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Professional fly-fishing service provider. We offer training, guiding clinics and travel packages in Southern Africa. Preferred fly-fishing team building supplier for Kloofzicht Lodge, Valley Lodge, Mount Grace, Whispering Pines, Budmarsh Lodge.



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Our 3 Venues
Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa

This luxury 5 star lodge is set in the Cradle of Mankind Heritage area.

The experience of a lifetime awaits you, regardless of your level of expertise. Trout, bass, carp and the ever-elusive yellow fish will provide you with hours of entertainment and the opportunity to unwind and relax.

The main lodge and rooms overlook five fly fishing dams and the Swartkopz Mountain range. Fly fishing at Kloofzicht Lodge takes place under the expert guidance of Wayne Sinclair, the founding member of Sundown Adventures who has over 25 years of sport and fly fishing experience in Southern Africa.

Magalies Barbus Haven

Magalies Barbus Haven is named after the indigenous large scale yellow fish (Labeo Barbus Marquensis) which is found in the Magalies River. MBH was started as a small stream venue for advanced fly fishers, but it has expanded to also offer fly fishing for novices in our small dam for trout, bass and vlei kurper. We believe in promoting the sport of fly fishing and offer introductory clinics and guidance for adults/children that want to learn the basics. In addition to this, we support catch and release.

Sundowner Zambezi Lodge

Sundowner Adventures Lodge is found close to the confluence of the Deka and mighty Zambezi River. The lodge overlooks one of the most beautiful bends of this magnificent river. Situated 140 kilometres from the famous Victoria Falls and 150 kilometres from Hwange National Park, makes it an ideal location.

Boats are available with experienced guides who will show you where to fish and teach you the techniques – should you wish.

There are a number of beautiful walks in the area; Guests can be accompanied by one of our experienced guides. The surrounding bush around the lodge ranges from Riverine forest to Mopani woodlands, thus offering a diversity of birdlife and landscape

More Info of Each Venue Found in Additional Details Sundowner Zambezi Lodge

Light morning snack, brunch, dinner, bush & birding trails, boat hire with fishing guide (2 guests), boat fuel (20litres), tea/coffee

Groups larger than 10 have the option of being hosted by one of the lodge owners who assists guests with local formalities i.e. customs etc as well provide personalized expertise on fishing, birding while at the lodge.

ADULT (From 12 years old)

Sharing (Per person) R 1500-00

Single (Per person) ** R 2020-00

**Single rate does not apply if that guest is sharing a boat with another guest


Regional: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Angola

All rates are quoted in South African Rand (Exclusive of VAT).


Light morning snack, brunch, dinner, bush & birding trails, tea & coffees)

ADULT (From 12 years old)

• Sharing & Single (Per person) SAR 900-00

CHILDREN (Max 2 children sharing in a room)*

• Child (3-12) when sharing accom & boat with an adult/s SAR 450-00

• Child sharing (up to 24 months old) No charge

*We can only put extra beds for children in the two rock lodges

Excludes VAT on any payments made in Zimbabwe, drinks, fishing equipment, gratuities and telephone calls.


2-3 guests per boat & includes guide

HALF DAY (3 hours & 10 litres fuel)*

• Per boat SAR 560-00

FULL DAY (6 hours & 20 litres fuel)*

• Per boat SAR 1038-00

*Excludes fishing tackle and equipment


• 2 hour experience (per person) SAR 200-00

*Interacting with the local community and tribal leaders in their villages, schools and clinics. Minimum of 2 guests

Road transfers: (Min 2 guests) Rack

• Vic Falls Town/ Apt – Deka (pp – one way) US$ 45-00

• Livingstone Airport – Deka (pp-one way) US$ 65-00

• Add on transfer: Vfa apt to Vic Falls Town (pp-one way) US$ 9-00

Air charter transfers*: (Max 5 guests per aircraft) Rack

• Vic Falls Apt – Deka (Per plane – one way) on request

*Excludes USD10 local departure tax per person & limit of 10kg per person


Special rates can be negotiated for large groups. The rate of discount will be determined by:

• The size of the group, duration of the stay and special facilities or arrangements needed for the group

All discounted bookings must be confirmed at the time the booking is made. No discounts may be applied retrospectively. The discount affected will be subject to strict compliance with the factors considered at the time the discount was negotiated. Any changes to these factors will affect the rate of discount and may lead to the discount being withdrawn in part or in whole.

General Info
Natural Stone and Thatched Lodges (2):

• View over the Zambezi River

• Equipped with twin or double beds (Space for additional 2 single beds)

• Ceiling fan and mosquito nets

• En-suite bathroom with shower, hot and cold running water

• Dressing table

• Plug point

• Ice and drinking water

Twin Rooms (3):

• View over picturesque woodland forest

• En-suite bathroom with shower, hot and cold running water

• Ceiling fan and mosquito nets

• Dressing table

• Plug points

• Ice and drinking water

Boma Area:

• The boma holds spectacular views over the Zambezi and the local bush which is rich in birdlife

• Dining area – teak tables and chairs

• Entertainment area and lounge

• Bar

• Ladies and Gents toilet facilities

• Ceiling fans


• Swimming Pool – situated behind the boma area


• Fly-fishing for Tigerfish and a wide variety of Zambezi sport fish species

• Canoeing in the Croco duck (inflatable canoe)

• Ethnic bush dinner at Charities Garden

• Sundowner Cruise

• Guided nature and birding trails

NEW! Overnight Fishing Trips from Victoria Falls / Hwange National Park

We are now offering guests staying in Victoria Falls or Hwange National Park day fishing trips to our world class Tiger fishing destination.

Trips are currently tailor made to suit our guest’s requirements.

Typical Itinerary:

Day 1

• 13h00 – A representative will collect you from the hotel for the road transfer to Deka.

• 14h30 – Welcome refreshment at lodge and then board the boat for afternoon fishing session

• 18h00 – Sundowner on river while boating back to the lodge

• 18h30 – Relax by pool or freshen up before dinner

Day 2

• 05h00 – Early wakeup call with coffee &light snack before heading out for morning fishing session

• 09h30 – Hearty breakfast before our representative transfers you back to Victoria Falls.

We have fishing tackle for hire as well as spinners, flies and various other essentials necessary for a successful fishing expedition.

PLEASE NOTE: The above mentioned rates are all subject to exchange rate fluctuations, please confirm pricing at time of booking. Sundowner Adventures cannot be held liable for exchange rate fluctuations.

Magalies Barbus Haven
Fishing access

Guests have access to the following fishing water:

• Trout/bass dam

• Section 1 – Golden Brook

• Section 2 – Valley run (Access restricted to private guided guests)

• Section 3 – Kingfisher Bend (Access restricted to private guided guests)

• Section 4 – Hekpoort 1(Access restricted to private guided guests)

Magalies River Conservancy

We are the founding member of the Magalies River Conservancy.

The major objectives defined in the Conservancy rules are:

• Preservation, Protection and increase of (threatened) indigenous yellow fish species in the river system.

• Improving water quality in the river and anti-erosion measures on river banks and catchment areas.

• Conservation of mammals and insects.

• Eradication of exotic plants and trees, resulting in encouraging indigenous birds to the area.


The area is endemic to a multitude of ferns, Cycads, wild flowers and indigenous trees. Please be considerate when walking on trails and along river banks not to damage the local flora. We would appreciate your assistance in preserving the pristine condition of this environment by picking up any litter that you may find.


The area consists of riverine forest; wooded gulley’s bordered by hilly grassland/savannah. This habitat is home to an extensive variety of bird species (Bird checklist provided). We welcome the inclusion of any species which you may identify which we have not included.


The dam has trout (stocked), bass, vlei kurper and carp. Fly fishers seeking a unique challenge visit our establishment in search of the large & small scale Yellow fish. Not only are these two of the species which make up part of the 9×9 fly fishing challenge, but they are an enviable quarry found in a small river system which provides challenging and exciting fishing for quality fly-fishers.

Our fishing controls require the following:

• Strictly fly-fishing

• Maximum of ten rods on the dam and four rods on the river sections

• Only catch and release

• Barbless Hooks

• Soft mesh landing nets

• Wetting hands before handling fish

• Submission of catch reports for research

Small Stream tactics

This style of fly fishing requires skills and tactics which differ to use in still water venues. Due to the river environment techniques are restricted to the following casting techniques:

• Roll-cast

• Bow and arrow casts

• Normal fly-fishing casts should be kept short and restricted to one false cast before presentation of the fly.

The main technique once the presentation of the fly has been made is UPSTREAM NYMPHING, utilizing the DEAD DRIFT technique. The fly which imitates the fly food source needs to move naturally in the current in order to convince the fish.


On arrival an official fishing reference number and Permit number will be allocated to you once you have signed the guest book. Please keep this voucher close to your person while fishing as routine checks require the fishing permit to be presented. We appreciate your co-operation as this is a major form of limiting and controlling poaching and illegal access.

Fly fishing guiding, tuition and Team Building

The 2.5 hr Introductory fly fishing clinics cover the basic techniques required to fly fish effectively. Because of the specialized nature of the fly-fishing on the Magalies River (small stream techniques) we offer a Private small stream guided clinic for guests that ensures that they expand their knowledge as well as increasing the enjoyment of their fishing experience. This includes access to a private river section. For corporate we offer fly fishing team building activities which complements the actual physical fishing.

Recommended flies

It is important that fly fishers adapt to the river the flies to the type of food sources that the fish are feeding on in.

Large & small scale yellow fish

Over the various seasons the majority of the food remains similar but there are certain types that are completely different especially during summer and winter months. We recommend that the size of the flies ranges between #16 and # 22 due to the size of the insects in the river not being very large (Small river system does not sustain large population of big insects, but rather a large population of smaller insects.

All year round

• San Juan worm (Red and Chartreuse)

• Beaded Red Brassie

• Pheasant tail nymph

• Flash back Nymph (Dun and olive)

• Hot spot Nymph

• Beaded Charteuse Caddis

Summer and spring (Warmer months) September – March

• Yellow berry imitation

• Mulberry imitation

• Orange nymph

• Dragonfly Nymph and Emerger

• Damselfly Nymph and Emerger


• Royal Wulff


• Green Caddis

• Green Algae imitation

Trout and bass

• Imitative patters above

• Woolly buggers (Black/blue crystal flash or Olive)

• Mrs Simpson

• Zonker

River Flow rate

The flow does not fluctuate significantly between summer and winter. The main cause of the river flow increase is rainfall (only affecting the flow for up to 24 hours after the rain has stopped) and decrease in the river flow caused by agricultural concerns drawing water.

Water Temperature

As the river is spring fed, the temperature of the water stays very constant throughout the year. The main exception where the temperature may decrease is after rainfall. This is a real asset for the fly fisherman targeting yellow fish as the fish are not affected by large water temperature fluctuations that would normally occur on larger water systems.

The Flies that work at Magalies Barbus Haven, the insects they imitate and how to fish them.

Caddis Larva: – As its name implies this fly imitates the larva stage in the life cycle of the Caddis. They live under rocks and in vegetation, often in the faster sections of streams where they are relatively safe from fish. From time to time these insects lose their grip and get washed downstream. They are not good swimmers and it is while they are helplessly tumbling in the current that they are vulnerable to fish predation.

How to fish the Caddis Larva: – The fly should be fished free drifting in the current to imitate the natural. Care should be taken to avoid line drag and the “upstream dead drift” tactic works best for this.

Hot Spot Nymph: – This is a variation of the popular “Pheasant Tail Nymph” with the thorax tied using a bright green material to act as a super trigger to entice fish to strike. The fly imitates the nymph stage in the life cycle of the Mayfly. These insects are abundant in all streams and make up a substantial part of a fish’s diet. They live under rocks and in vegetation under water from where they are sometimes dislodged. It is while drifting in the current that they are vulnerable and available to feeding fish.

How to fish the Hot Spot Nymph: – The fly should be fished free drifting in the current to imitate the natural. Care should be taken to avoid line drag and the “upstream dead drift” tactic works best for this.

San Juan Worm: (EXCELLENT ALL YEAR) – The fly imitates the larva stage in the life cycle of the Midge also known as the (Non-biting mosquito). These insects are abundant and live in the fine sediment found in the slower moving sections of streams (pools) as well as in dams. Although they are poor swimmers they often migrate to the surface en masse and it is while doing this that they are vulnerable to fish predation.

How to fish the San Juan Worm: – The fly should be fished free drifting in the current to imitate the natural. Care should be taken to avoid line drag and the “upstream dead drift” tactic works best for this.

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear (GRHE): – The fly imitates the nymph stage in the life cycle of the Mayfly. These insects are abundant in all streams and make up a substantial part of a fish’s diet. Huge numbers live under rocks and in vegetation in the faster currents from where they are sometimes dislodged. It is while drifting in the current that they are vulnerable and available to feeding fish.

How to fish the Gold Ribbed Hares Ear: – The fly should be fished free drifting in the current to imitate the natural. Care should be taken to avoid line drag and the “upstream dead drift” tactic works best for this.

Griffiths Gnat: – The fly imitates clusters of hatching Midges also known as the (Non-biting mosquitoes). These insects are abundant and cluster together on the surface as they transform from the pupa to the adult stages. It is during this phase that their numbers attract and triggers fish into a feeding frenzy.

How to fish the Griffiths Gnat: – The fly can be fished free drifting on the surface to imitate the clusters of hatching insects in areas where surface feeding fish abound. Another deadly method is to cast the fly placing it in the feeding lane of a cruising fish. Care should be taken when doing this and a delicate presentation is critical for success. A very fine tippet (5x – 6x) may be necessary in clear water. (This detailed information on the Yellowfish flies, was kindly compiled by Turner Wilkinson)

Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa
Day Guests Fishing Permits

The following permits options are available:

Basic Access

One trout dam (fly fishing only) & two bass/carp dams (fly, spin & bait fishing).

All year- Adults/R150 & Kids (u18)/R100

Exclusive Access

Two trout dams (fly fishing only) & two bass/carp dams (fly, spin & bait fishing). Float tubes permitted on main Kloofzicht dam.

High season (May-Sep) Adults/R250 & Kids (u18)/R150

Low season (Oct – April) Adults/R200 & Kids (u/18)/R150

Day fishers are welcome to fish at Kloofzicht but are required to book in advance via Sundowner Adventures. Fishing guests must please present their fly fishing confirmation (sent via email) at the lodge reception. You will then be given the official fishing permit after signing the indemnity form.

Advance bookings required for all day fishing access/clinics and corporate fly fishing team building.


Guests staying at Kloofzicht Lodge have automatic access to all the fishing dams. A fishing permit must be purchased from reception (Adult/R150 & Kids/R100). The aim is to provide an eco-friendly fishing service so we encourage catch and release for all fish species (Including trout). Advance arrangement may be made to keep and pay for trout.


Corporate Fly fishing Team building aims to provide the discerning corporate client with a life style adventure experience. Whether your company is looking for a fun day out of the office or an objective based team build activity focused on team dynamics or process development. Corporate Fly Fishing teambuild does not require strength or prior experience. It does require the ability to listen and put into practice the basic techniques that will be shared by our experienced guides.

Some of these activities include:

Interactive fly tying and whiskey experience – This is a great ice breaker and is normally done after dinner. Our experienced fly fishing guides will first demonstrate how to tie a fishing fly while a whiskey ambassador matches whiskies to particular flies. Guests will then have an opportunity to try their hand at tying a fly while testing a fine whiskey. Duration 1,5 hours.

Click here for Corporate Fly-Fishing Teambuild Info


This is a classic event is hosted by Sundowner Fly fishing Adventures and always promises great fishing and some amazing prizes.


The venue has five conference rooms, a stunning new spa, archery and walking trail.

Fishing access: Fly fisherman have access to five dams and the Blauwbank River

Fish Species: Rainbow trout, Large-mouth bass, Carp, Vlei Kurper, and Large Scale Yellow Fish

Not Available
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