No. 5 on Mantis

No 5 by Mantis is a boutique art hotel set on a tranquil estate in the affluent suburb of Summrestand in Port Elizabeth.



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No stone was left unturned in this art deco styled haven. An exquisite South African art collection tributes throughout, while 10 contemporary suites offer luxurious accommodation in a secluded environment and an ideal retreat for business or leisure. Complimented by fine dining and impeccable services, this full service 5 star boutique hotel houses a 16 seater wine cellar, whiskey and cigar bar, 10 seater boardroom, a 15 seater cinema, replicating that of Lord Charles’ Clarence home cinema in London, 2 pools and a spa with gym to ensure your every need is met. When choosing our identity, No5 by Mantis, we literally went back to basics by incorporating elements such as location, facilities, ownership, and loyal customers and through this, we captured our essence.

By placing emphasis on our physical address, Number 5 Brighton Drive in Summerstrand Port Elizabeth, as well as the 5-star service which makes our boutique hotel stand as a beacon of luxury boutique accommodation in Port Elizabeth.

More so, the number 5 in a numerological sense is known as the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion, constantly in need of change and yet surprisingly loyal. With nothing demure or submissive in its nature, the number 5 is a risk taker and adventurer. No wonder the spiritual meaning of number 5 also deals with travel, adventure, and motion, a testament to the discerning travelers and guests that frequent our hotel.

No 5 is host to a privately owned art collection and world-class facilities thoughtfully completed to enhance the art deco theme introduced by its townhouse facade.

Art Deco was a popular design movement from the 1920s to 1930s, a movement between the two World Wars. This movement affected all forms of art from architecture, interior design, sculpture, furniture, industrial design and visual arts such as fashion, clothing, jewelry, paintings, graphic arts, and film. This movement combined many different styles and movements such as neoclassical, constructivism, cubism, modernism, art nouveau and futurism.
Art Deco was an opulent style and its lavishness attributed to a reaction to the forced austerity imposed by World War One. Its rich festive character fitted for its modern contexts.
The structure of Art Deco is based on mathematical geometric shapes. It is widely considered to be an eclectic form of elegant and stylish modernism, being influenced by a variety of sources. Among them were also so-called ‘primitive’ arts of Africa, the Middle East, Ancient Egypt, Aztec Mexico, and Greek and Roman themes. As travel became popular, African Safaris were all in the rage and animal skins, ivory, mother of pearl, and tortoiseshell began to appear in the home.
The Art Deco interior style is streamlined and geometrical which often includes furniture pieces with curved fronts, mirrors, clean lines, chrome hardware, and glass. This is the superior sophistication and creativity you will step into when you visit No 5 by Mantis.
Mantis is a world-leading collection of hotels and eco-escapes scattered across the planet providing the Traveller with experiences that stir the soul, defy expectation, and live in the heart forever. Mantis has unearthed uniquely authentic lifestyle experiences in far-flung corners, vibrant cityscapes, across vast African plains, and in most places in between. Each with a unique spirit, yet all are linked by a collective obsession to be extraordinary. To be rare in a world that mass produces sameness. Every Mantis destination is truly an exceptional place to find yourself.
No5 by Mantis is proud to be part of the Mantis Collection. All marketing and communications from No5 are carried out by Mantis Collection in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Mantis Collection strives to keep your personal information secure. We do not share it with third parties nor do we use it for purposes other than the business we are conducting with you. Your personal information is safe with us; you can request to see it or update it at any time.

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