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SA Paragliding Adventures operates a dynamic training centre of students from Flyers Lodge Wilderness .We also have a Tandem operation in the Garden Route . We guide individuals and tours and have many years local experience . We rent out paragliding gear and also have sales department .


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Tandem Paragliding Flight

Tandem paragliding flying is fun, safe and easy. Within in a few minutes you could be flying like a eagle. We do Tandem flights from many sites in the Garden Route including Map of Africa and Sedgefield .

A SAHPA rated TFI tandem pilot will fly with you and you can sit back and relax while they share the joy of flying with you.

Tandem Experience

•             After contacting us we will give you a venue and time according to weather as the winds change daily and so we can move to different Launch sites.

•             When you arrive on top of the Launch site we do some paperwork to complete your indemnity and we sign you up as a part time students ( legal requirement )

•             We clip you into the harness and do a pre-flight check. A harness is a comfortable seat you sit in once we airborne.

•             You will then get attached to a TFI SAHPA rated Instructor and will be asked to take a few steps forward and you will find yourself soaring like bird as the Paraglider takes flight.

•             When you come to land you stand up again and take a few steps on landing. Well done!

Tandem Adventure Flight

•             Longer duration with more detailed instruction and chance to take control and fly the paraglider under the guidance of a TFI SAHPA rated Instructor.

•             Duration up to 20 minute flight.

•             You will be briefed while flying then given the steering toggles while the Instructor flying with you will give you prompts what to do. ( Only if you comfortable and when safe to do so )

•             Great way to experience the sensation of paragliding without the stress. Paragliding Tours

Touring of South Africa is best in the summer months when the weather is ideal for paragliding in Cape Town, Porterville and Garden Route region . From October – March is the best season for flying due to steady onshore flows at this time of the year.

We offer transport and accommodation as well as guiding to our clients and one can expect professional service with intimate knowledge of the launch sites and weather conditions.

We offer individual and small group tours for 1-4 persons from R 2000, 00 per day as minimum and R 1000, 00 per person extra per person. This includes transport and accommodation (basic BB style) as well as guiding. We offer equipment rental to qualified pilots with their proof of license.

Garden Route Meander Tour (10 -14 days)

Transport, Accommodation and Guiding in the best coastal flying region in the World. We will enjoy the splendor of soaring the cliffs over the Indian Ocean and have chance to see marine life such as sharks and dolphins while enjoying warm summer breezes. We have a variety of thermic and coastal soaring sites for most wind directions and speed. There are over 20 Paragliding within 50 km radius.

Standard Cape Tour (14 days)

14 day Tour is ideal to experience the beauty of this region and have great flying moments. Normally the tour will land and start in Cape Town and move to Hermanus for 1-2 days and then for 7-8 days in Garden Route with a few days in Porterville and the back to Cape Town for 1-2 days and flight home .

Custom Tours

We offer custom tours to suite your budget and can mix in other adventure trips as well as wildlife experience. We can travel to flying sites like Graaf Reniet and Bulwer (Drakensburg).

Namibia Tours

We offer a real experience of Namibia where we combine 4×4 wildlife experience and paragliding on the Dunes of Namib desert. We can focus flying from the dunes of Sossusvlei, Walvis, Swakopmund and Sandwhich. Camping out in the Wilderness and exploring untouched landscapes can be part of this adventure.

Mozambique Tours

We offer relaxed tours along the coast flying over tropical waters enjoying the warm summer breezes. So much to do in this Tropical paradise surfing, diving and big fishing to name a few.

Zimbabwe Tours

Beautiful mountains on the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe where hike and fly from many interesting mountains are a must. Travel though Wilderness Parks and enjoy the African Vista.


Day Courses R 2500-00

We give a small briefing and introduction to Paragliding then we proceed to our training dunes in Kleinkrantz Wilderness for some ground control lessons and small flights off dunes. Minimum is 3 flights and maximum is 5 flights all depends on your fitness, weather and skill.

We meet normally between 08h00- 09h00 at Flyers Lodge and then proceed to dunes where we spend 2-3 hours training.

Introduction Course R 3500-00

Includes:  SAHPA Student registration

We give a small briefing and introduction to Paragliding then we proceed to our training dunes in Kleinkrantz Wilderness for some ground control lessons and small flights off dunes. We start with dune flights and continue until you are ready for high flights which all depend on your fitness, weather and skill. We then complete 3 high Flights from a hill higher than 100 m.

We meet normally between 08h00- 09h00 at Flyers Lodge and then proceed to dunes where we spend 2-3 hours training but may be longer as you need to be ready for high flights .

We go to higher hill normally in morning when winds are light and take off and land at bottom.

Full Basic Course R 14000-00

Comprehensive internationally recognized course with association to FIA.


•             Student registration with SAHPA.

•             35 flights with all required skill checks.

•             Introduction and theory lessons including use of school library books for study.

•             Student manual and notes.

•             Rental and use of all equipment which is top of the range and mostly new gear.

•             We have 3 Instructors at our school to give you great attention.

•             SAHPA license fee for Basic license is extra.

Flyers Lodge Wilderness

Flyers Lodge Wilderness (Kleinkrantz Wilderness Beach)

The best place to stay if you a paraglider as we are within walking distance of two great sites that give you access to paragliding soaring from Kleinkrantz dunes and Kleinkrantz car park. When finished you can land at our car park in front of the house.

Flyers Lodge offers:

•             House with 6 rooms and 3 bathrooms. Single R300 without breakfast. R 450-00 sharing without breakfast.

•             Flat / Apartment (rustic) 2 bedrooms and can sleep 6. Single R 250-00 without breakfast .R400-00 sharing without breakfast.

•             Bunks with 7-8 bunks. R120-00 without breakfast

Breakfast options:

•             Bacon eggs and toast with coffee, tea, juice. R 60-00 pp

•             Cereal , Yogurt and fruit Salad Toast with coffee, tea juice. R 50-00 pp

Special breakfast:

•             Some groups like more breads and cheese and cold meats please ask Flyers Lodge Team to prepare and quote you on these custom options.

We offer affordable rates for groups and with great location we are central to all the sites in the Garden Route. If you an individual travelling alone you can always find company at the Lodge with similar interests. We are also in an area that is a hub for adventure activity .Mountain biking , hiking , trail running , kayaking , windsurfing , surfing for those that want physical work out .

We offer discounts on:

•             Kayaking the great EBB and Flow river system to a wonderful waterfall.

•             Paintballing just down the road.

•             Quad biking also just down the road.

Coming by bus or plane (George airport) we can assist you. We also have a vehicle for those that stay at lodge and need to go get groceries or takeaways.

SA Paragliding Adventures

SA Paragliding Adventures has been training and flying Tandem flights for just over 7 years. We pride ourselves on quality Instruction and Tandem flights with a excellent safety record. Deon Borrett started the company because he was passionate about flying and wanted to make it part of his lifestyle. Deon Borrett has 14 years experience and one of the pilots who have the most hours and experience in local conditions .We operate from Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna and all our sites have majestic views overlooking the sea, lakes, and rivers of the area .With the Outeniquas in the background you have a masterpiece of beauty from the air and the best views in the World. The sites or take off points are easy to access by sedan and all are grassy easy launching area with top landing as a option .Some of the famous sites include Map of Africa, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness Beach Hotel, Gerrickes Point, and Sedgeview.

We also provide accommodation at the famous Flyers Lodge Backpackers situated in Kleinkrantz Wilderness which initially accommodated mainly paragliding pilots but now is open to all who love the adventure the Garden Route has to offer. We also sell many different brands of paragliding equipment like Ozone, Axis and Gin and many more.

Due to the increased workload and growth Deon Borrett invited Jorg Bueble (German / English speaking) and Eric Gentelet (French / Spanish / English speaking) to join the company. Jorg and Eric assist with foreign speaking tourists and students, tour groups from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Reunion. Jorg has been a senior instructor for 7 years and Eric has been flying and instructing for 25 years. In the periods where we have large groups or we need a stand in Instructor we can rely on Johnnie Borrett who has 17 years experience.

We also make use of highly experienced instructors for our Tandem operations. For this we have a DHV rated instructor from Germany, Jorg Bueble (fluent in English).This enables SA Paragliding Adventures to maintain its high standards of safety and quality flights even when dealing with groups .

We also have the following activities available Canoeing, Qaud Bikes, Horse riding, Kloofing and Paintball.

We live by the philosophy: One life, live it!

We provide quality paragliding training with the best equipment and give SAHPA rated instruction and Tandem flights throughout the Garden Route. We have a excellent safety record. We also have a shop that sells 2nd hand and new paragliding equipment. We rent out equipment to qualified pilots only .There is many sites within the Garden Route and this region is known as a paragliding paradise. We have many foreign paragliding tours arriving to fly within the Garden route. The main sites are situated between Wilderness and Knysna. There are many other paragliding sites in Mosselbay the most famous is Hartenbos and Dana bay paragliding sites. In Plettenberg Bay there three sites namely Uplands paragliding site, Keurbooms paragliding site and Piesangs valley paragliding site. The sites used for training and Tandem flights are mainly in Wilderness and Sedgefield as they meet the safety and logistical requirements for these activities.

This area has the most consistent flying in the whole of South Africa and also has some of the most majestic sites one can find in the World .We have both Summer and Winter flying with the introduction of a wonderful site near Oudtshoorn named Goosevalley after Retief Goosen wine estate which lies serenely below the launch site.

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