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Welcome to Kalahari River and Safari, I hope that as you browse through our website you start to feel at home. Our convenient location and a truly beautiful setting will help you to get into the holiday mood. We encourage our guests to spend a minimum of 2 nights with us, especially during holiday season, as there is so much to see and do here, we would not like you to miss out on anything! All our camps are situated along the Orange River ensuring up close river views. We are a family orientated destination and encourage kids and parents to outside explore and to have a blast in a safe outdoor environment. Not only do we have in-house activities but day tours which can be self-drive or guided, so please ask us and we’ll happily assist you with your needs and the places you want to see. Some of the fun things you can also enjoy during your stay with us are 4×4 routes, game drives, and local tours. We also run regular specials and have great packages as well as pensioner discounts. Feel free to call for a tailored package to suit your needs! hite Water Kayaking on the Orange River near Augrabies:
South Africa has really amazing rivers and the Orange river sits on top as one of the most romantic and sort after to paddle, this green belt that meanders through a mountainous Desert that forms the Northern Border of South Africa, makes it that much more appealing. If you love everything about water and want to learn more we offer a whitewater kayaking course. This course can be booked over 3 nights or over a few weekends and you will learn;
• Rolling – Eskimo Roll
• Water feature reading – various types or rapids, water movements and safe paths to follow
• Dangers – areas to stay away from
• Paddle strokes
• River safety and hazards
• Paddling gear, boat orientation and specifications
• Boat control
• Safety gear

Our Whitewater kayaking adventure allows one to feel and experience being part of the water and the path she takes without actually swimming down a thundering rapid.
We offer and supply:
• All river gear (spray deck, helmet, life jacket, kayak, and paddle)
• Camp and use of camp amenities

You bring:
• Tent
• Clothing
• Food

River Rafting on the Orange River (Canoe or Kayaking)
Want to do some river rafting on the Orange River in the Northern Cape only 14km upstream from the Augrabies falls? Yes, what fun, floating on down this beautiful river that’s Teaming with life. All our river trips are led by experienced guides with over 17yrs of river guiding experience.

You will be equipped with:
• a 2 man inflatable boat
• 2 paddles
• life jacket – keeps you afloat
• helmet – to protect your head

We offer two types of river rafting experience on the Orange River namely:
1. Half day river rafting
2. Nature paddle

1. Half day river rafting
This rafting experience is the perfect entry-level adventure as no prior river experience is needed and is ideal for families and friends, where children are aged 11 and older. This river rafting experience offers:
• a 10km section of river that takes roughly 3 hours to complete
• Difficulty grading between Levels 1-3
• Water levels increase during peak summer months (September to March)

2. The Nature Paddle
This rafting experience is perfect for families and friends where children are aged 3 and older. This rafting experience offers
• a calm 2km’s of fun floating along the longest river in South Africa that takes roughly 1 hour to paddle
• some fast flowing water
• 3 small rapids
• Pools that make perfect spots to take a dip and cool off

All trips depart from Camp via vehicle to the Put in point and trip ends by paddling past the deck in front of camp. Best times of year for river rafting is in summer when the Northen Cape has its rains fall. Although the Kakamas area has low annual rainfall the orange river is fed by the Vaal river whose source is in Mpumalanga so there are plenty of tributaries that feed into us and give us good levels. We suggest that you wear T-shirts, board shorts, costumes, sunglasses, caps/sun hat, strappy sandals.

We do provide a dry barrel with large groups to keep cameras, smokes cellphones dry and a cooler box for drinks. If you require lunch to be arranged we have options available ranging from a river lunch to lunch set up at camp when you return.

Fly-fishing, Lure and Bait fishing on the Orange River:
The Ultimate fly fishing venue in the Kalahari on the Orange river, there is a LOT of fish here and its recommended to spend 3 to 4 days fishing the river. Using our specialist guides you will find the ultimate fishing spots quickly and start reeling in your big ones,(Double hookups are not uncommon) please pre-book to ensure you don’t get disappointed.
Common catches include:
• Large Mouth – Best in winter
• Smallmouth yellowfish – Best in Summer
• Blue Kurper
• Carp
• Barble
• Modderbek/Mudfish
The Orange riverfront offers access to:
• 7km of shallow rapids with deep pools and islands accusable without inflatable boats
• 9km of deep pools and wide open rapids downstream.
Fly fishing guides
Our guides will ensure:
• You get to the best fishing spots at the right time
• You are taught local orange river tack-ticks and techniques necessary for fishing this section of water.
• You are supplied with all the terminal tackle such as tippet material flies etc.
• Photos are taken of your fishing days and a C.D provided at the end.

Fishing Boat Hire
Ark 2 man inflatable boats are available for hire and will be supplied with paddles and life jackets. There is an upper drift where we as the lodge will drop you off and the 9km lower drift where we will pick you up. Camp policy means that you will be assisted by a river guide.

Fly-in Fishing Safaris:
Most Fishermen want to maximize their time fishing, so we recommend flying in for your experience. If you have access to a private plane there is a landing strip a couple of Km’s from camp, alternatively, let us assist with planning for you.

Birding on the Orange River near Augrabies National Park:
Situated close to the Augrabies National park and on the banks of the Orange River, pack in your Birding book, cameras and Lenses, binoculars, sun hat, tripod and walking shoes if you want to spend the day ticking off your list. With the advantage of a varied environment offering, trees, mountains, water, riverine vegetation, sand, bush, waterways, cliff faces and gorges, birders can look forward to:
• Rosy-faced Lovebirds (they really enjoy hanging around Camp and especially the campsites)
• Pygmy falcon
• Pale chanting Goshawk (are always swooping around the koppies looking for a quick meal)
• Black-chested Prinia
• Cinnamon-breasted Warbler
• Fairy Flycatcher
• Karoo and Tractrac chat
Closer to the Orange Riverbank you will find:
• Jacanas
• Koots
• Marsh Hen
• Double-banded plovers
• Red-throated Bee-eater
• guineafowl
• Helmeted Guineafowl
• Namaqua Sandgrouse
• Red-winged Starling
• Hammerkop
• Variety of Duck species,(black African duck and yellow-billed ducks)
• Egyptian goose
• Goliath heron (A camp resident)
• White Egret
• Spurwing goose(Largest African Waterfowl)
• Breeding pair of fish eagles
• Burchell’s Coucal (Nesting in the reeds)
At night in and around camp you may here or spot;
• Fiery-necked Nightjar (winter months)
• Spotted eagle owl
• Blacksmith Lapwing (Day birds but active at night with calls)
Further into the fields and mountainous area, towards Riemvasmaak, Vreedersvale, and Blouputs you may encounter:
• The Mountain Wheater
• Cape bunting
• Short-toedRock-thrush
• Banded Courser
• and many other lark species.

Outdoor Teambuilding venue on the Orange River.
Kalahari river and Safari Company is only 90km from Upington, which makes our venue the perfect informal conference and fun Teambuilding destination. Be it a business meeting, strategizing session, brainstorming, conference, and teambuilding, our venue offers it in a relaxed outdoor environment, where daily office criteria don’t apply. Our outdoor venue gives one the freedom to relax and function in a non-stressed environment, so your creative juices can flow. If important decisions need to be made or your personality must stand out, what better place to clear your mind and start to shine than in fresh air, beautiful surroundings among warm and friendly hosts.
With over 17 years of Corporate experience and experienced co-ordinators we can:
• Emphasise the strength of Communication
• Deal with problematic areas through games
• Facilitate the resolution of identified issues

For your teambuilding activities we offer On-site:
• a conference hall that can accommodate up to 60 delegates
• tables
• chairs
• water
• juice
• mints
• pens
• Paper
• Power points
Catering during your team building event we can cater for:
• Overnight accommodation (26 guests sharing)
• Tea breaks and lunches
• Home-made meals
Team building activities are designed to incorporate all ages and stages keeping stress to a minimal and fun at a maximum. River rafting, interactive lawn games, cooking competitions, river games, icebreakers, mini Olympics, amazing race, Paintball and more. Motivational speakers, as well as Facilitators, can also be arranged for extra effectiveness for specific outcomes.
Conference and Teambuilding packages

Clay Pigeon shooting near Augrabies National Park:
Clay pigeon shooting is presented by a resident professional hunter who ensures your activity is met with the highest safety at all times. A full demonstration on rifle handling and safety is given before the activity starts so you can feel a lot more comfortable and confident before you take your first shot. This is a really great activity for both male and females to do as the competition gets thick and each person tries to outshoot the other. No fancy clothing needs to be worn, just sensible shoes for the terrain.
You will use:
• a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun that can take 2 rounds. However, only 1 number 7 round will be loaded at any time. The Shotgun has a very mild recoil and hearing protection is issued and worn. Each participant gets 10 rounds to shoot their clays with
• a spring-loaded clay trip to release the clays sending them flying into the sky for you to hit.

Mountain Bike trails on the banks of the Orange River:
Say goodbye to the thundering falls and saddle up for a ride at Kalahari River & Safari Co, situated just 23km outside Kakamas along the Namibia / Riemvasmaak dirt road. Nestling along the meandering course of the Gariep (or Orange River, if you will), this adventure destination is one of those places you always find very difficult to leave.

The extensive property is not primarily a mountain biking destination, but its location makes it perfect for all levels of riders keen to test their two-wheel skills.
Play-biking: The 7km of gravel roads and bike tracks crisscrossing the rugged kopjes along the banks of the Gariep offers an amusing diversion for an hour or two.
Undulating gravel ride: If however, you’re keen to trip into Bear Grylls territory, then saddle up and set course north-west towards Riemvasmaak. The 37km to the hot springs, where a welcome dip will be sure to restore your spirits. From here, you can circle back via the Augrabies Falls National Park. All in all, you are looking at in excess of a hundred kilometers on your bike, there is much to explore and you can break it up into a few days ride of you are not up to tackling such long intense rides.
We do not have bikes to hire, so please be well prepared when you come as the Kalahari is not shy on thorns. Patch kits, gum tubes or tubeless tires work well (for kids) in and around camp. Bring the right safety gear too, falling or sliding on this terrain will leave you a reminder for a while to come. Helmets, gloves and ensure enough liquids are taken along for the longer rides, a camel pack or backpack with camera, snacks for the leisure rides are also a good option.

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