Mindgame Escape

Unleash your inner detective! You only have 60 minutes to escape, so bring your friends and work together to solve puzzles, find clues and escape the room!



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Mindgame Escape is a prime escape room experience, offering a variety of different escape rooms in which participants have to use their problem-solving skills as well as communication, teamwork and critical thinking to solve clues and escape from their chosen room, in just 60 minutes.

This stimulating experience caters to all, so bring along your friends and family, work colleagues as well as fellow game-enthusiasts, and work together to crack the clues. This is the perfect experience for those that enjoy real-life brainteasers, truly testing your detective skills in an electrifying setting.

A perfect mix of fun, excitement and mystery that will test your brain and your nerves, begging the question: can you escape? Mindgame Escape is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, as well as a prime venue for corporate events. This experience is an excellent way to spend some amazing time together, our games break barriers and lets you bond without outside distractions. You will have to work together to solve the mysteries of the room. A unique experience is guaranteed! For those visiting Durban, Mindgame Escape is perfectly situated in the heart of Umhlanga, with a wide selection of restaurants and hotels on our doorstep, as well as walking distance from Umhlanga Main Beach. Take a break from the sun, and become a detective mastermind in a Mindgame Escape room!

This is a real life detective game, where you need to find hidden compartments, solve puzzles and work together to solve the mystery. Use the same skills learned from years of gaming to crack codes and escape. You won’t be happy simply escaping, you’ll want the room record!

Mindgame Escape is the perfect place for employees to work together to achieve one simple goal: success! You will enter Mindgame Escape as a group, and escape as a team!

There are a variety of escape rooms to choose from.

Sherlock Holmes Baker Street:

Murder! Panic! The streets aren’t safe anymore. You have been tasked with bringing down Victorian London’s most notorious gang – The Baker Street Five – and solving the ultimate murder mystery!

Baker Street Mystery challenges players to solve a murder mystery while attempting to dismantle the notorious Baker Street Five, a high-profile gang that has been terrorizing Victorian London. Can you carefully observe your surroundings, find the subtlest of clues, and correctly piece together the mystery to identify the members of the Baker Street Five before the trail grows cold?

Current escape record: 40.51 minutes

Houdini’s Basement Escape:

For generations, Harry Houdini’s escapes have astounded audiences. From handcuffs to straitjackets, there seemed to be no method of restraint that could defeat the legendary escape artist. Some have said that even death itself was no match for Houdini’s spirit.

You will find puzzles, clues, magical secrets, and some facts about Houdini you may not have known. You will witness magic take place, and may even perform some magic yourself.

Some say the spirit of Houdini embodies this very room. Don’t be surprised if you hear some inexplicable noises, or feel a slight breeze caress your cheek. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether it’s your imagination, or if Houdini is trying to perform the ultimate escape.

Current escape record: 34.13 minutes

The Forgotten Temple – Opening Soon

The Forgotten Temple is currently under construction and will be opening soon (hopefully by the end of May 2018)

Not Available
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Max Number of People: 6

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