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S.W.A.T. Laser Tag Games is a make believe combat game that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.


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S.W.A.T Laser Tag Games is a make-believe combat game that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Remember playing cops and robbers as a kid….well SWAT Laser Tag takes it to a whole new level. Laser Tag is suitable for all ages from 6 and up, and both the guys and gals can play this new form of laser tag with ease. SWAT Laser Tag is safe, environmentally friendly, exciting and challenging to play.

Unlike Paintball Games the Laser Tag Gun projects a harmless infrared beam – much like your television remote, so no pain and bruises! Once you get used to the equipment you will find the laser tag guns deadly accurate and be amazed at the effective range of the laser taggers. We ensure that unlimited ammunition and lives are included in our rate, so no sitting around watching your friends play after an early elimination. We do of course progress to more challenging laser tag missions after the first few rounds, so the quicker you aim better, the higher your chances of survival in the last few SWAT Laser Tag challenges. S.W.A.T Laser Tag has been using the same laser tag guns and laser tag equipment and set up since 2010. These high-end laser taggers have proven to be robust, exceptionally durable and super reliable. This has allowed our laser tag teams to run laser tag events in most conditions, areas, and situations. The laser tag system is so portable and simple to use that we have been able to take the laser quest challenge to people’s homes, school fun days, the corporate team builds, festivals and other special occasions.
The laser tag equipment is developed and manufactured in the USA, so quality is assured. The Yanks across the Atlantic Ocean are continuously working at improving the laser tag product, which in a nutshell directly relates into a top-notch player experience. They have some awesome innovations in the laser tag pipeline which we know will make it truly exceptional and take the reality aspect to another level. The core focus is on having fun, so simple is better. In the words of the man who created the Lockheed U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes during the 1950’s – Kelly Johnson – KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!
Now on to relevant technical information.
Each laser tag gun has an LCD display control box which is placed on the top of the laser tag gun, situated just above the player’s direct line of sight – this makes moving your line of sight between your target and the laser game statistics a simple process. The LCD display on each laser gun informs the player of relevant laser game statistics – all in real live time during the laser game. Some examples are: how much time left in that specific laser round, how much ammo and health is left, how many hits/kills you have made as well as how many hits you have taken.
The trigger action on the laser tag gun is based on a semi-automatic action – so one trigger pull one round of ammunition fired.
The laser tag guns ‘communicate’ with each other via infra-red beam technology. The infrared beam – invisible to the human eye – is emitted from the laser tag gun barrel when the player pulls the trigger. In essence, all the laser tag guns in the game communicate with each other in this manner, which allows the player to have relevant information on his LCD screen at all times during the laser tag game.
The effective range of the laser tag equipment is very impressive considering the challenges of making any light beam work well in high light situations. In broad daylight, we have seen an effective range of 50 – 80 meters from the laser tag guns, whilst at night it is off the charts at about 150 meters plus! The infrared beam is deadly accurate and travels quicker than a conventional bullet, so with the use of the laser tagging sight, it is unlucky if you miss your opponent.
The nature of the SWAT Laser Tag product is so safe and easy to play that no uncomfortable, restrictive protective gear is needed. Just bring along a good attitude, sunscreen, hat and a decent pair of old running shoes and you will have an absolute blast!
SWAT Laser Tag War Games can be played by people of all ages who enjoy the physical and mental challenge of participating in an exciting laser tag mock combat game which is both safe and environmentally friendly to play. The SWAT Laser Tag game system is 100% mobile and can easily be taken to most venues – indoors and outdoors.
SWAT Laser Tag has been operating in South Africa since 2010. Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Sandton Laser Tag branches also serve the surrounding areas and have had an awesome journey with many fond memories of smiling kids, happy parents and stoked teenagers. We have also seen laughing, bemused adults who remember that feeling of being a knee-high kid chasing after your friends with a stick whilst making funny gun noises. It is all about the fun factor at SWAT Laser Tag and we prefer to keep it simple.
With home ranges in Durban, Cape Town and Gauteng, we have no doubt that we can provide a fun, safe and awesome laser tag occasion – whether it be at your venue or our venue – we can cater for all.
Our experienced SWAT Laser Tag Mobile Units have been running awesome mobile laser tag events all across the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal countryside for many years now, so if you looking for that ‘out the box’ event for that special occasion, get in touch with one of our teams and let them assist in arranging a laser tag party/event to remember.
So if you reside in the general surrounds of Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng give us a call and let one of our experienced laser tag teams assist with that special birthday party, corporate event, team building event or any other function/occasion that you are planning.
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