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We are an adventure company that specializes in events/functions for Corporate Companies and Private groups. When hosting your event, not only will you be faced with a mountain to climb, a river to cross and a valley to explore.



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Ideal for Private Events such as Team buildings, Bachelors parties, Youth camps and Birthday parties.
We are an adventure company that specializes in events/functions for Corporate Companies and Private groups.

When hosting your event, not only will you be faced with a mountain to climb, a river to cross and a valley to explore, but you will also experience our skills training and fun programs that is perfect for a team or group.

We also provide Event Planning, Tents, Catering and other equipment for your event/function at any location.
The harshness of the bush will be softened with a clean base camp to return to for relaxation. But don’t expect luxuries – Remember this is a basic camp setting with all you will need to stay comfortable!

At X Tribe we strive to give you a bush veld experience of note to ensure you enjoy every moment, while you stay and explore our beautiful camp grounds. Accommodation:
Camp 1:
16 x Triple rooms that can accommodate up to 50 people and can be booked for exclusive use. Rooms equipped with beds, mattresses and sheets (blankets and pillows supplied on demand).
Camp 2:
6 x Unique dorm style rooms that can accommodate up to 35 people and can be booked for exclusive use. Rooms equipped with beds, mattresses and sheets (blankets and pillows supplied on demand).
Camp 3:
6 x Wooden cabins that can accommodate up to 24 people and can be booked for exclusive use. Rooms equipped with beds, mattresses and sheets (blankets and pillows supplied on demand).
You can also combine Camp 1, Camp 2 and Camp 3 if you want to accommodate up to 100 people.
Each camp is equipped with its own accommodation, lapa, boma, braai area, bathrooms and parking.

Company goals and objectives:
This company will be:
• The leader in team building and leadership skills development;
• Offer quality Event Planning with precise execution.
• Provide an ideal environment for private functions (bachelor’s parties and Birthday parties);
• facilitating some world-known adventure sports activities;
• focused on growing each year with new and better facilities, skills, activities and adventure sports.
• Better facilities improve convenience, customer satisfaction.
• Skills obtained from universities and other institutions improve the quality of the facilitators and activities.
• With the best equipment we can source and facilitate more adventure sports.
• We will sustain the highest levels of safety and integrity.

Teambuilding and Leadership:
We operate on the principal of “a happy team member creates a happy customer”!
We have different programs and activities custom to your needs, budget and surrounding area.

Events will incorporate:
• Mind development of individuals and teams
• Improving lateral thinking
• Tools for problem solving
• Individuals working together in a team when doing problem solving
• Adventure activities that challenges fears
• We use adventure activities to create positive relationships and attitudes among colleagues, customers and within the work environment.
• These outcomes are achieved by facilitating well-structured team activities within a customized event program. During activities our facilitators monitor and observe the behaviour of individuals and teams, evaluate individuals and team performance according to assessment sheets and at the end of the event, provide the client with a detailed report.

We cater for any conferences, either basic facilities at our bush lodge or at our 5 star lodges:
Our Bush box conference is set in a social environment with accommodation, lapa, boma, braai areas, bath rooms and kitchen.
Our 5 star, modern Conference Facilities consists of an executive Boardroom and three meeting rooms. Depending on the seating arrangements, and room selected, we can accommodate from 5 to 100 delegates.
The Conference Centre, set under thatch, creates the perfect state of mind to facilitate pure concentration and absorption of the tasks at hand.

Dedicated and professional staff will assist you every step of the way with conference requirements and variety of teambuilding options at the venue.

Academic institutions:
All academic institutions have student counsels in one form or another that have to operate as teams. Through mental and physical activities, we can evaluate the individuals and teams to improve members’ participation and commitment levels.

Year end functions:
Most companies and establishments have yearend functions for their staff members and clients. We offer customized programs for events that include your prize giving, main meals, a variety of outdoor adventure activities and related services. Our events are guaranteed to offer an adventurist twist to the usual office party, something that is bound to be remembered by all.

Incentive events:
Many companies and establishments offer incentives to their staff or students. We offer a whole package that includes accommodation, meals, activities and programs.
Most of the time incentive packages don’t only include one event but a whole series of related build-up and future events. We alternate our programs to ensure different unique experiences for repeat individuals and groups.

Sports training and teambuilding camps:
Our aim for sports camps is to balance the physical training component with the much needed teambuilding to improve team performance. This is done by customizing camp programs to include both practice sessions and teambuilding activities.

Social events:
Many social groups prefer our venue because we offer all the services they would need to host all kinds of different social events. This includes things such as birthday parties, girls’ weekends, ‘manne’ camps and private parties.

Tourism camps:
Adventure Tourism has found a new and exciting home. We offer groups a full 3 or 5 day adventure program with a choice of activities, ranging from outdoor adventure to tourism attractions in the surrounding area. We negotiate for the best prices to accommodate any school, institute or group. With the venue located only 30 minutes away from Pretoria and Johannesburg and surrounding attractions not being more than 15 minute’s drive away, money is also saved on expensive group transportation costs.
• Additional possibilities at X Tribe
• International sport scamps
• International teambuilding groups
• International/local holiday camps (‘summer camp’)
• SAFA development camps
• Tournaments (Beach soccer, Volleyball, Paintball)
• ‘Veldskool’
• All kinds of festivals
• And many more

Bachelors Parties:
Bachelors parties and Other Private Functions:
Bachelors / bachelorettes:
• Ever been shown away when you want to make a booking for a bachelor’s party?
• At X Tribe we welcome this unique group of adventurers who want to socialize without worrying about privacy or neighbours complaining.
• We offer a full service from accommodation, killer spitbraai’s and lekker activities with a theme of your choice.
• Our venue offers different types of accommodation, meals and activities that can be packaged according to your budget.
A typical event will run as follows:
• Arrival at the venue around 10h00,
• Abseiling at 10h30,
• Lunch (boerewors roll) at 12h00
• Paintball at 14h00
• Cleaning up after and getting ready for the party of a lifetime,
• Then a spitbraai at 18h00,
• Lastly partying the night through to go to sleep when they are done and dusted!!!!

Procedure to follow for a booking is to mail us your event details:
• Dates
• Number of people attending
• Meals needed
• What activities you’re interested in
• Do you want to order wood?
• Your contact details
• What to bring to an event:
• Sleeping bag and pillow (see the facilities)
• Towels
• Ice and glasses (we have big cooler boxes)
• Snacks
• Music system
• Long pants for paintball
• Tekkies for the activities (you will just lose your sandals)
• Your bakkie as it is a 2km dirt road to the camp (it is accessible with a car)
• You can order wood from us for the bonfire
• And don’t forget the BACHELOR!!!!

Then we need a deposit in order to finalize the booking, one week in advance we need the final numbers for the accommodation, meals and activities. Then please note that you can change the numbers after you have given us the final number of people attending one week in advance.

Lastly you need to settle the outstanding amount before you arrive on the day.
Please note that we only except EFT’s or direct deposits into our account.
Our banking details will be on the quote for all payments.
Then please feel free to contact us on our email or fill in the inquire form with any questions.

Birthday parties / 21st Parties:
We offer a unique venue, out far enough of town yet close enough to town (Johannesburg and Pretoria) for your friends and family to drive out and stay the night.
Also, you don’t want your friends and family to drive after a night of drinking, so we prefer that they sleep over for the night. Then we also offer great adventure activities to keep you busy and to get everyone in a social mood.
Then lastly, we make the best Spitbraai’s in town so that you don’t need to worry about careering and cutlery. People love our venue because of the setting of it being in the mountain and also to enjoy our activities.

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