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We offer some of the best and most exciting diving in the world – Raggies, Tiger & Black Tip Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, Turtles, Manta Rays and that is only naming but few of a massive variety of underwater life found here



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Let us help you Experience the Dive Adventure in South Africa – from whales, to dolphins, Sardine Run, sharks, cage and cage-less shark dives, tropical reefs and warm waters, manta rays to nudibranch and an abundance of marine fish, wrecks, animal safari – we can offer it all through Meridian Dive.

Meridian Dive will provide your Guided Southern Africa Safari that will not only give you unforgettable diving, but we also offer a land safari tour to a private game park where you can see the Big 5 game animals. Aliwal Shoal is rated as one of the Top 10 Dive Sites of the world for our varied and seasonal sea life, and along with Sodwana, you will enjoy some of the most exciting diving to be experienced!

Aliwal Shoal – for Tiger Shark & Black Tip fanatics, photographers, adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers we have a very special offer: Cage-less Baited Shark diving, snorkelling and boat trips.
Raggered Tooth, Hammerheads, Zambezi sharks – dive Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks.
Cape Town – for Great White shark experience – we offer two nights, one days diving, in cages, with the Great Whites. Learn to Scuba:
Scuba diving is the most widely taken Recreational Certification in the world!
Find out why e-training is fun, interactive and easy to navigate. Your certification is a world-wide recognised training organisation, with the complete range of courses for open circuit, technical diving and rebreathers, and is the ONLY training organisation of its kind in the world offering a complete range of courses with highly trained instructors, making your diving experience safe, easy and fun. While at home or in the office, you can log on at any time, and read your Scuba manuals, do the open book quizzes and exam, before attending your pool and sea training with your instructor.

Advanced Courses:
Are you a qualified diver looking to learn something new?
We provide a wide range of courses from Explorer 30 to full trimix on open circuit or rebreather.
Have a look below and find a course that you have been looking for,
Explorer 30 – this is like the other agencies Advanced Course. Max depth rating 30m.
Advanced 35 – this course is in-depth and provides more information than any other course in the industry of a similar depth rating.

Max depth 35m.
Master Rescue – this course follows the name!
Divemaster – said to be the best divemaster course in the industry and that is no lie. Learn more click here
RAID Instructor: We provide Instructor development and cross over courses. Pro Internship courses. For people who want to be professional and a step above other Instructors.
Specialities: Shark, Drysuit, oxygen provider, First Aid, Photography, O2 Service and Gas blender, Side mount, Cave, Wreck, Deep, Night, Equipment, Search and Recovery, Navigation just to name a few. Call us and we can discuss what you would like.

Rebreather Diver Training:
These exciting rebreather courses are designed to train you in the safe use and technology of rebreather diving. The courses build confidence and ability, providing the skills and knowledge to help you become a better rebreather diver.

Technical Diver Training:
RAID Technical programmes are more challenging and develop divers to dive beyond recreational limits and incur decompression obligations.
Building on the life support training already established in the strong RAID foundation programmes they take the diver to the next level based on time in the water and experience at depth.
Technical diving is not a light subject, it demands the diver to acquire a fair amount of diving experience to understand and master conventional diving before attempting decompression and mixed gas environments. There is no quick way to safe technical diving, only time underwater and many hours of practice are some of the requirements to enter these courses.

Scuba Equipment:
We can source anything in the dive industry!
All hard and soft scuba diving equipment and accessories
Haskel booster pumps, compressor filling systems, mixed gas filling systems.

Equipment Service:
We service most makes of scuba regulators first and second stage, SPG, LPI and BCDs, computer battery replacements, cylinder visuals and Hydro testing
Gas Fills Filling Station:
Air, Nitrox and Mixed Gas filling station and cylinder oxygen cleaning.
Rebreather Service:
We service the full range of the AP Diving rebreathers and supply parts and accessories

What makes us Unique:
Mastering state of the art technologies.
When we sell you, a NEW Regulator set with first stage two second stages, SPG and LPI hose; the first service within 12 months is FREE
Gas Mix:
We require you to confirm your gas mixture and sign for this before you take away your cylinders
Equipment Set Up:
We help you set up your equipment so that it is right for you and the type of diving you do

Premium services that will exceed your expectations.
Dive Training
Learn to SCUBA Dive
Advanced Diver Training
Dive Equipment
Dive Charter
Diver Training:
We offer a full range of diver training from beginners to Instructor Trainer. Rebreather and Technical Training are our Speciality: Ask us about our Pro Diver Programme, designed and developed for persons who wish to make diving their career.

Equipment sales:
We supply a full range of dive equipment from regulators to rebreathers and cameras to strobes, we can get you almost everything that is diving related…and that is no brag!
Dive Charter & Travel:
We provide a full range of dive charter from one dive with or without equipment to full dive travel in bound (in South Africa & Mozambique) and out-ward bound. This is what diving is all about and dive travel is our passion. We have dived in 42 countries in the world and there is still places we want to go diving. So, if dive travel is your passion as well, contact us now and see what we have scheduled, never know it may be what you have never thought about. No matter we can assist you with your dive travel, we are sure of that.

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