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Need something different and exciting for your team? Come and enjoy a hassle-free day of fun and adventure… We have an extensive range of creative and challenging activities and a unique approach to fun interactive adventure teambuilding! Whether it’s a group of strangers or a team sharing the same office every day, our fun-filled activities are designed to motivate them to interact and combine their talents to perform better, individually and as a team. They will reduce their limitations without even realizing it and build team spirit, company morale, creativity, and camaraderie! Everyone needs an adventure once in a while, whether to re-jolt their motivation or to simply re-visit their inner child! By looking through our site, you have already taken the first step in the right direction towards planning fun and rewarding day for your employees, come on and let the office play for a day, leave the work to us!!! Quad bike games

Mud Challenge (seasonal)

Forms part of the Blue Hills trail. Each person rides with his/her bike through the muddy section; if you get stuck it’s the rest of the group’s responsibility to get you out! This promises to be GREAT FUN!!!

Blindfold driving

Blindfolded driver with a navigator at the back explaining the route, each team member gets a turn to drive and navigate. This event is done against time as teams compete against each other.

Balloon Mine Field

Each member of the team drives the bike through the minefield with the support of the group. The aim of the game is to finish the event without touching any mines as you lose points accordingly, this event is also played against the clock and needs as much of the team members assistance as possible.

Picnic Olympics

Need your team to loosen up a bit!

This option promises uninterrupted fun & laughter for both spectators and participants alike, as teams compete for side by side! Activities can include a sack race, egg throw, wheelbarrow racing, mud challenges, blindfolded quad ride, balloons, water and lots more… You name it, we play it!

Amazing Race (On foot-same venue)

This event is inspired by the popular TV reality series ‘The Amazing Race’. As the teams race against each other they’ll need to put their heads together to solve puzzles, codes, and riddles and perform tasks, each leading to a “mystery location“ where another fun-filled task awaits the teams. The locations & activities will be revealed to the participants in sequence as they progress in the race. The team that crosses the finish line first will be the winner! This is an excellent choice for groups. Can be done on foot at a specific venue or we can include the busses and teams compete from the workplace to a specific venue with a few interesting stops along the way!

Archery Target Shooting

Come and try the addictive and challenging sport of archery…

Test your hand-eye coordination at this remarkable event; it’s not called a skill for no reason! Assistance by team members always an advantage! Groups or individuals can compete against each other with a shoot out competitions held between the potential “robin hoods”.

Ketty Shoot Out

Individuals shooting for the highest score or teams shooting down their opponents’ targets, last target standing determines the winner! Not as easy as it looks! Promises great fun for the individual or team competition!

Brain Teasers/Group Dynamics

The teams complete various tasks, all requiring a different approach and leadership style. With some challenges, the planning and mental abilities of the group will be highlighted, whilst in others, a more instinctive approach to a physical task will be more effective.

Creative Painting

Relaxed non-physical activity to enhance communication through art…

Each team receives their section of the larger pre-designed masterpiece and is responsible to complete the painting without knowing what the “bigger picture” looks like. The activity is designed to engage participants, sparking creative juices and building camaraderie.

Blindfolded games (Team Challenges)

Various blindfolded challenges available, learn creative problem solving, create group trust and communicate more effectively.

Last Man Standing (Team Challenges)

This is a great ice breaker…

Teams or individuals challenge each other in this hilarious game of balloon stepping… Last man/team standing with his balloon still inflated takes on the new challengers until the very end… This event promises uninterrupted excitement for both spectators and participants alike.

Survivor Challenge

Lose the suit and tie and become an instant tribe member…

Create a unique tribe identity! Select a tribe name; create a flag & war cry! Fun interactive event; tribes receive instructions to complete as many of the activities as possible in the allocated time. The elements will help overcome personal fears; solve problems, later thinking, teamwork & creative out of the box thinking! Brain teasers, initiative games, and physical conquests.

Soap Box Derby

Each team receives an identical pit station with all the required tools and materials needed to build their own unique push cart. Prepare yourself for the bragging session of all the “creations” On your marks, get set, go… the big pushcart race takes place! This is a great team activity where every member’s input is required to help with the construction of their team’s carts. Outcome: Involving everyone, improves creativity, competitive fun and ensuring teams work together towards a common goal!

Target Shooting Games

Individuals or teams challenge each other through the various target shooting stations as they accumulate points at each challenge. All equipment supplied and no experience needed. Activities include air rifles, archery, blow pipes & slingshot target shooting!

Movie Making

This is a fun, highly interactive programme involving every single person regardless of their fitness level or physical abilities. Team members need to work together to write a script, produce, direct and act in a “Movie” or “Professional commercial” Teams are provided with a “Movie Making Kit” containing an assortment of props, materials, and other goodies. This event allows the creative juices to flow and discover the born actors in your group!

The event can be presented as a “Night at the Oscars” allowing teams to see each other’s commercial productions and bloopers. (Fun and laughter await!) (A CD of the day will be given to the company as a memory of a wonderful day spent with us!)

GPS Treasure Hunt (on foot)

Utilizing GPS technology, we split the group up into smaller teams and send them on a unique treasure hunt navigating with their very own GPS. The event can be customized to suit your requirements. Our treasure hunts are always a huge success and the event can be done on a quad bike or on foot. The event is not too difficult as we want everyone to enjoy it and take away some new experiences. The first group to complete the mission will locate the “hidden treasure” and the reward is normally sweet!

Fashion Parade

Each team receives the same designing station with all the necessary equipment, materials, etc for the state of the art outfit. Each team will have a model dressed with the design for all to see. Another member of the team will the announcer and sell the design to the potential “buyers/spectators” as the model models the outfit. Each team is allowed to select a song of their choice. The event includes the use of a PA system and a powerful music station. This is a great event & promises lots of fun and laughter!

Sport Days

7-a-side Soccer challenge: Teams challenge each other at an exciting game of normal 7-a-side soccer and rotate half time. The team with the most goals will be the winner!

Blind soccer: The blindfolded soccer player needs to be directed by another team member to dribble a ball around cones to the goal post and ultimately aim and score. Or a game of soccer can be played with half of the team blind-folded and the other half can see, the rules will be that the ball must be passed to a blindfolded person than a seeing person and so on… before a goal can be scored.

Penalty shootout: Teams compete against each other and against the clock to shoot as many goals within a given time frame!

Touch Rugby: One team kicks off to start the game. The receiving team starts running with the ball passing it to each other to avoid getting touched. When a team member gets touched with the ball the ball goes to the other team who then tries to score. No forward passing or tackling is allowed.

Volley Ball: 9-aside, teams 1 serves the ball whilst team 2 anxiously awaits. The ball can be returned directly over the net with both hands (referred to as a block). They can use their 3 different shots referred to an asset, dig or spike to return the ball to the opposing team. The first team to score 11 points takes the win!

Table Soccer: Can also be enjoyed by disabled persons.

Table Tennis: fast game of tennis where the server needs to bounce before it goes over the net. Fun fast activity 2-2 or 4-4 delegates per team. (Can also be enjoyed by disabled persons)

Fun run/walk event: By the sound of the gun, the run/walk event starts. Race against the clock starts. This can be done around the venues parameters.

Scavenger Hunt

Teams need to find as many of the objects on Scavenger List in the shortest possible time, “innovation/creativity” makes the hunt complete! Groups will then score each other’s findings! Lots of negotiations and laughter awaits! Outcome: Enhances negotiating skills, improves creativity, fun & laughter!

Fear Factor

Groups compete against each other. Outcome: Fun & laughter, improve teamwork, overcoming personal fears. Various challenges await the group such as:

• To down a can of coke,
• Blow up a balloon till it bursts
• Eat a few Marie cookies as fast as you can etc. etc…
• Run over an inflatable and touch the other side…
• Some physical challenges are also available…

Cook Out competition (Ready steady cook or Potjiekos competition)

This is a fun experience as teams’ needs lots of creativity. The team gets to relax, unwind and use their ingenuity both in cooking their own meals and producing a “Ready Steady Cook” type meal! Each team will be supplied with a mystery packet of ingredients. Teams will have a few minutes to exchange ingredients with other teams. They need to compose a mystery meal based on the ingredients supplied. The real test comes in the actual preparing of the various dishes, as well as plating and garnishing each course. Each station will be judged on the taste and presentation of the meal. Activity can be adjusted as per your need.

Giant Foosball

A hilarious game of 9-A-Side Soccer with an inflatable perimeter wall & goal posts. Contestants are only able to move sideways along the poles as they are attached to each other, wearing special harnesses. The teams have to overcome their restrictions by synchronizing their movements in an attempt to score goals. We provide a powerful sound system contributing to the carnival atmosphere. Outcome: fun & laughter, conflict management & effective communication, involvement, energetic exercise.

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