Monkeyland opened its doors to the public on the 6th of April 1998. Our award winning primate sanctuary is unique, because it is the first multi-specie primate sanctuary in the world. Monkeyland has captured the hearts of visitors for sunny and sound reasons - the primates are happy, healthy and they are not caged, instead they free-roam the indigenous Monkeyland forest.



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At Monkeyland, the emphasis on searching for the primates, and the reward is to see the various species as they are meant to be:
free and in a natural habitat.

The transfer of information about these fascinating creatures enhances your visit to the sanctuary during a safari. The safaris are conducted by multi-lingual game rangers and are fun, exciting and educational. Our guests leave our sanctuary with a greater understanding of the primates of the world and the threats they are facing.

On the guided safaris, you can expect to see a variety of primates, ranging from the Gibbons of Asia to the Lemurs of Madagascar. More than 700 primates live at the sanctuary. During the guided tours, knowledgeable rangers will tell you all about the fascinating primates as you encounter them. We currently care for more than 700 primates free-roaming Monkeyland. There are 11 species in total, we are not part of a specie collecting race, we care for primates in natural habitats and we want them to live a naturally as possible. In the wild, most species of primates have large family groups, it is no different here at Monkeyland.

The species of primates that you will be able to see free roaming in the Monkeyland forest include 2 Lemur species; the Black and White Ruffed Lemur (Varecia variegata) and the Ringtail Lemur (Lemur catta), 2 Langur species; Spectacled Langur (Trachypithecus obscurus) and the Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus), Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta caraya), Bolivian Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri boliviensis), Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey (Ateles geoffroyi), Tufter or Brown Capuchin (Cebus apella), Red-backed Bearded Saki (Chiropotes chiropotes), Vervet Monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) and Monkeyland’s only ape species the White Handed or Lar Gibbon (Hylobates lar).

We are not sure where they all come from or how they became ‘special’ – it is often simply better not to ask. I would not euthanize my mother if she had a limp, became blind, was a bit long-in-the-tooth or had diabetes. Ditto are our ‘special monkeys’, we will provide the best care we can until their last days.

The Monkeyland and Birds of Eden forests are described as an Afromontane Forest. Trees in an Afromontane Forest can be up to 30 or 40 meters tall and distinct strata of emergent trees, canopy trees, shrub and herb layers are present.

Inside Monkeyland we have a reforestation program constantly running, it is for this reasons that you will find us often having a special where people can donate indigenous trees (endemic to our forests) instead of paying an entry fee. Contact Lara for information on the next event of this kind.
Worth mentioning is the fact that the Birds of Eden forest originate out of what used to be a farm dump site. Through the years Monkeyland and Birds of Eden have been working non-stop on ensuring the longevity of the forests around as well as inside our sanctuaries.

Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary (The Crags, near Plettenberg Bay) The world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary. It offers tours (monkey safaris) where guests can view the 700+ resident primates in their forest home, there is also a restaurant, souvenir store and viewing deck, and a 128-metre suspended canopy walk. Monkeyland’s safari guides are multi-lingual, languages spoken include German, French and Spanish.

Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is home to mainly Apex Predators.We have 74 Animals in total of 17 different species. You will take a walk through the sanctuary with one of our very knowledgeable guides and stop at each enclosure where you will learn the most fascinating facts about these creatures, there is ample opportunity to take pictures and the whole 1hour and 30-minute excursion has a safari like feel to it. There is a coffee shop near the entrance to the sanctuary and a lovely curio shop in the reception area. It is located 15km outside of Plettenberg Bay on the N2 towards Port Elizabeth and 8km before you reach the turn off to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.

Birds of Eden (next to Monkeyland) The world’s largest free-flight bird aviary (50 metres high, covering 23 000 square meters of forest). Birds of Eden houses more than 3,500 specimens of more than 280 species, with the focus being African birds. The dome covers 2 km of boardwalks, an amphitheatre with a capacity of 200 people, a restaurant, several ponds and dams and a souvenir store. Visits to Birds of Eden are usually self-guided, however guided walks are offered on request.

Monkeyland KZN (in the process of being developed in the Ballito region on KZN). Monkeyland KZN will be home to capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, gibbons, ringtail lemurs and black-and-white ruffed lemurs. The sanctuary will however be open by November 2018.

(trading as Monkeyland and Birds of Eden)

All visitors acknowledge that they have read and understand this indemnity & disclaimer and agree to be bound by it, failing which he/she can choose not to enter the sanctuary and if he/she has paid for or bought tickets, to be reimbursed.

OWN RISK: All visitors enter the sanctuary ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK.This is a wild life sanctuary the animals are wild, roam freely and are not constrained or fenced off from humans. You agree to OBEY AT ALL TIMES ANY ORDERS of management and/ or the Guide.

INDEMNITY DISCLAIMER: You hold harmless and indemnify the OPERATOR, the Sanctuary and/or its members or it’s directors and /or employees and/or agents and/or suppliers against any consequences of visitors or incidents at the Sanctuary. The indemnity includes (without, limiting the generality of the foregoing) any loss of or damage to personal effects, illness, injury, harm or death (howsoever caused) and legal costs (of an attorney and own client scale that the Operator and/or the Sanctuary (or any of the other parties indemnified herein) may incur. This indemnity will apply irrespective of any act omission or negligence gross or otherwise on the part of the operator the sanctuary and or members and or members and or directors and or employees and or agents and or suppliers.

THE OPERATER: the sanctuary and or it’s members and or directors and or employers and or agents and or suppliers will under no circumstances be liable for any indirect consequential or special loss or damage irrespective of the cause.The above must be read in conjunction with the standard terms and conditions of primates resort PTY LTD a copy of which can be obtained from our offices or which can be viewed on our websites.

Volunteer at one of the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance’s three sanctuaries in Plettenberg Bay – Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Birds of Eden or Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.

Volunteers will be considered if they can understand and speak English, are hard-working, fast-learning, enthusiastic and prepared to cheerfully fulfil tasks such as welcoming tourists at our entrance gate, informing visitors about our animals as they assist them to the reception, explain the basic rules regarding our sanctuaries (no touching, etc.), assisting with caring for the primates, birds, and other wildlife.

Salary/funding: None (by law)
Uniform Deposit: We take a R800 deposit on credit card which is returned to you once you return the uniform. There are no other payments to the sanctuary.

Accommodation: We have limited free accommodation on site for longer-term (minimum 2 months) volunteers at Monkeyland and Birds of Eden. If you do not qualify for our free accommodation or our accommodation is not available on your preferred dates, you will need to stay in one of the local Homestays that we work with. These cost between R500 and R600 a day and include meals, laundry, transport to work etc. Volunteers decide which homestay they would prefer and book it directly with the owner.

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