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Breathtaking scenery abounds and every season has unique attractions. Malealea is located in a remote area of western Lesotho



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You won’t hear traffic here, you will hear singing.

You will hear birds who wake early and crickets who stay up late. On the trail, you will hear the clanging of bells fastened to the necks of grazing sheep, the steady trickle of valley creeks, the clip-clop of your pony’s hooves underfoot. You will see vast and endless rolling hills, aloe plants as tall as you are growing out of the dry ground, the russet glow that shines over the mountains as the sun slips behind them, and a people who have known laughter as well as they know the struggle. You will taste the richness of authentic Basotho cuisine and smell the sweet, smoky bonfires that burn each night.

And soon, you will feel the magic.

Stay with us, and discover all that we have to offer. RONDAVELS & ROOMS
The rondavels and rooms are our nicest offerings and can accommodate families comfortably. Here, you have the room to make a home away from home – spread out and unpack. Each is decorated with charming scene paintings for your enjoyment, and each has a spacious and newly re-tiled bathroom with a standing shower. The rondavels are round in shape and covered with beautiful thatched roofs.

Each of our rondavels and rooms has unique interiors and we are flexible about the arrangement. Let us know what your requirements are and we are happy to do our best to accommodate you.

Our rondavels and en suite rooms all have four-liter containers of spring water for drinking and brushing your teeth. This water is refreshed every day.

We charge R440 per person when multiple people will be staying in the room and R660 for single guests. If you are interested, book your beautiful rondavel today!

Our standard farmhouse rooms are cozy and rustically charming. These rooms are simple, but nonetheless have everything you could need for your stay: a roomy, private en-suite bathroom with standing shower, a table, and plugs for charging your devices. These rooms are ideal for one or two travelers looking for simple comfort.

Some of the rooms have two single beds and some have one double. Let us know your preferences and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Spring water is available to all guests in farmhouse rooms from containers in the communal kitchens. The water in these containers is refreshed every day and you can use this water to drink and brush your teeth.

We charge R370 per person for multiple guests and R555 for solo travelers. If you are interested, book your cozy standard room today!

If you plan on being so busy exploring all of the adventures Malealea has to offer that you won’t want for more than a comfortable place to sleep and a secure place to store your belongings, then our Basotho Huts will be perfect for you. These huts are a comfortable budget option for adventurous travelers who are not looking to camp. The rooms have comfortable beds with pillows and blankets, an overhead light, and admittedly little else. The communal bathrooms are conveniently located, very clean, and the shower water is always warm.

accommodation in Lesotho

If you are looking for even more savings at similar conditions, our Forest Huts may be for you. Our Forest Huts are a beautiful five-minute walk down the hill from our reception, bar, and dining room complex. To stay in our cozy Forest Huts you will need to bring your own linens.

Spring water is available to all guests staying in huts from containers in the communal kitchens. The water in these containers is refreshed every day and you can use it to drink and brush your teeth.

For the Basotho Huts, we charge R240 per person for multiple guests and R360for solo travelers. For the Forest Huts, we charge R210 per person for multiple guests and R315 for solo travelers. If you are interested, book your hut today!

Our campground boasts many convenient communal bathrooms with warm standing showers. Campers may choose to cook their own food using our braai facilities or sign up for delicious meals from our dining room. Campers, of course, have access to all of our amenities: you can coordinate your day’s activities with our reception office; you can unwind at our coffee shop or have a drink at our bar; you can even share the travel pictures burning a hole in your phone with friends and family back home using our wifi.

Spring water is available to all campers from containers in the communal kitchens. The water in these containers is refreshed every day and you can use it to drink and brush your teeth.

You’ll find that it’s a special kind of adventurous traveler who camps in Malealea. One of the glories of camping is the permanently festive atmosphere that arises between kindred spirits. Enjoy a roaring evening bonfire and share your musings from the day’s treks. Compare notes, suggestions, and stories with your fellow campers. After a few days of witnessing the extraordinary sights in our mountains and valleys and the culture in our village, you will be buzzing to share.

If you are interested in camping with us, book your spot on our campground today!

The impact that flow of foreign visitors can have on a community this size is significant. We wanted to ensure that we channeled that impact in a direct and positive manner, so in 2002 we founded the Malealea Development Trust.

Maealea is a beautiful place filled with hard-working, vibrant people. It is also a place with serious problems. HIV is highly prevalent in Malealea. Education is not free or universal. Most families are still living at subsistence levels.

The Malealea Development Trust has a staff of seven people, all of whom are from this area. It is a small, local organization. No one understands the systemic causes of Malealea’s problems better than they do and no one is better positioned to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

The Trust works tirelessly every day to fill in the gaps of care that our government doesn’t reach. They refurbish our crumbling and overcrowded schools; They teach our students how to use computers; They provide nutritional support for people who are HIV positive; They provide scholarships to students who have lost their parents so that they can continue going to school;They teach community members more efficient farming techniques to increase yields; They provide microloans to local entrepreneurs to stimulate income and employment. They do all of this and so much more.

The MDT’s offices are located on our property. They collaborate with us on our Village Tours, and we contribute proceeds from those tours to their salaries. Glenn Jones, our general manager, is a Trustee and assists with the MDT’s invaluable computer training program.

Sustainability may be a buzzword, but to us, it is a core priority. Lesotho is a beautiful land, and we want to protect and preserve it. We are constantly looking for new areas to improve.

In 2016 we made the switch from diesel-guzzling generator power to solar power. This greatly reduced our fuel usage, protecting our air and the climate. The conversion also had the added benefit of completely transforming the guest experience here. We can now provide electricity from morning until night (about 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM) whereas before we only ran the power from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

We get our water from the local spring and we do not add any harsh chemicals to it unless there have been heavy storms when mud gets into the spring or in a drought when we have to pump water into the spring from other sources. Most of the people here make their livelihood from agriculture. Soil erosion and degradation is Lesotho’s greatest environmental problem, and those harsh chemicals inflict great damage to the soil. To this end, our sewage system is naturalistic as well. Solid waste is filtered through wetland plants.

Our tap water is clean to use for washing and bathing, but we do not recommend drinking or brushing your teeth with it. We used to sell plastic water bottles but the excessive waste always bothered us. We recently switched from selling plastic water bottles to providing rooms and communal kitchens with refillable containers of fresh spring water, good for drinking. These containers are refilled every day and the water yours for the taking. If you bring your own refillable water bottle, you can help us reduce our plastic waste.

Of course, we invite you to help us protect this environment while you are here. Please be conscious whenever you turn on the tap, and please ensure that all of your waste is thoughtfully put into a waste bin. Our valley is beautiful and our land valuable. We want to treat it right so we can all continue to enjoy it for a long time.

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