Parys River Rafting

Whatever your teambuilding or breakaway needs REAL Adventures is your one stop shop. Parys is the place to be! The Vaal River has some fun level 1 to 4 rapids and is very close to Johannesburg so it is a popular destination for family.


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Parys Bird to Bush

Parys River rafting specialises in different rafting, river rafting options in Parys. This raft is more known for its nature and beauty than for big waves! This is the perfect break for the whole family with very young and older participants. The trip can be combined with a quad outride abseiling game drive dome tour to name a few. It is set in the beautiful dome heritage area in the wild waters conservancy just 7KM out of Parys and 100KM from Johannesburg.

Minimum Participants: 2

Maximum Participants: 100

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours

Rapid Grading: 1 (Depends on water level)

Extra: Refreshments on arrival (optional) lunch optional

Team building and Corporate

Mini Survivor Challenge

With this challenge the group will work through a number of fun filled activities that is based on the popular Survivor television show. Each team will receive a compass and map, by orienteering, the team will need to complete a number of activities.

Activities include:

–          Tribal Identification

–          Landing Zone

–          Wheel of Misfortune

–          Killer Chess

–          Zorbas Catty

–          Seven Ways To Make a Fire

–          Tower of Terror Family Packages

Parys is the place to be! The Vaal River has some fun level 1 to 4 rapids and is very close to Johannesburg so it is a popular destination for family. Bring your family, friends or colleagues, come and explore Parys white water adventure rafting and experience a river trip you will never forget, only one hour’s drive from the centre of Johannesburg.

Parys River Rafting for Bachelors

Parys River rafting will tailor your bachelor party to suit your river rafting bachelor needs

Parys River Rafting is your “one stop shopping” solution for the ultimate Bachelors adventure getaway in Parys, Vaal river or anywhere in Southern Africa! Learn to fly-fish or Quad bike, hop on a mountain bike or combine a rafting trip on the Vaal with a quad game drive or Abseiling, Rap jumping and more! You can choose your Adventure accommodation– from one night to several – from tented camping to 5 star guest lodges catered or self catering, all conveniently located on the banks of the Vaal River just outside Parys in the Dome Heritage area.

Laser Shooting

A mechanical trap launches clays at various speeds and different angles into the air. During Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting 5 delegates are able to shoot simultaneously with modified over and under 12 bore shotguns which have been modified to fire laser beams at the clays in a environmentally safe and perfectly client safe environment. There is no “kick” or recoil but computer controlled sounds contribute to the realism of the original Shotgun Pigeon Shooting. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting throws only one clay at a time, five people shooting and each person has two shots with the modified shotguns. A computer then determines within one thousandth of a second the order of witch gun hit the clay first, second, third, fourth and fifth. An indicator on the shotgun also gives instant feedback to the player so they know if they hit the clay or if they have missed! This makes Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting a competitive participant and Spectators activity. During Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting spectators are able to follow the progress on the electronic scoreboard and build the team spirit. Please note that Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting can be done on our venue in Parys on the bank of the Vaal River or at any venue that you need us!

Fire Walking

Who set your limits? You?

Who placed your boundaries where they are?

Have you challenged you capabilities?

Fire walking is an extremely powerful team building exercise!

If done correctly has a powerful message, and can be traced back to 2000 BC where it was instituted by the Indo Europeans to prepare the mind of the warrior. Fire walking was used by great warrior tribes. These great warrior tribes sought out an experience that would best prepare their people for the realities of battle. Today we use Fire Walking as a metaphor for the possibilities that open up to us when we overcome the real adversary – the enemy within!

The fire walking seminar will ignite passion and excitement like nothing you have ever seen in your group! Individuals experience fire walking as a mind shift by challenging the previously unthinkable to challenge……..walking on fire Timing for the full workshop can be anywhere from 45-90 minutes – depending on your schedule. Explode your way of thinking and comfort zone to take on challenges and what was believed impossible, if you can overcome walking on fire what else can you overcome? Using fire walking as a team building exercise provides a path for us to shift our boundaries in a positive way. Fire walking as a team building exercise will improve the participant’s attitude Fire walking brings about an expectation in delegates to what else and more is possible! Fire walking is one of the most transformational team building activities that anyone can experience. Fire walking makes a huge and lasting impression on the individual. Fire walking has an amazing bonding result for a team by using fire walking as a team building event or team building activity.

Fire walking is a must for your next team building. Fire walking can be done in Parys or at any other venue where you need us.

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