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Kayaking up Rivers, Floating down gorges, diving under the sea - Untouched Adventures explores it all.



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It all started in 2003. Marthinus was sitting on the beach, praying for direction in his life and career. While praying, he stuck his hands into the sand and found a plastic scuba diving toy buried below. Instead of pollution or a forgetful kid, Marthinus saw his future in this prop. Shortly afterwards, he splashed this idea in Jeffrey’s Bay where he opened a scuba diving school. In 2009, he made a move to the beautiful Tsitsikamma. Here, additional adventures were added to his repertoire – including snorkelling and the very popular kayak and lilo adventure. The latter has evolved over the years from simply kayaking to kayaking and tubing and then to the use of lilos – a brilliant idea from his then-new wife, Jenna – proving why he needed a female in the fun force. This lilo “lightbulb moment” has led to a very unique activity since these fantastic floaters grant us access to a deeper section of the gorge, unreachable by kayaks. During the early days, the company was very much a two-man show. Although Jenna was stationed on shore, she was swimming in the administrative tasks of taking bookings, answering phone calls and handing out gear to our excited customers. Marthinus found himself in deep waters – literally! – leading scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking trips. Those were adventurous days with little sleep, but we managed to keep our heads above the water. Since then, we have grown significantly and today we boast a terrific team with great guides.

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