pilot Training our goal also includes the improvement of Knowledge, Skill and Safety standards in the recreational/private flying sector. Not only are we committed to delivering the very best training possible, but we also help to prepare our Commercial Pilot graduates for a career in the aviation industry.
Whether you want to fly privately or commercially, our goal is to prepare you to be the very best you can be.
George Airport is one of the cape flying regions most idyllic locations and is Equipped to International standards.
Our training ranges from the basic Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to the advanced Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATP).
Other courses include the Instrument Rating (IF), Multi-Engine (ME) and Instructor Rating (IR).
Please visit the Career Guidance section written by our CEO Captain Walter Waldeck (Airbus A330/A340 Training Captain with South African Airways) on career prospects within the local and international aviation industry. ABOUT FTC
Thank you for your interest in Flight Training College and for giving us the opportunity to explain what we have on offer for the aviation enthusiast and prospective student.
It will help you to understand what is involved in pilot training, the aim of the school, the commitment expected of you and the cost and duration of our courses.
Flight Training College is approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (approval number: CAA/0012).

The scope of accreditation and approval includes:
• Private Pilot Licence
• Commercial Pilot Licence
• Airline Transport Pilot Licence
• Night Rating
• Instrument Rating
• Instructor Rating
• Multi-Engine Conversion
• Single Engine Conversion
• Radio Telephony Licence
• English language proficiency

We are internationally known and have trained pilots from all over the world. In fact, many of our ex-students now fly for local and international airlines. Some have even qualified as Captains in their national airline.
Our standards are higher than those required by most countries and our training is designed to meet the levels required by most international aviation authorities.
CEO & CFI Captain Walter Waldeck.

Captain Waldeck is a Senior Training Captain on the Airbus A330/A340 with South African Airways and started FTC in 1999. He joined South African Airways in 1987 and has served as a Training Captain on most of SAA’s fleet. He holds Airline Transport Pilot Licences from several countries and has flown more than 120 different aircraft types. A Designated SACAA Examiner, a Grade 1 flying Instructor, and a Class II test pilot all ensures that his experience and input into our flight school is invaluable. He maintains a proactive role in operations and his knowledge of our industry makes FTC a unique flight school in Southern Africa.

Juanine Moore: Administration & QA Manager, also a GRII Flight Instructor, she manages all the initial correspondence and contact with the students as well as auditing our internal systems. She started at FTC in 2009 with her training and qualified in 2011 with her CPL and Flight Instructors Rating. She joined our team as a flight instructor in 2014 and our Administration office in 2016.
Assisting her with her very full schedule is Riana Keeve McFarlane, our Administration Assistant, who also oversees the student/liaison and student affairs as well as making sure that our Aircraft fleet documentation, AIC’s and AIP Supplement Manuals are always up to date.
Michelle Smit manages the Accounts Department and will keep students and their sponsors up to date with their monthly flight training statements.
Our Chief Flight Instructor, Alistair Berriman Initially studied Mechanical Engineering and went on to become a lecturer. He then decided that he wanted to fly and joined FTC in 2006, becoming an Instructor in 2008. He was then promoted to Chief Flight Instructor in 2010, Alistair aspires to become a DFE and GRI Instructor and in his own words “Flying is the best job I have ever done, and I have had a few interesting careers”
GRIII Instructor, Werner Swanepoel started flying in 2013 while he was in his matric year and finished his PPL and part of his CPL in the same year to qualify as a CPL Pilot in 2014. Werner joined FTC at the end of 2016, he currently enjoys training students from all over the world at a flight school which he claims is one of the best in the industry. Even though he only started with us at the end of 2016
GRII Instructor, Dirk Potgieter obtained his PPL at the age of 17, he was determined to pursue a career in aviation. He finished high school and started doing contract work in the U.S.A and also New Zealand. His career started as a GR III instructor with FTC in 2015 and he has since upgraded to Gr II.
Emelda Scheepers joined our Team in 2013, she ensures that FTC’s classrooms and offices are always clean & presentable.
Solani Kosi joined our team in 2011 and is responsible for keeping all the aircraft clean and making sure that our premises are neat.
The school was established in 1999 with the aim of instilling an airline culture and discipline into general aviation that would help develop an attitude that is conducive to flight safety and professionalism.

All flight training is conducted on a personal level. Academic tuition is presented by means of lectures and Computer Based Training (CBT.) Having your own flight instructor throughout the course and following a personalized, structured program affords you the best opportunity to achieve your goals. We assess the progress of all our students on a daily basis to ensure that you advance according to the flight training schedule. Periodic progress checks are required with either the supervising instructor, CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) or CEO to ensure that the desired standards are being met.

The courses are designed to be enjoyable, but they are also hard work! Flying, whether for fun or as a profession, requires a high level of self-discipline and a responsible attitude – not only in the air but also on the ground. It is therefore important that students conduct themselves in a manner befitting professional pilot status. This is expected from all students regardless of the course they are attending. In fact, this aspect will be assessed during your Commercial Pilot Course and will form the basis of a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ only presented to our best graduates.
Our facilities include:
• Main lecture hall.
• Pre and post-flight briefing room.
• Simulator Briefing rooms.
• Instructor-student briefing office.
• Approved SACAA PPL Test Centre.
• Student study area.
• Student lounge.
• His and hers Restrooms.
• FNPT II Simulator.
• BBQ area.
• Refueling Bay.
• Large Hanger – FTC Aircraft Only.
Our primary lecture room is spacious and airconditioned. We make use of overhead projectors, dry wipe boards, posters and retired aircraft parts in our lectures. Our aim is to have 4-6 students in our Private Pilots license lectures and more or less 15 students in the Commercial subjects lectures.
Relaxation times are also important for everyone and we make use of our BBQ area to celebrate our Solo awards and the various achievements of the students. It also gives the Instructors and students an opportunity to interact on a more personal level. Students are also free to make use of this area when they seek a quiet place to study.
Whether your dream is to be a career Pilot or just fly on the weekend for fun, we are the flight school of choice for you.
Many smaller flight schools are not able to cater for the professional pilot and in larger flight schools the private pilot feels lost. We have established our training and facilities to cater for both. Of course, our primary candidate is the commercial pilot, but we recognize that many private pilots go on to gain their Commercial pilot’s license.
So, rather than being regimented on the minimum number of pilot trainee intakes per year, we commence new pilot training courses at the beginning of each month. This further assists with planning for our foreign students with their VISA applications and allows them to start as soon as they arrive in South Africa.
We are flexible with our pilot intakes, so whatever your training needs are we will try an accommodate you even at short notice.
Our competent and well-experienced team of instructors have numerous aircraft types on their licenses and with more than 40,000 hours of air experience between them, you can be sure that every aspect of your training is well covered.
During your training, you will enjoy the company of a few instructors. We’ll allow different instructors to fly with you as you mature and develop as a pilot so that your skills and understanding of flight are expanded correctly.
We are SACAA approved to offer:
• Private Pilot Licence.
• Night Rating.
• Instrument Rating.
• Multi-Engine Rating.
• Commercial Pilots Licence.
• Instructors Rating.
• Airline Transport Pilots Licence.
• Radio Telephony.
• English Proficiency Evaluations.
• Renewals and Conversions.
Courses are presented in English. A language which all South African pilots must be competent in is English, hence the Proficiency evaluation. We are licensed to conduct English Proficiency evaluations as required by the SACAA.

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