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Set in the picturesque holiday resort town of Hartbeespoort, surrounded by the ancient Magaliesburg Mountain range, Harties Wellness Centre & Accommodation is a haven to retreat to.



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Mind, Body & Soul Restoration:

We have an in-house Wellness Centre – Our NES Provision technology and treatments are designed to re-balance the body. The stress of a modern lifestyle wreaks havoc on the body. Our treatments assist the body in restoring an equilibrium our rushed ways disrupt.

Activities and Attractions on your Doorstep:

Hartbeespoort is known for its plethora of activities! From adrenaline inducing water rides to extreme experiences such as MTB trails and abseiling… or take a once in a life-time scenic Hot Air Balloon Ride or enjoy breath-taking views from the Harties Cableway. Hartbeespoort is the preferred playground for nature lovers, adrenaline junkies and foodies alike.

Warm Hospitality and a Restful Stay:

Harties Wellness Centre & Accommodation is situated in Waterfront Street, Schoemansville, on the banks of the dam for your convenience. Our staff are eager to help in any way they can – just a call away. Accommodation Rates:
• Adults R440 per person per night sharing.
• Adults R580 single rate (does not apply on Fridays, Saturdays, long weekends and public holidays)
• Family Rates – Kids younger than 18 years – R280 per night per child.
Harties Wellness Centre & Accommodation offers quaint self-catering accommodation with comfortable overnight rooms. The three rooms provide all the necessities and luxuries needed to make your stay one to remember.
Our well-equipped rooms have been cleverly designed to act as either individual units or as one large unit. As such, they are suitable for single, double or family/group accommodation.
Rooms can be combined depending on your accommodation needs.

Room 1 – Double Room:
This room is ideal for a single person or a couple that is busy all day, in and around Hartbeespoort and need to relax and enjoy a nice bath or shower in between activities and/or functions. Enjoy sweet dreams at the end of a long and busy day.
Please note that this room do have a private entrance and bathroom.
This room do not have access to the kitchen.
• 1 x Double Bed.
• En suite bathroom with bath & shower.
• Bar Fridge, Microwave, wall-mounted Fan & Kettle.
• Basic crockery and cutlery.
• TV & Open View Decoder (18 channels).
R380 per person per night sharing.
R480 single person per night..

Room 2 – Double Room:
This room is ideal for a couple that is busy all day, in and around Hartbeespoort and need to relax and enjoy a nice bath or shower in between activities and/or functions. Enjoy sweet dreams at the end of a long and busy day.
• Combine Room 1 & Room 2 – ideal for a family/group of 4.
• Combine Room 2 & Room 3 – ideal for a family/group of 6.
• 1 x Double Bed.
• In room kitchenette with a microwave, kettle & one plate stove.
• Basic crockery and cutlery.
• TV & Open View Decoder (18 channels).
• Fan/Heater.
• Shared Bathroom – Bath & Shower – with Room 1 or Room 3 – you will never share a bathroom with strangers – only for 1 family/group.
• Access to small kitchen only if this room is combined with Room 3.
R380 per person per night sharing.
R480 single person per night.
Family Rates – Kids younger than 18 years – R230 per night per child.

Room 3 – Family Room:
This room is ideal for a family that is busy all day, in and around Hartbeespoort and need to relax and enjoy a nice bath or shower in between activities and/or functions. Enjoy sweet dreams at the end of a long and busy day.
Please note that this room do have a private entrance and bathroom.
• 1 x Queen size bed
• 2 x Single beds
• TV & Open View Decoder (18 channels)
• Fan/Heater
• Small kitchen – kettle, microwave, fridge/freezer, frying pan, 2 plate stove, basic crockery & cutlery
R380 per person per night sharing.
R760 single person per night.
Family Rates – Kids younger than 18 years – R230 per night per child.

The Bathroom:
Part 1 – bath, shower & basin
Part 2 – toilet
Part 3 – 2 x basins
The bath is perfect to soak in after a restful day embraced by the sun and fresh air.
Indulge in warm water, foam surrounded by candles – foam & candles not provided.
The perfect way to end the day…

Wellness Centre:
Whole Health…Naturally.
At Harties Wellness our primary focus is on promoting superior products and services to all customers who could benefit from the healing aspects of this field. Our treatments aim at getting people healthy, naturally!
Step 1: NES Provision Full Body Analyses @R350 2hours
Step 2: 3 x Infoceuticals to treat imbalances @R110 per bottle (maximum 3)
Step 3: Treatment with:
A) Far Infrared Ray Hot Houses/Domes
B) Figure 8 – Passive Exerciser @R100 30 minutes for A&B together
C) E-Power / Electrotherapy @R50 30 minutes
Healing Protocols
Our initial service assists customers with their general health condition. Our technological devices and additional assisting products help promote healing.
The secondary service includes devices and supplements available for purchase and personal use.
The whole program is based on the principles of Natural Cellular Activation:
A cell must first emanate F.I.R (Far Infra Ray) Radiation.
An enzyme is required to spawn chemical reactions in the cell.
The cell requires water, oxygen and Nutrition.
The cell needs to “communicate” with surrounding cells, absorbing nutrition and eliminating the build-up of toxins…
The healing devices we use are:
1. NES Provision & Meridian Energy Analyses Device
To help determine the basic health condition of the client. It also confirms the improvements made in general health, post treatment.
2. Far-Infrared Ray Radiation Therapy (F.I.R Hothouse)
Many people benefits from Far Infrared Technology. The human body can easily absorb far infrared heat because of its deep penetrating ability. Studies show that far-infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 3-4 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments.
When Far- Infrared heat penetrates through the skin into muscular tissue and ligaments, it transforms from light energy into heat energy.
The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels and capillaries to dilate, improving blood circulation and promoting healing and wellness. The rate of toxin elimination, nutritional absorption and oxygen and water transfer are significantly increased. This helps to change, build and renew cells.
Scores of chronic, even dangerous, health issues simply vanish.
You know that good circulation is important to good health, but did you know you can get your blood pumping without vigorous exercise?
Increased Circulation
We always promote the right kind of exercise, but for some, exercising is more challenging to achieve. For those, a few minutes of FIR heat each day can significantly improve circulation. When far-Infrared Rays penetrate the body, they gently warm muscles and tissue, dilating arteries and encouraging blood to flow more freely through the system.
Increased Detoxification
Far-Infrared Rays work on breaking down toxins in the body: environmental poisons, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, free fatty acids, subcutaneous fat (associated the premature ageing and fatigue), excess sodium (associated with hypertension) and uric acid (causing pain) are broken down and eliminated through the body’s own natural systems.
Chronic Health Problems Dissipate
The magical combination of detoxification and improved circulation help to dramatically reduce, or obliterate entirely, scores of chronic and dangerous health problems.
Blood clots dissolve naturally…
Iron deficiency – which reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of the blood – reverses…
Muscle cramps relax…
Weakened supply of oxygen to the brain revives…
High blood pressure reduces to normal levels…
Inability to fight cancer cells and generate healthy cells reverses…
Build up of mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation in the digestive tract dissolves…
Pooled fluid in the extremities dissipates…
Cold hands and feet warm up…
Sciatica and excruciating back pain diminish…
Fatigue is replaced by deep wells of new energy…
Skin problems and ulcers ease away…
Vision problems disappear and eyesight improves…
Insomnia is replaced by deep, restful sleep…
Enlarged prostates shrink…
Inflammation reduces gradually and eventually dissolves…
And many more…
FIR energy can have a profound impact on your circulatory health.
3. Passive Exerciser – Figure 8 Machine
Cellular Activation
Massage stimulation to the Sympathetic Nervous System opens up the bronchial system to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs. Simultaneously, the blood flow to and from the lungs is increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism.
Spinal Balancing
With the body relaxed in the lying position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of misalignment. Such corrective action can in turn cure or alleviate complications arising in vertebrae joints from certain spinal misalignment.
Improving the Immune System
The passive exerciser stimulates globulin production which increases the immune system’s defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from disorders and disease.
Blood Production
Blood is produced in the spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of spleen’s blood production can arise from the spleen’s susceptibility to damage. The action on the spine stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System which increases spinal ‘marrow’ blood production. Any form of anemia can benefit from this massage action.
Restoration of Balance to the Autonomic Nervous System
If the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may surface. The influence of the motion on the Sympathetic Nervous System can restore the vital balance to the nervous system, resulting in restoration of health from such conditions.
Exercising Internal Organs
Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions which focus healing and good health on a life force energy which flows in channels through all living forms.
Acupuncture and associate therapies are increasingly used by eastern practitioners to ‘invigorate’ the life-force energy flow to restore health to unhealthy organs.
The passive exerciser will aid in unblocking the energy pathways and ensure a maximum flow of healing source, through all body organs, to restore normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems related to such organs.
4. E-Power Electrotherapy
The E-power device is designed to help charge body cells with a negative field, so these cells will eliminate toxins and absorb the nutrition value the cells needs.
It promotes quality sleep and increases ones metabolism so that whatever should happen in the body, happens faster.
It improves the immune system and reduces atherosclerosis. The E-Power also helps tone the skin and helps with overall well being.
E-Power Electrotherapy focuses on:
The Circulatory System; The Nervous System; The Digestive System; The Urinary System; The Immune System; The Skeletal System; Weight Loss; Skin and Hair.
A Positive Potential cell may be harmful:
• Nutrients, oxygen and H2O cannot penetrate the cell.
• Waste and carbon dioxide remain trapped within the cell.
• The cell receives excessive sodium+/hydrogen+.
A Negative Potential cell allows:
• Nutrients, oxygen and H2O to penetrate the cell.
• Waste and carbon dioxide are released.

About the owner Lizette van Rooyen:
My name is Lizette van Rooyen, owner and manager of Harties Wellness Centre & Accommodation. You can expect the care and service that you deserve.
This property was a gift from God. It is God’s property (we manage it) and that’s why we decided to share this beautiful and special place with people – fellow South Africans and visitors from abroad.
The Wellness Centre is a healing ministry. I love people! Care for people. No better joy than to be in service of people bringing healing and peace.
Our vision is that this property is a landmark in Hartbeespoort. Your anchor in healing and relaxation….
Be our guest and share this piece of paradise with us.

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