Zulu – Mpophomeni Tourism Experience

The ZMTE is an experience to show people of all races and cultures what the Zulu culture is all about. The local Mpophomeni township is rich and diverse.



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Welcome to the Zulu-Mpophomeni Tourism Experience

The Zulu Mpophomeni Tourism Experience is the ideal way to experience indigenous South African Culture. Located in the scenic Natal Midlands, we offer our visitors a unique experience of traditional Zulu hospitality. We introduce our visitors to the rich local history, fascinating traditional culture, vibrant township life and warm and welcoming people that make up Mpophomeni. Dedicated to enriching and empowering the local community, the Zulu-Mpophomeni Tourism Experience is a grassroots organization that embodies the qualities of Ubuntu and is a heart-warming and inspiring showcase for the innovative and determined spirit of the people of Mpophomeni.

We look forward to your visit, and know you will enjoy your stay! Township & Rural Tours
We have introduced the township and rural tours in order to complement [the B&B’s] project to make tourists stay longer. In so doing, we all hope that they will witness the rich history of the area with the help of our highly-trained local guides.
Tourists get to experience the shebeen vibe – sharing a drink and relaxing in a popular local tavern – giving them a chance to exchange news and laughter while enjoying the local music and playing a game of pool.

We encourage and motivate talented artists and crafters through a capacity building programme that improves their skills and encourages them to be creative in producing unique craftwork in the area. Tourists get to witness this firsthand through self-help projects as a means of income generation, for instance, Development of Local Craftwork such as weave grass mats; beadwork, etc.

We end the tour by sightseeing through the spectacular hills of Mountain View overlooking Midmar Dam. In so doing, the tourists get to see how the majority of the Mpophomeni community lives their daily lives.

Cultural Entertainment
A part of the tour includes a visit to the old Montrose farmhouse, built in 1880, which is currently being developed as a Community Eco-Museum Centre. They will also be taken to the Wall of Reconciliation commemorating the 120 people who died during the violence (IFP-ANC fighting and ANC faction fighting. That was a combination of general apartheid violence aimed at toppling the Apartheid Government. These sites reinforce the spirit of reconciliation and heal the past through the reverence of memory.

International visitors as well as school/university groups are very excited about intermingling with local people and immersing themselves in the fascinating stories of apartheid, forced removals and violence and they are given an opportunity to marvel at how peace and reconciliation have been achieved against this backdrop.
Traditional Meals
Tourists get to indulge in a traditional meal, showcasing how to dine, and sipping sorghum beer amongst the ancestors in a hut. In so doing, they get to embrace the social customs and traditions of our forbearers, as our people have done for generations.
Cultural Sip and Dine – A traditional dining experience

Rondavel room is differentiated into a two-gender section – men on the right and women on the left. Men are seated on a bench and women on the grass mats (chairs are available on request). This is part of Zulu culture, whereby men sit facing the east and women sit in the opposite direction facing the men.

A praise singer welcomes the guests at the gate
Welcome/introduction by the man of the house
Entertainment (township vibe)
Supper in traditional Zulu style on wooden trays – i.e. steam bread, ujeqe, samp and beans / isitambu, ox tribe / inyama yangaphakathi, pot roast beef / inyama yezithebe, imifino, sweet potatoes / ubhatata, yams / amadumbe.

Drinks are served on a clay pot – amahewu, sorghum beer / utshwala besizulu (juice available)

Entertainment – Zulu dancing. (The guests may participate if they are willing.)

Closure – a vote of thanks by ZMTE member
Praise singer and departure

Historical Tours
We also take them for visit to historical sites the old Montrose farmhouse built in 1880 now being developed as a Community Eco-Museum Centre; and to the Wall of Reconciliation where 120 names of the people who died during the violence are inscribed. These sites are meant to re-enforce reconciliation and healing of past memories.
We always learn that international tourists, as well as school groups / University students, are very excited about intermingling with the local people and immerse themselves in the fascinating stories of apartheid, forced removals, violence and they marvel how we achieved peace and reconciliation.

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