Moses Mabhida Stadium

The winning design by the Ibola Lethu Consortium created the Moses Mabhida Stadium.


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Play your part! Simply adhere to these guidelines to make the most of your Moses Mabhida Stadium experience.

Violence-Free Zone
The Moses Mabhida Stadium has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of violence. Any individual(s) caught engaging in fighting and brawling, as well as any physical assault on another person will be immediately apprehended, removed from the premises, handed over to the authorities and charged accordingly.

Non-Smoking Venue
The stadium is a smoke-free zone. There are, however, designated areas that are clearly demarcated where smoking is permitted. Any person caught smoking in areas where smoking is prohibited shall be escorted off the premises and will be liable for a fine according to the terms of the anti-tobacco legislation.

Drink Responsibly
The stadium adheres to all legislation governing the distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages. All visitors are urged to adhere to the liquor legislation – by drinking responsibly and not driving after consuming alcohol. Any person(s) identified to be in contravention of the liquor legislation will be apprehended, removed from the venue, handed over to the authorities and charged accordingly.

For Your Safety
A team of security guards are at hand at all times during events hosted at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Look out for these guards who are within reach in and around the premises should you require their assistance or simply need information. Beyond the security guards, easily identifiable stadium employees are available to assist visitors with any general queries.

Ticket Information
Your stadium ticket holds all the information you need to locate your seat. Follow the signage surrounding the stadium to orientate yourself. With the assistance of our team, you should easily locate your seat number before the start of an event. Kindly comply with seat number allocation, and do not take somebody else’s seat. Interesting facts
The winning design by the Ibola Lethu Consortium created the Moses Mabhida Stadium. With its iconic “arch of triumph”, the stadium is an engineering feat that provides Durban with a defining landmark to match the Eiffel Tower, Sydney’s Opera House or The London Eye.

Importantly, the multi-disciplinary nature of the stadium’s design permits it to host a wide range of sporting and cultural events. Visually inspiring – and comprising of more than a hundred columns – the facade of Moses Mabhida Stadium allows for natural ventilation and creates an incredible sense of space every bit as striking as the stadium’s famous arch.

Voted the most popular stadium in South Africa in an online poll, Moses Mabhida host 7 FIFA World Cup matches, including a semi-final attended by the likes of Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John Travolta, in 2010.

The success of this stadium is well documented, not only via the 27 awards received to date but more importantly, in just two years the highest level of utilization for the new stadia in South Africa can be claimed by Durban’s stadium.

The stadium is named after a giant of a man, Moses Mbheki Mncane Mabhida, who was one of those who helped to forge and maintain the powerful United Front that eventually saw the creation of a democratic and non-racial South Africa
Its design allows for natural ventilation and creates an incredible sense of space every bit as striking as the stadium’s famous arch
The shape of the iconic arch was inspired by the “Y shape” on the South African flag
The different levels of the stadium are supported by 1 750 columns and 216 raking beams that provide the main support to the seating panels
The roof is made of 46 000 m² of Teflon-coated glass fibre membrane that produces a translucent glow when the stadium is lit up
The roof is attached to the arch by 95 mm-diameter steel cables
The 350 m long free-span steel arch weighs 2 600 tonnes (the equivalent of 2 600 average cars)
The grand center arch, 106 m high, is not just a design feature. The SkyCar takes visitors up to its highest point, where they can get out and enjoy breathtaking, panoramic views of the city and ocean
There are 120 luxury suites and business clubs, providing 7 500 VIP seats
The color arrangement of the seating was conceptualized to look like the sea flowing onto the beach
Each seat is spacious and comfortable, providing a clear line-of-sight to the pitch
The usual stadium seating capacity is 56 000 which can be up-scaled to 85 000 for major events, such as the Olympic Games

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