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Kriek Helicopters (Pty) Ltd was formed to answer the need for helicopter support in central South Africa. Dr. Johan Kriek started with importation of wildlife from Africa during 1982 and did the first Malawi operation during 1986. He used helicopters since the launch of Northern Cape Game Darting Services during 1986 and used Hughes 300's, Robinson R22's, Robinson R44's, Eurocopter Ecureuil's, Bell 47's and Bell Jetranger 206's for his game darting operations.



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Flight Services

Wildlife census

Secure transport

Helicopter wedding & event hire

Game darting & boma herding

Executive helicopter charter & hire

Helicopter filming & photography

Helicopter tours

•        Aerial wildlife viewing & Bushveld dinner

•        Spitskop dam flamingo & wildlife viewing tour

•        Witsand nature reserve, Mattanu & Boesmansgat

•        Big Hole tour – Kimberley

•        Management game capture tours

•        Helicopter fly-fishing – Orange & Vaal River

•        Rock desert, Augrabies & Canyon tours

•        Coastal helicopter flights

Kriek Helicopters (Pty) Ltd was formed to answer the need for helicopter support in central South Africa. Dr. Johan Kriek started with importation of wildlife from Africa during 1982 and did the first Malawi operation during 1986. He used helicopters since the launch of Northern Cape Game Darting Services during 1986 and used Hughes 300’s, Robinson R22’s, Robinson R44’s, Eurocopter Ecureuil’s, Bell 47’s and Bell Jetranger 206’s for his game darting operations. After a few years we battled to get helicopters to central South Africa when we needed them and we could no longer provide a reliable service without owning a helicopter.

We purchased a brand new Robinson R22 Beta II & R44 Raven II air conditioned helicopter and completed our commercial licenses during 2006 and obtained operators certificates with an air service license shortly after. During emergencies, game farmers, professional hunters, mining companies and other clients can rest assured, knowing a reliable helicopter service is available in their area. Helicopter filming & photography

Kriek Helicopters has access to a wide range of helicopter types, suitable for filming and photography. The flights can be arranged across Southern Africa with experienced pilots. We have employed our helicopters for video footage and still photography with many respectable production companies.

We have helicopters for gyro stabilized mounts or just hand held shots. You name it and we will arrange it. Due to our well distributed bases, we can do the job for less because we reduce expensive ferry costs.

We deliver a steady platform for filming at affordable rates. We cater for most filming operations and have strategically positioned aircraft all over South Africa, Namibia, Botswana & Zambia. These helicopters are maintained to the highest Civil Aviation Standards. We offer helicopter services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Upington, Bloemfontein.

Executive helicopter charter & hire

Some business people cannot afford to lose any time in traffic or when traveling over vast distances. The helicopter is an ideal tool to do and see more in a given time. We all know that time is money and to lose either one is bad for business. This is why we offer reliable executive transport to get you to your business, construction site or mine in the shortest time possible. We also don’t need to tell you that we don’t need airstrip.

We offer a wide range of helicopters with seat capacity of 4 passengers up to 10 passengers, these are available in single or twin engines. Executive transport and transfers can be arranged for clients from all airports to any location in Southern Africa. Most of our helicopters are equipped with air-conditioned to make your flight more enjoyable. This is a safe and comfortable way to travel to remote locations or just to beat the traffic. Contact us today to discuss your executive travel needs at a comfortable price. We offer executive helicopter services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Mossel Bay, Drakensberg, Kimberley, Upington, Bloemfontein, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana.

Game darting & boma herding

Kriek Helicopters specializes in a wide variety of tasks including game capture. The game capture services include herding and darting services. All our pilots are game capture/cull rated and has a great deal of experience with wildlife.

Dr. Johan Kriek has been involved with helicopter game capture since 1987 and has spent many hours as passenger prior to his flying career. He has darted from Robinson R22’s, R44’s, Hughes 300’s, Squirrels and Bell helicopters.

Other game services include using helicopters as a platform for tracking wounded animals and vaccinations of animals against the dreaded anthrax and botulism diseases. When involved with game capture it is important to keep stress to the animal minimal and this is an integral part of our game capture operations. That is why we use only experienced pilots. We offer game capture helicopter services from our Kimberley base of operation.

Helicopter tours
Aerial wildlife viewing & Bushveld dinner

R1050 p.p + Vat (2 Pax & 12 minute flight)

Experience the thrill of helicopter game viewing, you will have excellent photographic opportunities. See the animals from a birds eye view. Fly from our helipad at Mattanu Private Game Reserve and retire to a 4 star lodge after your flight. These flights are done with minimal disturbance to wildlife.  This tour is available for accommodation guests at Mattanu Private Game Reserve and is done in combination with a bushveld dinner where guests are dropped-off with the helicopter at the end of the tour.

Coastal helicopter flights

Minimum booking 1 hour – Cost depends on the number of passengers

Ever wanted to see the South African coastline from a helicopter? Book now and you might see some whales or  a Great White Shark! Explore the coastline and avoid the crowds. We offer coastal flights from Cape Town, Durban & Port Elizabeth.

Rock desert, Augrabies & Canyon tours

R28 200 p.p. + Vat (2 pax – 7.5 hours & 2 days)

Book one of the desert & canyon flights and explore remote moonlike landscapes, desert and canyons. Depart from Mattanu Private Game Reserve and fly over an area nicknamed “Never ending valley” and over some Iron Ore & diamond mines enroute.  You will fly over the Langberg mountain range and catch a glimpse of Witsand Nature Reserve’s beautiful white sand dunes.  We will do a quick stop at Upington International with South Africa’s longest runway of 4.8 km, before leaving for the desert excursion.  You will enjoy the scenic beauty of the rugged Augrabies waterfall park area (Including a landing to view the falls) in the unspoilt desert wilderness in air-conditioned comfort. The flight will take you over the Orange River vineyards, Blouputz and the Riemvasmaak rock canyon. Landings near the hot springs are optional with prior arrangement & additional fees apply.

Helicopter fly-fishing – Orange & Vaal river

R7630 p.p. + Vat (2 Pax – 2.2 hours flying time)

If you need to get to the best fishing spot, a helicopter is the way to go. The existing roads to the best spots are very bad and even 4×4 vehicles take a huge hammering. The best option is to fly in and out. You can target Small & Large Mouth Yellow Fish, Carp, Catfish or Bass.

Management game capture tours

Experience professional game capture, enjoy a ride in the helicopter while wild animals are being darting during a normal game capture operation. Be in the middle of this exciting operation, you could even be lucky and touch a wild animal. These animals are darted for relocation, vaccination and veterinary treatment.

Big Hole tour – Kimberley

Buy a ticket & experience a history lesson with an edge.   Come and see Kimberley and the other open cast mining craters from a birds eye view.   Kriek Helicopters operates from the De Beers open mine museum grounds. See the largest man made hole in complete luxury onboard one of our air-conditioned helicopters. The pilot will also show you the city of Kimberley and other surrounding holes depending on traffic.

Witsand nature reserve, Mattanu & Boesmansgat

R10 950 p.p. + Vat (2 pax – Including 2 x nights accommodation)

Book this tour and start with one night’s accommodation at the exclusive 4 star Mattanu Private Game Reserve.   The next morning, you will be taken by helicopter onto the Ghaap escarpment and pass some  mining sites through the “Never ending valley” as our pilots call it.  The next phase of the flight will be the climb over the imposing Langberg mountain range to reach Witsand Nature Reserve on the Western side.  You will be able to enjoy some sand boarding, walking trails and the unique and beautiful scenery.  The accommodation will be in luxurious air-conditioned chalets and catering will be provided by the reserve.

Spitskop dam flamingo & wildlife viewing tour

R3150 p.p. + Vat (2-3 pax – 1 hour flying time)

Book this tour and you will see some of the most beautiful scenes you have ever seen.  We will fly you to Spitskop dam which is located in the Harts River & valley.  Upon reaching Spitskop dam, the pilot will do a low level flight around the entire dam while sticking close to the shoreline.  You will see thousands of flamingos depending on the season and many other water birds.  Once the dam tour has been completed you will head back to Mattanu for some low level wildlife viewing including Buffalo, Giraffe and other species.

Secure transport

Secure transport is a major concern if you have valuables that must be moved or if you need to transport high profile persons or VIP’s. The reality of our situation in South Africa is that we have a very high crime rate and many armed robberies. This is a very real threat to cash in transit operations and transporting of valuable goods like diamonds. By using reliable helicopters, it adds an additional element of security.

We have reliable helicopters available across Southern Africa. These range from single engine 3 passenger helicopters to twin engine 10 passenger helicopters.

The helicopters are flown by experienced commercial pilots. Our greatest security is the unpredictability of our operations. We are flexible in our operations and accommodate the specific needs of each of our clients. Talk to us today to discuss your secure transportation needs and speak to the management of Kriek Helicopter direct. We offer secure helicopter transport services in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Kimberley, Upington & Bloemfontein.

Helicopter wedding & event hire

Hire one of our helicopters for your wedding.  Book a helicopter for your grand entrance and create a memorable day for years to come.  We offer a wide variety of machines starting with the safe and economical Robinson R44 for 2 passengers to the range topping Bell 407 which can accommodate 5 passengers.  We can book the helicopter for your special day and it comes with full day option at 3 hours minimum utilization.  It is important to note that the helicopters need at least 60 x 60 meters to land on a level and solid surface, which clear of telephone or power lines, by at least 30 meters.  Please see the additional requirements, information and pricing below.

Wildlife census

Kriek Game counts are the foundation of successfully game ranching, it gives you an accurate update of breeding herds, trophies and sex ratios. Game counts have to be done once a year and usually farmers prefer to do game counts in the beginning of each year. Game counts during the rainy season is not as accurate due to the vegetation cover.

The best time to count would be during the winter months when the least amount of leaves and cover are on the trees. Game counts are very accurate but certain species can be inaccurate like Kudu, Waterbuck and Impala. Game counts become very accurate after the third yearly count.

We do most game counts with the safe Robinson R44 helicopter. This is for safety reasons and low cost of operation. It is ideal to do game counts with 1 pilot and 2 spotters on boards. The counts are done using a GPS system where the pilot flies in parallel strips to cover the entire area. This system is very accurate and effective. We offer game counting services in Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Kimberley & Upington.

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