Imhoff Farm

Our historical Cape farmstead offers something special for everyone in your family to enjoy. It’s old world, yet original; beautifully situated, yet full of fun; tranquil, yet on the busy tourist route to Cape Point.



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Our historical Cape farmstead offers something special for everyone in your family to enjoy. It’s old world, yet original; beautifully situated, yet full of fun; tranquil, yet on the busy tourist route to Cape Point.

Equally popular with locals and far-flung visitors, this spot in the country provides a wealth of activities in which to indulge.

Stunning views, first-rate food, organic produce, unique shops, beach rides and animal encounters are just some of the many experiences on offer.

The Farm is open seven days a week with ample, safe parking available. But do browse through the different facilities and activities highlighted on this website, prior to your arrival. Each one is independently owned and operated, and has at least one page dedicated to it here. This is also where you’ll find useful information such as opening times and contact details for enquiries about prices, bookings and so on. Eat:
Chez Pépé:
Sampling some of our cheeses is an absolute must for any first-time visitor to Imhoff Farm! 100% natural and freshly made on the farm, our cheese is free of colourants and preservatives and made from unpasteurised milk. So your body will appreciate the experience as much as your taste buds!

Blue Water Café:
Blue Water Café on Imhoff Farm is one of those rare finds.
Mondays: CLOSED
Tuesday 09:00-16:00
Wed-Sat 09:00-21:00
Sunday 09:00-18:00
We don’t reserve tables outside, so please just come along.

Delectable, freshly prepared food, a relaxed atmosphere and a picture perfect backdrop are all on the menu. Add to this a safe enclosed garden, jungle gym and neighbouring animal farm – all guaranteed to keep the little ones happily occupied – and you have the consummate recipe for enjoying the good life!

Coco & Lace:
Located in the old silo tower, this newly opened shop is a real treat!
Delicious chocolates, truffles and pralines are some of their specialities. Hand crafted from raw beans by local master chocolatiers. Chocolates are collected weekly, ensuring they are as fresh as possible. An absolute delight for the chocolate lover.

Free Range Coffee Shop:
Our delightful Free Range Coffee Shop is open from 08:00 everyday. Serving freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, light meals and freshly baked cakes including wheat and sugar free options. Our coffee is locally roasted in the valley by the Village Roast in Noordhoek, and available to buy in the farm shop next door.

Off the Hook Seafood Deli:
Roche and Sandra are our managers at the deli and they both have many years of experience in seafood and the handling of fresh fish.

We have a large selection of the best frozen seafood, as well as catch of the day linefish, hake, Norwegian Salmon, oysters, live mussels, etc etc. We are also stocking a small range of essential tinned goods, sushi products and sauces, for your convenience.

Umami Sushi:
Umami is a Japanese word that means “the fifth taste” – a pleasant savoury flavour.
Fulfilling a need for exceptional sushi in the valley, Umami Restaurant ticks all the boxes. Headed up by Bo Zhang – the acclaimed sushi chef from Food Lover’s Market – it offers top quality sushi at affordable prices in a beautiful, newly renovated restaurant and garden setting.

Higgeldy Piggeldy:
Right next door to Blue Water Café, the little ones may visit the farmyard for some entertainment. A R20.00 per person entry is charged, which helps look after the animals as best possible. If they’re not walking yet, it’s free!

Great for parties, choose either the morning slot until 13:00 or the afternoon slot from 14:00. R50/hour venue fee applies for only as many hours as you need. Please use our booking facility below.

The standard farmyard R20.00 per person entry fee is charged to all attending the party, payable at the farmyard on the day. No restaurant service is available in the farmyard which is self catering. There is an undercover space for 40 people, and you may decorate as you please.

GearUp 4×4:
Jared has taken over ownership of Gearup 4×4 at Imhoff Farm. Jared is passionate about offroading, suspension mods and 4×4 builds.

He is super happy that he can provide a track to ride on that doesn’t require a long drive to get to. The track is ready (but receiving upgrades) and OPEN to the PUBLIC to come and ENJOY.

This is the closest track in the Southern Suburbs with lots to do at Imhoff Farm for the entire family.

Bookings are essential, R200 entry fee per vehicle.

For beginners and intermediate with escape routes for beginners. The track can be adjusted for more technical drivers. Club outings welcome. We regret no bikes or quads permitted and no fires permitted. Picnics allowed.

Horse Riding:
There is something very special about horseback riding through the surf – especially when it’s breaking onto one of the Western Cape’s most spectacular beaches.

We offer guided horseback rides just under two hours long. Leaving from Imhoff Farm Kommetjie, along the wetlands emerging on Noordhoek beach. Spectacular views along the wetlands, beach and mountains of Chapmans Peak through to Hout Bay.

We have 3 rides daily:
09:00, 13:00 and 16:30 (December – March)
09:00, 12.00 and 16:00 (April – November). Booking is essential.

We cater for all levels of riders with a min age of 12 years and a max weight of 95kg/ 14.9stone/209 pounds.

Having booked prior to arrival (essential), you’ll find the stables on the other side of the courtyard, through the black gate. And if anyone in your party would prefer to exercise their taste buds while you ride, the nearby Blue Water Café is the ideal spot to enjoy a quality lunch and scenic views.

Milkwood Maze:
Entry for adults and children is R50.00. Open daily from 09:00-17:00 weather permitting. Closed Mondays.

Milkwood Maze is an interactive new 3D maze at Imhoff Farm – a great outing of fun for the whole family.

Take a tour of Southern Africa, travelling to our neighbouring countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique – each destination is represented by a flag. Look out for different animals and learn about African animal conservation along the way.

Perfect for groups, team building, and birthday parties, the double-storey wooden structure has beautiful views of Imhoff Farm, Noordhoek Beach and the mountains beyond.

The party venue involves a rustic setting under the big milkwood (estimated at about 800years old). The Milkwood provides shelter from sun and wind, but unfortunately not heavy rain. The Milkwood venue hire is R500 for mornings from 10:00 to 12:30 or afternoons from 13:00 to 15:30.

Paintball & Lasertag:
Sneaking through the bush. All’s quiet, where is everyone? A twig snaps to your right. You sink slowly to the ground scanning the bush. Nothing but your heart beating, sweat trickling down your spine, eyes and ears straining to pinpoint movement or sound. Bang, zzzzziip. A paintball whips past your shoulder. Dive, roll onto your knees. Another paintball splatters against the tree next to your head. Duck!! Laughter to your left. Spin, movement, shoot. Splat!! “Ouch” and your opponent is out of the game. Relief and adrenalin pump through your body as you realise that you have survived your first contact in a Paintball Game.

Suitable for ages 11 and up and groups of 10 or more on weekends. Bookings are essential and will be treated as an enquiry until confirmed with the office tel. 066 471 6014. Held at the amazing Area 51 at Imhoff Farm, offering an awesome tactical bush and grassland field for parties, team building or any excuse really.

Charged at R160 pp which includes the paintball gun, CO2 for the session, full facemask, throat protected and paintballs. Extra paintballs are R35 per 100. Come down to Imhoff Farm and join us for a fun-filled, action-packed day!

Kids Parties (Age 11 and up) – Family Days – Hen and Stag Parties – Corporate Team Building Events

has both the mental and physical thrill of taking on the ‘enemy’ in a safe, exciting and environmentally friendly way. We play in a bush field with a rest area under the shelter of pine trees, having an area of thick bush for the sneaky shooters and an open grassland area with minimal bush for the leopard crawlers – a really awesome tactical field with something for everyone!

Unlike paintball, the laser gun emits a harmless infrared beam, so no pain, no danger and no tears! Unlimited ammunition and lives are included and no need for uncomfortable protective gear. Laser Guns can shoot a distance of 100 meters and all playing will be able to aim and feel the satisfaction of hearing the beeps from the gun and see the flashing lights confirming a ‘hit’!

Kids Parties (age 6 and up) – Family Groups – Hen parties – Corporate Team Building Events – All welcome.

We run Lasertag games during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays. Week days are more flexible so contact us for your requirements here. Saturdays and Sundays run at the scheduled times given below.

Arrival 09h15 – playing time 09h30 till 11h00 – leave the field at 11h30
Arrival 11h15 – playing time 11h30 till 13h00 – leave the field at 13h30
Arrival 13h15 – playing time 13h30 till 15h00 – leave the field at 15h30
Arrival 15h15 – playing time 15h30 till 17h00 – leave the field at 17h30

Snake Park:
Imhoff Snake Park – reptile sanctuary and rehabilitation centre

Rated one of the Beautiful South’s ‘must do’s’, Imhoff’s Snake Park is a reptile sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. It’s also an excellent destination for anyone interested in observing and learning about some of the most fascinating reptile species.

Once you get passed the male-mad African grey parrot (Yes, he actually wolf whistles at men!) and the alligators (Did you know that alligators and crocodiles obtain 90% of their energy from the sun?), you’ll find some interesting snakes and reptiles from around the world.

The blue-tonged skink, for example, is a fat creature with minute legs that looks like a cross between a snake and a lizard. Could it be living proof that snakes once had legs?

Other residents well worth observing include the awesome 3.5 meter long yellow anaconda, Californian King snake (which feeds on venomous rattle snakes), Mozambique spitting cobra, Burmese python, yellow rat snakes, and the African rock python (reputed to be the most intelligent snake in Africa).

Shaun is usually on hand to divulge fascinating facts about the animals. It’s also worth remembering that the Park contributes to saving species from extinction and protecting the natural environment they depend on.

The Snake Park also runs special educational events for schools and fun shows for birthday parties. The same is true of the nearby Higgeldy Piggeldy Animal Farm, which is why many groups choose to combine a visit to both.

Situated on the beautiful Imhoff Farm, Bisque-bah ceramic painting studio is a small creative space where people can enjoy painting functional ceramics. All items are painted on the premises then sent away for glazing and firing with a 2 -3 week collection time.

Francoise V Gallery and Interiors:
Francoise Van Vuuren – the gallery’s owner, curator and head artist – has had a lifelong dream to own a fine art photography gallery. The gallery also showcases the work of two up-and-coming photographers, Sally Wellbeloved and Alex Serafini.

Growing up in Botswana, Francoise always had an appreciation for nature, wildlife, culture and the simple beauty that surrounds us. She left Africa to travel and see the world. Through documenting her travels and the unique people that she met along the way, she soon discovered that photography was her true passion.

Heartwing Studio:
Heartwing Studio invites you to express your creative voice in a tranquil, safe space, free of judgement and expectation. Play with mixed media such as collage, printmaking, clay and drawing, through carefully guided workshops to experience the expressive language of art.

La Belle Armoire:
Translated as “The Beautiful Cupboard”, La Belle Armoire is a busy workshop. This is where owner Greg and his apprentices use their artistic talents to transform ordinary furniture into works of art. That’s if they’re not ‘on site’ painting stunning, intricately detailed murals on walls or ceilings.

Lindsay Quirk Art Studio:
There is always a different and exciting project on the go at Lindsay’s Art Studio, where Lindsay and her student artists let their creative juices flow.

Not your typical art teacher, Lindsay prefers to “facilitate” other creative adults to reach their true potential. The focus is on developing the individual’s talents, rather than on course work. More rewarding for the learner in Lindsay’s experience, this approach creates space to produce a wide range of work.

Purely Porcelain:
Purely Porcelain offers a range of beautifully hand-crafted jewellery made from porcelain, leather and silver.

The products, which include jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) as well as various gift items, bags and purses, are also available in a select range of outlets in Southern Africa.

Rodney Band:
Journey of the bowl and care

I spot a sleeping tree stump or root. From there I decide on what size is most suited. With a “HEAVE” and all my might I attach the great stump to my lathe.

I spend days and days spontaneously shaping the piece. After many hours of love a one-of-a-kind piece is organically brought to life.

Zoe Mafham Art:
Zoe Mafham is a collage artist working in an open studio on Imhoff farm (next to Off the Hook Seafood Deli), creating original art from paper.

“I recycle found paper, including maps, children’s books and envelopes, into original collages. I start in the middle with no pencil sketch and see what comes.” says Zoe.

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