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Welcome to Sun City Waterworld

We are located within the beautiful Sun City resort in the North West province of South Africa. We operate on a man-made lake approximately 1000m x 500m in a natural volcanic valley. Sun City Waterworld is open to both day visitors and hotel residents, 7 days a week, right throughout the year. Our staff are friendly and experienced and are waiting to welcome you and give you the greatest experience of your holiday. You don’t need to have had any previous experience to have the time of your life… from novice to expert, we cater for everyone. Rock Venture Golf

Our ‘African Adventure’ rock venture golf course provides a lot of fun for both adults and children alike. The 18-hole course is filled with exciting obstacles like water, hazards, rocks and miniature animal statues

Kazooma Raceway

For the kids, we have our miniature Formula 1 race track and grand-stand with eco-friendly electric cars.


After a short run, the person is lifted into the air, to a height of about 35 meters and is treated to an exhilarating flight around the lake before landing gently into the water. Two people may also go together on a Double parasail.


A jet ski is a jet-powered craft equivalent to a motorbike on water. It’s highly maneuverable and thrillingly fast, yet very stable. On a double jet ski, two people may sit one behind another.

Water Skiing

Water-skiing is an age-old classic where the rider is towed behind the boat on water skis. We also provide ski lessons, where a highly qualified ski-instructor instructs the person on land and then accompanies the skier in the water.

Tube Rides

The tube is an inflatable ring with handles on either side. The rider sits inside with their legs hanging out and the tube is towed behind the boat for a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping ride of your life!


The wake-snake is an inflatable pencil shaped pontoon with handles. The ride sits on it, one person behind each other. Up to 5 people can go on a wake-snake together. Once you’re in position, you hold on tight.

Bumper Boats

Our ‘Long John Silver’ Bumper Boats provides loads of fun for children and teenagers. The objective is to ride around in a sectioned-off area of the lake, bumping or trying to avoid bumping into each other.

Cruise Boat

We invite you to relax and rejuvenate yourself on our large cruise boat “Tsala” (meaning friend). The barge departs on a twice-daily at 12:00 and 16:30 for a leisurely 30 minute trip around our lake.

Jetovator Rides

The Jetovator is a flying, steerable seat that suspends its rider up to 10 meters in the air above the water. A special hose connects the jetski to the flying seat. The jetovator rider stands on two-foot pads and with their hands

Scratch Patch

In this simulated ‘mine’ the objective is to dig and sift through beach sand to find hidden treasures like semi-precious stones, collectors coins, lucky charms, and gold nuggets.

Stimela Train

Enjoy our miniature train ride with the whole family. The train passes the Cabanas Aviary and over a part of the Waterworld lake, get a glimpse of a variety of local animals like the Impala, Ostrich, Blue Crane and Nyala.

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