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One of Mangwanani’s core values is to nurture the natural intrinsic capabilities of the previously disadvantaged women employed in our organization; we are able to do this through training and development.

With this in place, we can safely say that the overall mission of the Mangwanani Brand is to offer a rare experience of true African indulgence that blesses the body and soul through ancestral therapies.

Mangwanani is committed to ensuring the priorities of social responsibility, sustainable development, and empowerment, by creating jobs and uplifting local communities nationwide. This is accomplished by providing a quality African experience and service, value for money by committed, empowered and happy people, which is always foremost on our agenda. Sustainable Development & Responsibility

At Mangwanani we believe it is important to acknowledge the impact that our ecological footprint has on local communities. This is why our Makoti range of products contains ingredients that adhere to PhytoTrade principals and regulations.

Mangwanani is making great strides towards ensuring that our current and future product ranges contain verified natural and organic ingredients, exclusively.

We are also Fair Trade and 100% animal testing free.

We source our unique ingredients from independent and sustainable growers across the African continent; directly from each supplier in our network because we are also committed to sustainable job creation. We enjoy working with small to medium businesses so that we can help boost sustainability in those communities.

Additionally, products in Mangwanani’s accessory line are hand-made by the women of rurally owned co-operatives. These women are skilled in bead craft with years of experience in the African Tradition of Beading.

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