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Travelling with Nomad means friendship, fun and adventure plus the security that group travel brings.



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There is no other African adventure tour operator who has covered as many kilometers as Nomad has to ensure that we bring you the absolute best highlights and activities that Africa has to offer.

Marked on the map opposite, you’ll notice that we’ve designed our tours to ensure that they follow routes which lead you to places of spectacular beauty, unique wildlife, interesting cultures, and inspirational adventures. Travel with Nomad means friendship, fun, and adventure plus the security that group travel brings. Our experience in Africa also ensures your holiday is well thought out and planned to make the most of our amazing continent.

Picking the right adventure company is critical to the success or failure of your visit to Africa. It can mean the difference between the trip of a lifetime and a complete nightmare. Adventure companies are not all the same.

Until the end of 2013, Nomad operated two types of trucks on our tours. Both were uniquely modified to suit the different tour requirements however one model was newer than the other, has a large top to bottom sliding windows and individual lockers for all guests on the truck. Based on feedback from the tours we realized quickly that the lockers and large windows were important for our guests so we quickly phased out the original style truck and our entire fleet now consists only of the newer model. We also continue to grow the fleet with 8 new trucks every year.

Our workshop – The backbone of Nomad
Nomad has a state of the art workshop in Somerset West, just outside Cape Town and we are one of the only adventure tour operators who have our own fully registered and SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved truck building facility. Our trucks are fully maintained and the bodies are lovingly built in our workshop in Cape Town and they now also have a brand new turnaround spot in Johannesburg at our new guest house, Belvedere Estate. Your safety and comfort are our first priority and most of our tours cover large distances so there is a fair amount of time spent in the trucks, good reason to ensure that they are the best on the road.


The Nomad African Trust was established in 2008 by Alexander Rutherford, founder, and owner of Nomad.

Our Approach
In deciding how to proceed with the vision of the Trust we had to determine how we were going to approach the multitude of challenges facing Africa every day. We came up with these guiding principles:

People, Places, and Animals
To date, we have been able to see positive results in our efforts and approach.
Our continuing aim is to obtain funding from players in the tourism industry and other related sectors, in order to help and protect the very people, places, and animals that these parties earn their living from. As such we are able to provide focussed and specific help across these three fronts. Through this, we have been able to effect real change by ensuring funding is spent in such a way so as to create permanent and long-lasting benefits to our beneficiaries.

Many organizations focus on uplifting through modernization, education and the like. While these are noble efforts we believe without jobs these drives are bound to fail. And so it is that we continue to focus heavily on job creation and skills development. We also target basic human needs like food, shelter and health care which, in Africa, are all too often found wanting. Another focus on our drive is to continue to support and help uplift rural communities as we believe that the source of many of the problems facing Africa lies in the challenges facing these rural areas. Aside from funding projects undertaken by our beneficiaries in these rural communities, the Green Seats initiative, through our planting partners, creates long term employment for the communities near the planting sites.

Instead of the sole focus being on only the remote wild lands of Africa we tend to focus more on the urban environment and their immediate surroundings. Areas of successful tourism operations are for the most part already protected by their position in the spotlight. It is the lesser known places in Africa that often need the greatest help and exposure. We believe that diversity should remain one of the most treasured characteristics of this beautiful planet.

Again, a huge amount of focus is already placed on the select few animals that generate the most interest. Although we are involved in anti-poaching initiatives and the protection of these creatures, our objective is also to assist with some of the lesser known animals in dire need of help. Our intention is to get involved in the breeding programmes and relocation of these species to their natural habitats and to restore these various regions to their former glory. One way we have been able to contribute to habitat restoration is through the Green Seats initiative.

For more information on this great initiative and a detailed look into our beneficiaries and the Nomad African Trust.

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