Tenique Treetops

Unique Tented Treetop Resort, Eco-friendly, self-catering, bed and breakfast, Accommodation hidden in a pristine indigenous forest.



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Teniqua Treetops endorses the vision of a cleaner world for all. We are an eco-friendly resort promoting eco accommodation and tourism.

???Climate change is a big concern, we actively try to minimize our energy usage whilst ensuring the long term sustainability of the indigenous forest on our farm.

??We are low density and low impact.

We harvest our rainwater which is crystal clear and use it for drinking and then we pump river water up for bathing and washing. The river water is brown in color from the tannins in the fynbos (Natural South African flora). Both river and rainwater have been tested and are potable. The brown color could be removed from the river water with flocculation (chemicals) and lots of energy and waste (completed flocculent). We felt this would not be environmentally justifiable.

We need to process all our grey water and black water (toilets) ourselves. We predominantly use the latest dry compost toilet systems to safely and efficiently process human waste without threatening the sensitive Karatara catchment area; septic tanks are used where we don’t do damage to the underlying root bed of the forest floor and are not on a watercourse.

Greywater (washing) goes through a grease trap and then into a swale and gradually filters through the soil. ?We are in an indigenous forest that is alive.

We rescue horses and allow them to live out their lives at Teniqua Treetops. Their role is to keep the grass short and look beautiful. Far more environmentally friendly than a tractor. Resort Facilities
We offer a variety of activities at the resort. Often guests have plans to visit lots of places, but when they get here they don’t leave the resort. It’s a great place to come and relax and enjoy the tranquility.
?We have wonderful birds and butterflies.

There is a communal entertainment area, which works particularly well with groups of guests. We do not have a restaurant at the resort, but over peak season or when pre­arranged for a minimum of 8 people we can offer a traditional Khoi­san meal.

We have 2 pools, a deeper one, with a balancing beam across the middle and a smaller on that is actually a solar heated Jacuzzi.

For the young, at heart, there is a playground area, near the swimming pools.

Wheelchair Access
The resort is wheelchair friendly, with Greenbeard specifically designed to accommodate someone in a wheelchair.

Wonderful Walks
And finally, wonderful walks, through pristine indigenous forest and down to the river, there are a few magical stops on your walks, like the North Lookout.

If you look carefully you may even find the Fairy Tree.

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