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Laser Adventures teambuilding was established in 2006 and focuses on indoor as well as outdoor teambuilding activities. We have several years’ experience within the teambuilding industry and strive to build numerous healthy and fun filled relationships with our clients. We have a young and vibrant team that are fully experienced and geared towards all of the teambuilding activities that we offer.

We are dedicated and fully qualified professionals, proficient in teaching at all levels of ability and experience, with professionalism, safety and enjoyment. Focused on corporate team building, we also cater for singles, couples, schools or groups, large or small, we will have something that will make your hair stand on edge!

We at Laser Adventures teambuilding strive to be the first to incorporate new ideas into our wide range of teambuilding activities, and our policy is to supply excellent service at a very competitive rate.

We strive to be the number one service provider of teambuilding in the Southern hemisphere delivering the most innovative, cutting edge technologies, focusing on building long and meaningful relationships with our clients. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting:
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, also known as Laser Clay Shooting or even Laser Shooting is a variation on the traditional sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Real shotguns are disabled and fitted with harmless infra-red laser equipment that can detect hits on specially modified reflective clays. A total of five people can shoot at the same clay at the same time. No risks! No injuries! No blue shoulders!

Laser War Games:
A safe, realistic, structured hi-tech combat team game for any number of players. It’s twice the excitement of paintball and provides a physical and mental challenge to people of all ages in safety, and without any environmental mess. Laser War Games guns fire harmless infra-red laser beams, which are picked up by sophisticated detectors on both the helmets and guns. Laser War Games is the ultimate challenge, not limited by an indoor arena or environmental considerations the. Only limit to Laser War Games is your imagination.

A chance to get even! Play a strategic war game against your friends or colleagues. Paint bullets will be used as ammunition. Jackets and face masks will be provided for your safety. Please note that medical support is compulsory for this activity.

Amazing Race:
An Amazing Race is a fun, fast paced team event, where through a series of tasks and discoveries, teams are ultimately aiming to be the first at the finish line. Each amazing race is a completely tailor-made event, starting and finishing where and when you want it to, anywhere in South Africa. The end point remains a mystery until the participants get there. Based on the TV show, we add in fun, fast-passed teambuilding activities at the checkpoints. It all starts at a designated location, where the teams are briefed, given all equipment and their first task. A series of cryptic questions and clues lead each group to their next step on a scenic and fun trip around the designated area. A fantastic and fun event where we do all the work and you have all the fun!

Master the second oldest trade in the world. In this compact but thorough lesson we teach you all you need to know about this very popular and exciting sport. Groups will compete against each other in a battle for the highest score.

Crazy Games:
Crazy Games is a combination of six to eight different games that can vary depending on the venue and circumstances. Games includes Marble Run, Helium stick, Horse Derby, Balloon Popping, Creative Building, Untie Me, Frisbee Golf, Drunken soccer, Gumboot Race, Hoola-Chain, Noodle Race, Chicken Run, Beer Nappy, etc. Teams will compete to score maximum crazy points. This event includes a PA system and music.

Minute to Win it:
The Minute to Win it activity is based on the hit TV show. With names like Bite Me and Hanky Panky, the games use everyday household items like tissues, spoons, plastic cups and straws. Your group will be divided into different teams, and each member of each team will get the opportunity to do one of the games. Teams will face up to 10 one-minute challenges that escalate in difficulty.

Creative Thinking:
This activity consists of a series of problem solving activities that will give your team a new perspective and promote creative thinking.

Fear Factor:
The Fear Factor activity is based on the TV show and includes 3 sub activities ranging from bush banquets to extreme heights and depths. This event will be tailor-made especially for your individual team and the venue you choose to use.

Abseiling is defined by lowering oneself from a mountainside with a rope coiled around the body.

Raft Building:
Each team needs to design and build a raft. They then need to trust their product to take them across the water.

Survival of the Fittest:
You get lost in a jungle. How far will you go to survive? This will be a test for your team’s knowledge, persistence and creativity. You need to complete a set of tasks that will test your ability to survive. The activities are based on survival techniques and are combined with a few mind-boggling problem solving activities to test your full potential.

Scavenger Hunt:
Collect and create unusual and fun objects and photograph a list of things that might even include complete strangers. Put everything together in a presentation and convince the judges!

Navigate your way through a set of instructions with only a compass and a map. You need to work accurately in order to arrive at your final destination without getting lost.

Crazy Golf:
Some people define golf as using the wrong tool for the job. With this activity we’ll try and find the right tool for the job. Use frisbees, slingshots and even darts to try and get the ball in the hole. The most important rules are to make as much noise as possible and to enjoy the thrills of golf without the technical difficulties.

4 x 4 Iqembu:
Enjoy a day of 4×4 teambuilding combined with a variety of sub activities including blindfolded minefields and driving over obstacles. Everyone will get a chance to handle a 4×4 vehicle on a medium off-road track. This is a great opportunity to learn some basic off-road techniques while having a lot of fun!

Quad Iqembu:
A quad bike team activity consists of a variety of sub activities on a small circular route. On this route each team member will get the chance to earn points for his/her team by doing certain activities. Some activities involve the quad bike and some the skills of the individual participant. Great Fun! Longer Quad trails can also be arranged if the venue allows it.

Creative Building:
Be a child again. By using building blocks, you and your team need to build certain objects.

Creative Painting:
A group effort artwork will put fun and colour in your office! No artistic background is needed, and anyone can participate. Get those creative juices flowing again.

6 Nations Cocktail Competitions:
Select a country. Design, build and taste a cocktail that will make them proud. You will also need to decorate the table to match the theme. All ingredients and equipment will be provided in order for you to have a ball.

Giant Foosball:
Our giant foosball activity will ensure entertainment for young and old. Test your soccer skills with this inflatable soccer field. Each person is attached to a rope that limits their movement. Team work is essential to score goals!

Movie Making:
This activity can be done by anyone and everyone regardless of age, level of fitness and physical capabilities. Each team will have to do an informal production based on limited and funny resources. They will have to write a script, produce, direct and act, and will have the opportunity to have their production recorded only once. Please note that this is not a formal production and will not be edited or altered in any way.

Travel the World:
Visit six to eight different countries. At each country or checkpoint you will be familiarized with a drink and an activity that is known to that specific country. Food can also be included, or it can substitute the alcoholic drinks.

Water Polo:
Play the game of water polo, but with a twist. Each delegate will be on a tube. The aim will be to score the most goals. You’ll need a venue with a big pool or dam to be able to do this activity.

Interactive Drumming:
Learn synergy the African way. Learn to play a variety of beats and then put it all together in an amazing ensemble.

Chocolateering is the art of making confectioneries from chocolate by means of moulding, sculpting and painting. Express yourself artistically with this fun and creative activity where a sweet tooth is must! Delegates are divided into teams and each member will get an opportunity to make a special chocolate in a mould. Thereafter the teams have to create a pledge which they then syringe paint into a plastic mould, the other teams are then to decode their pledge. Funny things come out of this decoding session. Afterwards each delegate will get the opportunity to syringe paint their own chocolate. If a chocolate painting is not for you, make a slab out of different ingredients including chrunchies, biscuits, coconut, cashew nuts and more.

Bridge Building:
Team members are faced with the challenge of building a bridge using only cardboard and duct tape that will support the weight of your entire group or a golf cart driven over it. The construction project includes a centre span and two ramps. Your group is assured of achieving its goal of working together successfully under the watchful guidance of our professional facilitators.

BEAT and EAT Potjie and Drumming Combo:
We are accessing all the human modalities and senses with this drumming and cooking combo. Auditory, Visual, Kinetic, Oratory, Olfactory and Gustatory.
We believe that this is one reason why it is so effective as a combo.
Delegates get split into teams, prep, process and cook…then judged on performance and teamwork with his guidance…have learnt a new skill to cook the perfect Potjie.

The guessing, speaking, laughing, mimicking game that will have your team connecting in ways that will amaze you. From a board game to a great team builder that will require players to attempt to identify words from pictures drawn by other players but there might be a twist or two.

Kites are not just for kids anymore. This terrific team building event recaptures the child inside of all of us in this program designed for the great outdoors as you participate in a challenging team building kite building and flying contest. Starting with a dynamic presentation of kite designs, flying characteristics and construction techniques, teams are challenged with a number of competitive elements as they are challenging to construct a creative kite while incorporating their group, and company into the design and decoration. No kite team building program would be complete without taking the kites out to fly. The process is grounded in reality and uncertainly as the task and forces of nature, the kites and team will be judged in categories including” “Most Creative”; “Most Unique”; Highest Flyer” and best incorporation of the company or team as well as best crash, fastest ascent and more!

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