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Do you use words like Passion, Enthusiasm, Competence, Trust, and Professionalism to describe your team or business unit? Perhaps you once did ..Lets us re-explore the basic steps to creating a healthier teamwork environment. Why choose outdoor teambuilding? (Offsite- outdoor- hands-on practical- experimental team development activities-fresh air -in natural environments)
Benefits you can look forward to are:
A team confident in their ability to work together to find solutions
A more cohesive team
A team with better tolerance of each other’s differences
A team appreciating each member’s value add
A team understanding where their weaknesses currently are
A better team communication language
A team with a take-home growth action plan
A more satisfied and productive team
Team leaders equipped with additional people leadership tools
Our approach to designed outdoor team development is in carefully identifying the current team environment, its growth needs, and desired outcomes. We then design a process to suit you our client.

Do you use words like Passion, Enthusiasm, Competence, Trust, and Professionalism to describe your team or business unit? Perhaps you once did ..Lets us re-explore the basic steps to creating a healthier teamwork environment. Why choose Indoor teambuilding? (Can be either in house or at a selected conference venue- usually a designed combination of indoor motivational team development sessions as well as fun, creative team based activities suited to bring about both interaction between team members and to challenge team growth. Specifically designed in line with your current team needs, your chosen indoor facility and your preferred theme..)
Benefits you can look forward to are:
A team with a greater sense of Trust
A team with a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibility as it pertains to teamwork delivery.
A team with a better knowledge of its different personalities.
A team with a better understanding of individual communication needs.
A team unified by its guiding value system.
A team is confident in their ability to work together to find solutions.
A more cohesive team.
A team with a clear Customer-Centric Focus.
A team with a take-home growth action plan.
A more satisfied and productive team.
Team leaders equipped with additional people leadership tools.
Our approach to designed indoor team development is in carefully identifying the current team environment, its growth objectives and desired outcomes. Then to create a process with principle-based team guided context and fun indoor experiential team development activities to suit you our client.

Hula Hoop Communication Loop
A lateral thinking communication team intro game to set the tone for fun team relationships…

Big Five Connection Game
Ideally, teams are inter-connected by being fast, focused friendly, flexible and fun How does your team shape up…

Team Taxi Race
Taxi`s or Bobsleigh`s which is it gonna be. A hilarious game exploring effective teamwork…

Musical Chairs
Let us get you warmed up with this very different game of Corporate Musical chairs…

Talking Drums
Our top Drum facilitators get the energy flowing with this highly Synergistic call & respond team Djembe drum session…

The Beach Crossing
A fun communication and lateral thinking game involving rubber mats, 42 crocodiles a Vuvuzela, a large Jig saw Puzell buried in the sand and your team strategy.

The Giant Inflatable Obstacle & Mini Olympics Course
Brand new and just arrived ..This HUGE 20 m x 5.5 m high inflatable team building game is the Ultimate Fun team building.
+- 1hrs

Human Inflatable Foosball
With 12 players at a time-strapped in position..This 12 x 6 m inflatable human soccer game facilitates a Round robin of unusual football matches…

Amazing Race
Super exciting Team event designed to take place indoor or outdoor within the footprint of your selected venue, Roadblocks, clues and colorful tasks to challenge all.
2-3 hrs

Odd Ball Olympics
6 super fun team challenges set up on the Beach, water’s edge or grassed area. you are Guaranteed to get wet, muddy or sandy.

Minute to Winit
Like the TV game show..only in teams with some delightfully entertaining activities to get you building relationships and having a laugh together.

Raft Building
Hotel pool..or Dam.. teams design, build and float team members across the water to retrieve the clues to complete a crazy lateral thinking Riddle.
1hr- 2hrs

Giant Totem Pole challenge
A hands-on creative and strategic fun communication challenge)

BlindFold Communication
A series of fun communication games involving, blindfolds, team coaches and some hilarious activities.

Indoor team projects
6 Fun and creative teamwork tasks designed for indoor team building..including the Giant Marshmellow tower, the Radio Control Car race, the Blindfold jigsaw challenge.The Air crash lateral thinking challenge, the mini Amazing race, etc…
4 Hrs

Team Pipe Project Task
Hands-on team lateral thinking design challenge.
45 min

Team Volley Ball Tournament
Team round-robin event with a twist.

Team Dance Extravaganza
Teams each learn a different dance routine from one of our Professional instructors..showcasing their rendition of “ Salsa, Disco, Jive, Hip Hop, etc as a Final entertainment item with stage, prop & lights, etc..
2-3 hrs

Experience the views from way above as you glide over hills, fields, local game farms dams all from the open cockpit of a Microlight Aircraft.
15-20 mins

Nature Trail Walks
Designed to get the team to Rise and Shine as a group we yawn & stretch and enjoy either a nature trail or early morning Beach walk.

Campfire Story Telling Action
Teams are given the script to prepare and act out… The now-famous “Legend of Inhlosane” an ancient African folklore tale.

Potjiekos Competition
Teams get creative around in the outdoor kitchen selecting a preparing an awesome Potjie ..get your teambuilding done during this friendly, mouth-watering activity)

Team Soapbox
Design, build and paint your own Boxcar then enter it into the Boxcar derby Competition that follows..we supply all the materials..thereafter donate your boxcar to a local kids Orphanage

Motivation “Good to GREAT”
An inspiring indoor participative team building session geared around the Attitudinal principles associated with being a Great team Player, the contributing aspects of team purpose and Customer Service delivery..this session will touch both hearts and minds as it challenges us all to become better leaders and ultimately Team players!

Quad Bike Activities
Teams are tasked to complete a series of easy obstacles for points aboard Automatic 4 Wheeler Quad bikes.

Laduma World Cup Event

Suited to larger groups this colorful event involves a round robin of team soccer matches, decorated country team supporters, Vuvuzellas, team tags, coaches, medals and winner trophy presentations) Full or half day event…

Paintball Action
Different variations of this exciting team shoot out the competition to suit your group size and available time.
1.5 Hrs –Full day

Boot Camp
You’re in the Army now! During this Fun/ yet realistic series of Army type activities we explore the Discipline, leadership, and Type of Teamworking principles that are associated with a team of soldiers preparing for Battle..activities such as Drill squad, Orienteering, Building
a Bridge, Crossing a Dam in your own raft, setting up a Survival action plan, radio communication is all part of this very different and exciting Team build.
1-2 Days

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